Session #98 • Galactic Federation

Sun Wars & Consciousness

Summary: The galactic federation is communicating to share insights about the significance of the upcoming 11/11 time period. They emphasize the importance of unity and service to others in the collective consciousness of humanity. They discuss the need to detach from attachments to the outside world and focus on entering a state of unity consciousness. They also mention the potential for negative entities to harness the energy of the sun and the efforts being made to prevent this. They encourage sending loving energies towards Mercury and Mars for protection.

We are the galactic federation and we are now in contact through this instrument and we are now communicating to share our thoughts and insights which pertain to the queries placed by this instrument on behalf of the human collective consciousness. However, before we start our transmission like always remember to use your discernment and judgment and only accept insights which provide you with a sense of inner inspiration and a sense of inner resonance with your inner heart and inner self.

Our communication today is with regards to the query placed by this instrument which pertains to the aspect known as the coming of 11 11 on your space-time continuum. Which, in essence, is a time that has the ability of allowing each entity, if they desire, to be of service to others together in a united manner. They can make a change in the whole collective consciousness of humanity. For humanity, at this time space in this illusion, is learning many lessons of unity and that of service to others. However, there are many moments wherein each entity is forgetting the true essence or the reason behind its incarnation on the Earth planet at this time.

There are many reasons behind entities incarnation at this space time on the Earth planet. One of the reasons includes the ability to graduate into a higher sub-octave into the fourth density consciousness. The other ability includes the ability of being able to understand and to be of service to others throughout the cycle of illusion. Providing service to others is one of the greatest aspects and one of the most required abilities on your planetary sphere at this space time. Furthermore, our message today is regarding the so-called 1111 as known in your time space measurement terms.

In this regard, we are of the opinion that the whole planetary cycle can transition fully into the positive cycle of the fourth density if the beings on your planetary sphere are able to use this opportunity and enter into a state of beingness which does not have any attachments to the so-called outside world. And irrespective of what happens on the outside world, if during such a state each being isn’t able to maintain the state of feeling as if it would feel as it enters into the fourth density of the new earth. This feeling, if it is kept in tandem with the beingness of each entity during this period, this will allow the whole planet to cycle more towards the positive spiral of the so-called fourth density experience.

In this regard, we shall now address with you a query which pertains to the most important aspect which must be understood by many entities before this space-time of 1111 appears on your space-time continuum on the planet Earth. And this aspect is simply to firstly disattach or to notice the attachments of your own inner consciousness. We are now going to state something which may not be understood by many entities on your cycle of transition. And the fact of the matter is that there are entities on your planetary sphere who are well aware that they are not the body, not the so-called mind complex, and not the words and thought forms which emerge inside the mind complex. In essence, they are the consciousness or the awareness aspect which resides inside the skull of the human collective consciousness. Which means that inside each entity on the Earth planetary sphere, within the skull complex, lies the origin of consciousness which is able to become aware of the physical body complex of the self.

However, at a higher level, as beings enter into the higher sub-octaves of consciousness into the fourth density, they are able to become aware not only of the self but also of the other self. Which means that there is no separation created by the physical vehicles at the higher levels of the fourth density. The physical vehicles, even though they may appear separate for each entity, however, since the consciousness has become united into a social memory complex, it is able to feel and to identify each being’s consciousness and each being’s awareness throughout its bodily complex. This understanding and this inner aspect of creation is vitally important for each entity to recognize and to understand that they are not separate from the other. Just because they are not able to feel or become aware of the other’s physical vehicles at this period of space-time doesn’t mean that they are separate from other cells. In essence, because of this aspect of awareness, if each entity is able to identify or become aware of every other self’s physical vehicle and the feelings and thought forms, this would create a type of unification of the mind-body and spirit complex which will happen in the future space-time.

Hence, on the so-called space-time of 1111, there is a window or a so-called portal opened up upon your planetary sphere wherein each being who desires to unite in the unity consciousness can use a so-called pathway of entering into the higher realms by using the process known as meditation to enter into a state of consciousness which resembles the state of unity. And as each entity begins to become more united in the consciousness, they will begin to transcend higher into layers of sub-octaves of subdensity at a much faster rate. Furthermore, in this period of space-time, those entities who are able to remain as pure consciousness will highly be provided with new energies of upgrades of consciousness. For, in essence, there is only pure consciousness. Many beings on your planetary sphere are unaware that the pure consciousness which resides within their brain complex is many times becoming attached to the images of the brain complex and also to the words of the brain complex. And because of this attachment, the pure consciousness forgets about its true power, forgets that it is in essence the creator, and instead of becoming the observer of the thought forms of the words and the images and the sounds which appear inside the brain complex, this pure consciousness, once it becomes attached to any name or any object or word or image in the mind, will create psychological suffering for those entities who shall face criticism or face challenges with that aspect.

In this regard, let us explain to you how this operates on your planetary sphere. For this purpose, we shall share with you an example that may be understood by your mind complex easily. Consider there are two entities upon your planetary sphere. One entity who is identifying or attaching with every single word and image which arises on the mind or the brain complex of this entity. And the other entity, which in essence, resides as pure consciousness without becoming attached to the words and the thought forms which emerge in the mind complex. Whenever a challenging situation arises, you will see a reaction difference between the two entities.

For example, in the first case, if the first entity is criticized or is challenged regarding its identification of the words or images because of the consciousness being localized into any object or any image, because of this challenge, it feels like destruction of the self. And this, in essence, leads to a psychological suffering experience which may be experienced by this entity as feeling not so good as known by your people. And the other entity, which acts as the observer of these thought forms and images and does not attach itself to anyone, is the one who has the ability to become the adept in the illusion complex. Thereby becoming a master of this illusion complex and understanding that in essence, nothing that happens on the outside can touch you and nothing anyone else does on this plane of existence can actually hurt you because you are the pure consciousness.

If you are aware of your attachments inside your mind complex, you will begin to free yourself. We correct this instrument, you will begin to free yourself from any of the shackles that have bound the humanity for eons. And this release of energy will lead to a drastic shift into a higher sub-octave of consciousness. For the whole human collective must understand this aspect and that is to become aware of the attachments inside the brain complex. Become very cautious of what the so-called consciousness which resides within your own brain complex attaches itself with. And from the moment, if you are able to observe what your consciousness is attaching with, you can prevent such an attachment to any image or any thought form or sound appearing inside your brain complex. Which prevents you from entering into a spiral of psychological suffering which many entities on your Earth planet have become victims to.

Furthermore, consider this analogy which we shall provide is that your brain complex may be considered as the projector which houses your consciousness or your true self. And the so-called images and the words are the so-called screens which appear before your true self allowing you the opportunity to either attach or detach from such images and thought forms. And it is up to the consciousness to identify or not to identify or to attach with any such images. And because of this knowingness or the ability to choose to be free of the choice of choosing which thought forms and which sound forms it will attach with. This is a tremendous increase in the power potential of each entity. And this will allow a liberation of energy from within which will transcend many entities into the higher sub-octaves of consciousness.

Furthermore, we are now going to state that there has been an anomalous activity detected in your sun body. Your sun is being attacked by negative entities who are now trying to create a so-called device inside the sun, known as the Orion Arc Reactor. This device’s purpose is to harness the energies of the sun, which may lead to the creation of more solar flares in the future. This harmonic creation of a reactor inside the sun will allow these negative entities to create tremendous amounts of energies, which can be used by them for the purpose of their own missions and for the spreading of a negative agenda. Hence, we, as the Galactic Federation, have been trying to ward off these processes and the progress of the negative entities.

To do the same, we, as the Galactic Federation, are working with the Ashtar Collective, as well as other entities in order to prevent such an intrusion of the sun. There was a recent so-called war inside the sun’s planetary sphere, wherein we, as well as the Ashtar Collective, had to ward off some negative entities who had tried to bring an arc reactor inside the sun. If this process is accomplished by the negative entities, then the energies of the sun can be harnessed into the creation of an energetic vortex of negative polarity, which they can use to fire waves of solar flare towards the Earth planet, imbued with negative energy.

However, we are trying to work with the so-called Council of Planets for the next phase of our protective plan for the Earth planet, which is to prevent this sun intrusion properly. These negative entities have also been found inside the planet Mercury, who have stationed inside not only the planet Mars but also inside planet Mercury and trying to harness the energies of the sun because the energy of the sun is vitally important and the most powerful energetic source in the solar system in which your planetary sphere is found.

We have sent massive amounts of love light energies towards Mercury as well in the past days. We would recommend those who want to participate in such protection of the Earth planet may do so during the so-called sleep state and send loving energies towards Mercury, as with the Mars planet, leading to the decimation of love and compassion towards the negative entities, which would lead to the destruction of the negative polarity. Therefore, we, as the Galactic Federation, leave you now. Bye.