Session #95 • Pleiadians

It's About To Go To A Whole New Level, Don't Take This Lightly

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating through vibrational thought form osmosis to transmit information about the nature of the Galactic Federation. They explain that there is no difference between the Galactic Federation of Light and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, as names are not necessary for communication at their level of consciousness. They discourage the division created by naming and urge unity. They also provide instructions for a mass meditation on October 20th to create a love light barrier for protection against negative energies. They emphasize the importance of gratitude and awareness in this process.

We are the pleiadians and we are now communicating from our planetary sphere in the pleiadian star system as known in your language vibration sequence. We are now communicating by the process of vibrational thought form osmosis, which is the best process to transfer information in your space-time from our realm. We are now communicating only for the purpose of transmitting our thought forms with regards to the queries in the mind complex of this instrument and we would like to warn each of you, those who shall ponder upon the messages, to use your discrimination and only entertain those thoughts which provide a deeper sense of resonance with your inner heart.

The queries placed by this instrument are varied in nature. For today, we can sense this instrument wants to understand the nature of the galactic federation as known by your people. We are now going to transmit the information pertaining to the difference between the so-called galactic federation of light and the galactic federation of worlds. In this regard, we are of the opinion that at the level of six density consciousness, there are no names. Hence, there is no name attached to the so-called galactic federation which is referred to by your people. Hence, at the level in which the galactic federation exists, there is no need for any names to communicate. Only the vibration transfer is required for telepathic communication is prevalent on that level. Therefore, there is no difference between the galactic federation of lights and the galactic federation of worlds. They are only created by your mind complex which obsesses over thought forms and over the vibrational equivalent of labels of words and languages as known in your language terms.

We, as pleiadians, upon scanning your planetary vibration, have also realized that the so-called distraction has been created by the evolving naming of different entities from the higher density realms. Hence, if this continues in the future, there is a high likelihood that the confusion and the ascension of entities on the earth planets will become divided based upon the names that have been instead created by the mind complex of entities. Let us give you an example of how the names and the vibration complexes differ in essence from one country to another. One person’s name may change based upon the language, but the person’s vibration and the innate level of vibrations which is located at the violet ray or the crown chakra is never changed even when such a person changes its name from country to country or from location to location as in your planetary sphere.

In the similar manner, during the process of vibrational thought form osmosis, many entities may receive the same information based upon the language patterns prevalent in their mind complex and the words. Sometimes they may receive maybe in the form of galactic federation of lights or the galactic federation of worlds based upon the preference of the mind complex of such entities. Hence, there is no need for separation to be created on the planetary sphere. As far as we can scan the vibrations of the earth planets, this query was raised because of the division being created by many entities who are working for dividing the so-called ascension patterns of people based upon the names of the galactic federation which in essence does not make any sense to us as there is no name upon the level of vibrations above the fifth sub-octave of the fourth density. Therefore, we as the pleiadians would like to prefer and place our suggestions to the human collective that this patterning of objectification of the so-called galactic federation into two factions is wrong and the only utility of this is to create separation amongst your masses.

Therefore, now we shall scan the mind complex of this instrument. Upon scanning the mind complex of this instrument, this instrument wants to understand what is the best way to prepare for the 20th of October, the timeline on the space-time of your planets wherein we, as well as the galactic federation and many other light beings, are sending love-light energies in the form of creation of love line barrier across your planetary sphere for the protection from the negative energies fast approaching from the comet named by your people as Bernie Bernstein. In this regard, all entities who desire to participate on the so-called the 20th mass meditation for the creation of love light grid around the earth planets may perform the so-called activation of all energy centers within their bodily complex, which can be activated by focusing of attention or awareness completely from the lower chakra of the red ray which is located at the area wherein your sexual organs are primitively found.

Then, after focusing and being thankful to this area, then changing focus and being thankful in the name of the one creator to the yellow ray energy center which is located below the navel of your bodily complex, and then continuing the same process of gratitude to the elderly energy center which is located above the naval area of your body complex, and then continuing the same process of being gratitude in the name of the one creator in the yellow ray energy center which is found below the solar plexus and above the naval area of your body complex, and then focusing attention or awareness on the green ray energy center of the heart wherein the seat of the fourth density shall flower upon your planetary sphere by being thankful of its existence in your bodily complex will allow it to be activated.

This process of thanking the energy center will activate each energy center because the cells inside each energy center many times have not received the vibrations of thankfulness. Hence, upon receiving such vibrations in each energy center, will begin to activate the so-called cells inside the body complex. This leads to a vibrational change in that area. Therefore, the continuation of the gratitude of the energy center shall then move upward to the throat area or the blue-ray energy center, and the same process of thanking and gratitude shall be conducted furthering the process. Then, the entrance into the pineal gland or the so-called third eye chakra as indicated by the indigo ray shall be in consideration, and after the thankfulness of this, then shall the final violet ray be acknowledged and be grateful of since the violet ray energy center is located above the head a few centimeters above. This area may be visualized as it is the gateway into the octaves of the time space realm.

After the blessing of the centers of creation and after the activation of thankfulness in each energy center, then entities shall proceed to enter into a state wherein they are able to keep track of their awareness within the bodily complex. What this means is that on a normal basis, entities are unable to identify or become and transcend above the body, the names, and the mind complex created thought forms. And also, in today, we correct this instrument. Today, we are going to share with you a process which can be used to transcend above not only the mind-body but also above the awareness.

Since each entity is not only the awareness but it is in essence the one which can even observe the awareness. Which means that each entity is the creator and hence the process is simple: to focus on the awareness as it changes places inside the physical vehicle. To simply keep track of it as it changes position from one point on your bodily complex to the other point. The other aspect which may be noticed at this time space is that the awareness can only focus on one point. Since your awareness is a type of awareness known as a single point awareness, it can only focus on the single point of awareness or a body object or thought form. Which means that the place in which you give your attention is the one in which the awareness shall enter and the energy patterns shall also increase. This is the reason why many on your planetary sphere refer to awareness as energy, and they say in your language terms, “Where there is awareness, there is energy.” In essence, this factor is true in terms of your bodily complex.

Hence, each entity must remember to keep track of the awareness as it changes position in the bodily complex and just to keep track of it and just watch it as it changes. By doing this, many entities will become disassociated with this current reality, and then they will begin to enter and access the military gateway which will allow each entity to enter together into the quantum reality as known by your people, wherein there is only unity. And in that level, each entity may then begin to send love light energies by creating a blanket around the planet earth for the protection of the earth planets. The dependence not only upon the people of the earth planets but also upon the galactic federation’s love light energy exposure. The dual nature of this love light exposure shall cause a drastic effect on the planetary vibration to shift. Also, we are of the opinion that at least a number of around 5000 entities shall perform the meditation as directed in order for the effectiveness of the same.

Therefore, we as the pleiadians leave you now in love and light. Until we meet again. Bye.