Session #99 • Pleiadians

Greatest Deception Lies Hidden In Plain Sight: Meta & Event

Summary: The Pleiadians are providing guidance on how beings on Earth can enter a higher vibration and prepare for the event on 11/11. They suggest using a meditative process to focus attention on the mind, body, and spirit, and envision walking into the new Earth. They also caution against becoming trapped in Mark Zuckerberg's creation of the metaverse, as it is a ploy by negative entities to control humanity. The Pleiadians warn and end their communication.

We are the pladieans and we are now communicating through this instrument for the purpose of sharing our thoughts and guidance without infringing upon the free will that has been granted by the one infinite creator. Our purpose of maintaining this communication is simply to provide each being on the earth planets who desire with the guidance required to enter into a vibration of a higher nature. Using the free will of discernment and the free will to choose and accept the thought forms, which they can entertain on this environment, is required for each being on the planetary sphere. They must deeply understand the inner workings of the self. Furthermore, before we start this communication, we would like to warn you that you should only accept insights which provide you with a deeper sense of resonance and leave behind those thought forms which do not resonate with your inner self. For this is vitally important for you to preserve and to conserve in the illusion complex in which you find yourself in today’s query pertains to how these so-called entities on your planetary sphere, those who desire to be of service to mother earth as well as service to the cosmic layer of consciousness which is now rising, can be of service and how can beings on your planet prepare for the coming event on 11 11.

As stated earlier by an entity known as Metatron magnetic consciousness in the earlier sessions through this instrument, the significance of to have the communications and the required vibrations which are aligning together with the planetary vibrations. This provides the planet earth’s vibrations to align with that of the human vibration collective consciousness. By alignment, there is a much larger effect on the consciousness and this is one of the moments in your time continuum wherein beings on your planet who desire to enter faster into the spiral of the new earth can use this portal to broadcast the energy of already being in the new earth. As each being will broadcast this energy of being in the new earth with an intention or an image in the mind complex of already walking through the new earth, they will then begin to understand how this will attract the timeline of the new earth faster. As more people are able to do it in an orderly manner together with a number of around 7,000 beings on your planet who are able to perform this together, which leads to the earth planet drastically entering into the spiral of consciousness. Thereby, the whole earth planet’s energy will drastically change. Even after the so-called such meditations if performed by your people on this 11-11, we shall now share one method which can be used by entities on your planet who desire to be of service at this time.

For the process is simply to understand the difference between how the so-called mind-body-spirit operates on the third density consciousness and how the mind, body, and spirit operates in a fourth density new earth planetary sphere. For the difference is simply in the allowance of how the energies of the focused attention work. On the third density planetary sphere of your earth planet, we are of the opinion that many beings on your planets operate with the perspective of using their thought forms in a large number of volume during the waking day time. And because they are engaged in their thought forms during the waking day time, most often they forget to observe the energies of their bodily complex. This leads to imbalances many times inside the bodily complex and the mind, body, and spirit becomes imbalanced.

Furthermore, in the fourth density new earth consciousness, beings are already aware of how to use the mind, body, and spirit connection. For in the new earth, beings on other planets, as well as beings on the earth planet in the timeline of new earth, they begin to separate their focus of attention into two parts. During the sleep time or during the meditative stage, they focus their attention on the mind complex and using thought forms to create the emotions required and for the energy work to be conducted by using the imagination. During such sleep states or during the meditative states, and after they wake up from such meditation and dream states, during the waking day time, they are able to focus their attention on the bodily energies of emotions. And the body complex is full of energy. As each entity on the new earth can focus this attention on the body complex during the waking day time, they will begin to feel the energy shifting within the body throughout the day when they encounter many different types of events. This is how the new earth paradigm operates.

We shall now share the process of a simple so-called meditative process which will allow each being on your planet to perform and do so and enter into a timeline of new earth easily. For this process, it is vitally important that each being on the planetary sphere use its own free will to enter into the meditative state into the void wherein there is only pure consciousness and let go of any attachments by focusing only on the void to let go of even the names, the labels, and the objects which your mind has identified in the third density illusion. By entering into this meditative state of consciousness and by letting go of those temporary aspects of attachments of the mind, there will be an emptiness which will be met. This is the pure consciousness or the observer who can observe even the emptiness or the void without any attachments. And in that state of this attachment and in that state of pure consciousness, beings on your planet can then bring forth an image of walking into the new earth. And then slowly, in the meditative state, walk through the new earth physically but with their eyes closed and the imagination actively creating the new earth and feeling the feelings will allow the entities on the earth planet to drastically switch timelines to the new earth.

And more entities are able to do this together, they will begin to transition higher. Also, after the creation of the energy of emotions to a satisfaction of each being, can be followed by the cycling of the oxygen as known by your people or the breath from the lower energy centers through to the upper energy centers by breathing fully. And this will allow the energy centers to be rejuvenated like turning on a light switch. Many beings on your planet only breathe half and hence the full process of tuning into the full activation of the energy centers is not done many times. This is the most important process which can be followed at this space time to allow beings on your planet to enter into a higher spiral of fourth density new earth consciousness.

Now we shall share our thought forms pertaining to the so-called meta object or the universe of artificial intelligence which is being created by an entity known as Mark Zuckerberg. In this regard, we are of the opinion that this entity known as Mark Zuckerberg, for fully understanding the full functioning of this meta universe or metaverse as being created by this entity, we must share with you what this entity conducted or did in the past incarnation of this entity on the planet Atlantis. Hence, we are now going to share with you for the purpose of understanding a brief synopsis of the past incarnation of this entity known as Mark Zuckerberg.

This entity originated on the planet known as Maldek around 3 million years ago and that space-time this entity spent the first density incarnation learning the lessons like many entities in the form of elementals. After a period of 200,000 years of learning the lessons of beingness, it graduated into the second density consciousness where in this entry in the second density began to learn the lessons of awareness. In the form of plant life forms and switching into the pet life forms of the Maldek planet. This furthermore prepared this entity for the third density of self-awareness. On the Maldek planet, this entity chose the path of negative polarity in the third density consciousness. Beginning sub-octave. And because this entity chose the path of negative polarity, this was its own choice. And as we have already stated before, there are choices which can be made and the choices, both positive and negative, are valid as they are serving the one creator. This entity chose the path of negative polarity of serving the self. And this entity worked with the so-called reptilians as well as the other negative oriented entities because it was more interested in serving the self. In the planet Maldek, this entity also created a large amount of mechanical devices at that space-time which led to the creation of wars in the planet Maldek. And because this entity had created such havoc on planet Maldek, it was then transported to the lands of Atlantis. In the lands of Atlantis, it had incarnated in the form of a physical vehicle of undesirable nature in order to repay the karma collected from the planet Maldek.

This entity’s incarnation on the Atlantis planet occurred around a period of 45,000 years ago as per the space-time measurement terms, and in that Atlantis planetary sphere, it had incarnated in the form of a physical vehicle of undesirable nature. However, because of its orientation towards negative polarity, this entity was heavily assisted by the reptilians. The reptilians were able to abduct this entity in the planet Atlantis, and after conducting the abduction of this entity, they were able to genetically modify this entity’s physical vehicle to become more capable. Hence, this entity made soul contracts with reptilians who had given him new life and a new bodily complex of a new nature. Since that day forward, this entity has been working for the reptilians.

This entity created a similar type of device on the planet Earth at the space-time of Atlantis, in which many beings were engrossed in this spiritual, we correct this entity, in the so-called technological device created by this instrument with the aid of the reptilians. This created a diversification between the two types of beings on the planet Atlantis: one who were spiritually adept and the others who were technologically involved. Because of such a device which was created by this entity, and this divide led to the war in Atlantis, which immediately led to the destruction of the Atlantis lands. Because of technological advancement too much and not focusing on the spiritual side led to the destruction of Atlantis.

Now, this entity has reincarnated onto the earth planet. This entity then for the first time incarnated on the earth planet as a human mind-body-and-spirit complex for the purpose of sharing and for the purpose of working with the so-called reptilians and their objective. In the first incarnation on the human planetary sphere, this entity incarnated on the timeline as known by people as 1889 and was known by the name of Thomas Midgley. In this incarnation, also this entity worked largely for the purpose of the reptilians and created a large amount of technological devices which harmed not only the ozone layer of your planetary sphere but also created a large amount of technological devices which harmed the planet Earth. This entity, in that incarnation, crossed over in 1944 and after spending some healing time on the astral plane, this entity again has incarnated on the earth planets in 1984 as Mark Zuckerberg for the purpose of working with the reptilian. Since this entity has already signed many soul contracts with reptilians, this entity is now working for the creation of this device, which is known as the device of meta. This device can allow beings on your planet to use this technology to go to any places in the mind complex. What this will do in essence is allow entities to become trapped inside this environment of artificially created environments and beings, because of their mind, body, and spirit working together in tandem in the real world. Since the mind is now, if with the desire, they choose to stay in the metaverse most of the time, they will begin to create all karmic connections and emotions in the metaverse. Hence, their soul also will become entrapped inside the metaverse. Hence, this is, in essence, not a positive type of thing which has been created for the people of your planet must understand the significance of this event.

This is the final ploy of the negative entities to control humanity, and we as the Pleiadians are here to offer the warning. We’ll leave you now.