• Session #203 • Metatron • August 21, 2023
    4 Signs to Cross Over to The New 5D Earth

    ...set up this event in order for the elites to became control over the location and control the people by using the Distortion of your planets known as money and I Metatron must state that the other query relates with what happened with the missing flight MH370 we must firstly state that this flight in...

  • Session #173 • Galactic Federation • January 23, 2023
    The New Earth Mystery

    ...of all Oneness. The nothingness, the void. No schools will exist in the new Earth as found in your current system. No competition and no need for money will be present because all become one in the new Earth vibration. The return to unification begins and the ever-present love of the one, the...

  • Session #138 • Pleiadians • July 18, 2022
    New Earth Currency
  • Session #28 • Metatron • March 31, 2021
    8 Levels of 1st Density Consciousness

    ...control, the power that has ruled for so long has stimulated society across the world to new levels of hatred and rage. Race, gender, religion, age, money – all of these are the tools used to turn human beings against each other. At this time, thoughts dark elemental entities have learned how to use...