Session #97 • Pleiadians

DUMBS, Hybrids & Graduation

Summary: The Pleiadians warn against entities spreading confusion and attacking those who channel information for the ascension process. They emphasize the importance of discerning truth within and warn that collective awakening will decrease if confusion continues. They explain the concept of free will and the role of light and sound in creating the illusion complex. They encourage metacognition to transcend to higher levels of consciousness and activate the green ray energy center. They discuss the graduation window for fourth density and the need to be metacognitive of thoughts and images to access it. They mention deep underground military bases being used for genetic manipulation and the creation of biological weapons. The Pleiadians cannot directly intervene due to the activation of free will.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument for the purpose of sharing our thoughts and insights. We are now communicating from our Pleiadian star system via the process known by your people as thought-form osmosis. Before our communication proceeds any further, we would like to warn you to only accept those insights which provide a deep sense of truth within and to leave behind those which do not resonate with your inner heart.

Oh yes, the Pleiadians are now communicating and we have an important message for the human collective. Is facing a type of separation even in the communities known as the spiritual communities which are focused on the expansion of consciousness and who are the forerunners for the ascension process on your planetary sphere. However, we can sense that many entities on your planetary sphere are using the so-called names complexes of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and are also using the names of Galactic Federation in synonymity and are sharing messages to create confusion instead of sharing messages for the ascension of human collective. They are attacking various entities and groups who are so-called channeling the information in order to help the human collective. This has caused a type of disparity in the consciousness of entities on the planetary sphere and we are here to place a warning to the human collective that if this continues on the planetary sphere and if the entities who create confusion are believed upon, then the human collective awakening which has been achieved till today shall shorten and shall decrease because the number of people who are not involved in such egoic aspects as blaming and judging others are in a trap of inner consciousness losing the power within of the free will and these entities have given their true power and free will to an exterior source with whom they believe and with whom they have given their entire free will of consciousness with regards to certain belief systems.

Furthermore, we as the Pleiadians would like to now share what it means to have free will. Furthermore, free will on your planetary sphere is only seen by five percent of the human collective as 95 percent of the people on your the literally sphere are still in the unconscious state of consciousness which means they are not able to observe and able to critically think over their own thoughts. In essence, what is required is known by your people as a process known as metacognition which is a process used for the purpose of keeping track of the thoughts and the images and the so-called words and sounds which appear in the mind complex. By keeping track of the two things that is the light and the sound which appear inside the mind complex by understanding that everything on the illusion complex is created using the light and the sound information sequences. The information which is stored in the light sequences has given rise to the so-called outer illusion complex and leads to the creation of the environment in which each entity finds itself in. In essence, we and you can also understand that everything that is visible to you in one way, shape, or form is created by light reflecting on the surface and thereby we can sense and state that it is the light which you are perceiving with information based upon the type of objects or types of people and environment you enter into in the illusion complex for the purpose of learning. There may be lights which may be different and there may be lights which may have a certain type of information to create a certain type of environment.

Furthermore, let us now state that the so-called outer environment is just light sequences and many times the brain complex of various entities remembers the outside environment in the form of light codes or light information sequences which have been stored by the brain complex in the form of mental images. These images may be considered as the light which can be perceived inside the brain complex during the so-called sleep state or even during the waking state. The problem arises when the light codes become rampant and they become programming the so-called brain complex and trigger even during the waking state which prevents many entities from attaining the peace of mind and the emptiness of the mind complex which is required for such entities to transcend higher in levels of consciousness. Furthermore, many entities are unaware that the light codes and the sequences which appear in the brain complex, if they believe in such light codes, will create the type of timeline in the brain complex wherein they will enter into a different timeline even though they may be walking on the planet Earth. They may seem to be sleepwalking, in fact, being unaware of the reality or the present moment as known by your people which is the gateway and the most powerful moments which allow the connection with intelligent infinity. This type of activity and believing in every single image and light information on the brain complex creates a large amount of problems for the human collective who do not yet understand the process of learning to transcend into the higher sub-octaves of consciousness.

Furthermore, there are other entities whose so-called sound information or the vibratory sound complex known as words and alphabets and letters in the mind complex perform the same type of transference or delving into different timelines based upon each entity’s conscious reality. Many entities perceive the sounds inside their brain complex which prevents them from fully staying present to the moment and to accept the energies from the divine which, in essence, prevents many entities from accepting the so-called energies of ascension. Furthermore, we can also state that there are entities on your planetary sphere who are already aware of this aspect of the so-called light and the sound information in the brain complex which creates havoc for the well-being of the entities. And such entities on your planetary sphere are able to keep track of the so-called light images and the sounds and the words which appear inside the emptiness in the mind complex. In essence, you may be considered as the emptiness between the so-called brain complexes which can be sensed. This emptiness is the consciousness who can observe and who can allow the light sequences and the sound sequences to arise in such an area of emptiness. This, in essence, is your true self and once you begin to fully understand the variable nature of consciousness and once you truly understand the inner nature of your own self, you begin to delve more and more deeper and find the moment which is linked with the present moment as known by your people which will allow you to enter into higher sub-octaves of consciousness.

Furthermore, the process for those who require to ascend as the graduation window for the fourth density graduation has started on the planet. However, it shall only exist for the next so-called 30 years for the window for the planetary vibration occurs only during the transition phase and as per the current vibration of the Earth planets, this window shall only last for the next 30 years. Therefore, we must suggest each entity, those who desire to access this window and enter into the vibrations of the fourth density, must be metacognitive of their own images and the sound sequences that they hear inside the mind complex and choose and observe them and only accept those which they want to accept. This will create a type of observer effect which will allow each entity to understand the inner nature of the self and allow each entity to stay with the moment which will allow the energies of ascension to enter into the physical vehicle more readily and will also allow entities to graduate higher into the level of fourth density consciousness. Furthermore, this will also activate the green ray energy center.

Once entities are able to stabilize using this method, as soon as entities on your planetary sphere stabilize using the methods as described above, they will find that they are able to activate their green ray energy center of the heart more easily which leads entities to understand and to activate the inner awareness of the self, leading to service to others automatically. Hence, this may be considered as a type of shortcut for those entities who want to achieve service to others and love and understanding of the fourth density. This can be achieved even without the so-called process of crossing over because when entities become aware or metacognitive of their thought forms and images, they will then begin to truly ascend higher into the fourth density vibration and their old self will, in essence, have a neurological and biological death and a new self, a new vibrational shelf will emerge and the same physical vehicle. This, in essence, may be considered as a type of shortcut as we have stated before for the process of entry into the new Earth can only occur with the new self as the old self cannot allow entities to enter into the new Earth. You need a new self to enter into the new Earth.

Furthermore, this instrument has queried about the aspect known as the dumbs or deep underground military bases as known in your language sequence. We, as the Pleiadians, upon scanning this sound complex are of the opinion and have found many deep underground military bases wherein there are many entities on your Earth planets who are using the technological devices and advices which have been provided by the negative entities. Because this aspect is controlled by the negative and these devices are being tested inside the deep underground military bases, there are many entities who are also using genetic manipulation to create more diverse physical vehicles with combinations of grey humanoid physical vehicles as well as reptilian humanoid physical vehicles. And these entities are also trying to create new so-called biological weapons which can be used against human population when the time arises.

Furthermore, we can already sense that there have been many mass effects of neutralization on the dumbs situated in the various planetary levels. However, because these are initiated by the human collective and because of the activation of the free will in this regard, the Galactic Federation cannot directly infringe and clear out the dumbs. These so-called underground military bases are also used for the purpose of abduction and gene collection of entities along with the reptilians and the so-called Anunnaki collective who are now trying to work from the Mars base and are trying to create genetically modified human population who can also work for their own bidding and can be controlled using thought forms. Therefore, we, the Pleiadians, are now going to leave you until we meet again. Bye.