Session #3 • RA

What is Soul Family, Oumuamua & Answers to Your Queries

Summary: Soul mates can take on various roles in our lives, not just romantic partners. They can be family members, friends, or even strangers. Soul mates are connected to our souls and can help us align with our purpose and grow spiritually. There are three types of soul mates: soul families, soul groups, and twin flames. The negative events on Earth, such as the outbreak of diseases, are a result of collective karma. Enlightenment cannot be taught by others, as it is a personal journey. Worship is not sought by higher entities, but rather the realization that we are all one. Both positive and negative paths are valid and offer different experiences to the Creator. Peace and connection to source can be found in the present moment. The best way to serve others is unique to each individual. Vaccines are created to be of service to those who are sick. The coming of higher density beings to Earth depends on the creation of a social memory complex. 'Oumuamua is a mother ship for fifth density entities searching for a suitable planet. After death, the soul goes through a review process to assimilate experiences and plan the next incarnation. Fifth density entities can choose to learn as a social memory complex or as individuals.

I am Ra. We greet you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. We communicate now to give vibratory sound complexes of the queries you have in your mind collective about the so-called soul mates and what it actually is and how it operates in various densities of existence. Many mind-body-spirit complexes on your plane believe that soul mates equate to the so-called perfect romantic partner in your terms. It is true that soul mates can make the best partners. However, the pairing is not always intimate, romantic, or sexual in nature. Soul mates play a variety of roles in your lives, including your family members, colleagues, school mates, neighbors, strangers, and yes, sometimes also lovers and romantic partners.

A soul mate is a person who has a strong bond with your soul. There are three types of soul mates that can be described by us, and they are soul families, soul groups, and twin flames. These groups are like branches of a very large tree. The root of such a sultry is the source or the spirit, and we are all part of it and emerge from it. That means your soulmates are also yourself, but they are at a higher vibration. In human form, you resonate more with souls who are on the same branch due to the similarities and shared backgrounds.

A soul family can be equated with your earthly family. However, some souls from your soul family may not necessarily incarnate along with you and form the so-called earthly family. They may take incarnation as a relative or could be any other mind-body-spirit complex in your life. When you enter into such a being’s aura, you start to feel a deep connection, and they feel like your siblings, parents, or children.

Firstly, let us explain to you the tree of the soul so that you can understand better. The source is the root, and from the source emerges the higher self that resides in the sixth density. And from the higher self arise the oversoul. Further from these oversoul, single souls arise. You and your soul family share the same oversoul, so you are all aspects of the same soul.

A soul family’s main purpose in any planet is to love, nurture, support, guide, protect, and help the other souls who are part of the soul family in one way, shape, or form. Soul family members help align you with your soul’s purpose and will accelerate your spiritual growth.

I am Ra. The outbreak of biodeactivating entities that can be equated with microbiological entities is due to the collective karma that had been stored on planet Earth. This occurs due to the lack of reverence to the planet and depletion of its resources. Consider this: your planet is also a living entity, much like you, and any negative-oriented actions that one does against another entity need to be balanced in the continuation of time and space.

I am Ra. Regarding the query you have in your mind collective about the so-called intergalactic ships, we must state that we have already answered this in the previous session. The coming of other density entities depends on the formation of a social memory complex of your peoples incarnated on Earth.

I am Ra. We cannot say that there are any shortcuts to enlightenment. Enlightenment happens in the moment and is a portal into intelligent infinity. It can only be attained by the self, for the self. Another mind-body-spirit complex cannot teach or learn information, inspiration, but rather can only act as a catalyst. Enlightenment is found within the present, and no one can know when an entity will allow the gates of the present to open.

I am Ra. The question in your mind complex has arisen from another entity known as Andrea. To you, it is incorrect to state that this entity has worshipped us for thousands of years. We do not seek any entity to worship us. We seek the realization of the truth – we are all one. There is no separation between the worshipped and the worshipper.

I am Ra. There is free will based upon each entity, which means that each entity is free to pursue any path it desires to. We cannot state that one path is good or the other is good. Both the positive and negative paths are equal in our terms, as both paths allow the infinite Creator to experience a different variety of experiences through the entities. An entity who wishes to change from negative to positive or vice versa can do so because it has free will.

I am. As we have iterated previously in our sessions, in the fifth density, entities learn the lessons of light or wisdom. The so-called negative entity is the one who focuses on service to self without regarding other entities. And in the fifth density, it is at a higher level of awareness and knowledge. In this fifth density, all activities will stop except its thoughts. The fifth density negative entity is compacted to an intense degree and is separated from all other beings.

I am Ra. Connection to source can be found in the present, as you call it. Disregarding which leads to your mind complex to become overly activated, which creates distortions or distractions. The present is the connection to the source.

I am Ra. For an entity to be polarized toward the positive polarity, it requires 51 percent of service to others. Similarly, for an entity to be polarized into next density negative polarity, it would require such entity to attain 95 percent service to self and 5 percent service to others. In essence, both paths are equally difficult to attain. However, the negative path is quite difficult to attain and requires great dedication.

I am Ra. Like we have stated earlier during this session, peace can be found in the moment. The moment is made up of peace, and the peace is the moment. This is as far as we can describe in your vibratory sound complex terms.

I am Ra. The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self-knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other self without hesitation. This involves salvation, radiating that which is the essence or the heart of the mind-body-spirit complex, speaking to the intention of your question. The best way for each seeker in the third density to be of service to others is unique to that mind-body-spirit complex. This means that the mind-body-spirit complex must then seek within itself the intelligence of its own discernment as to the way it may best serve other selves. This will be different for each. There is no best. There is no generalization. Nothing is known.

I am Ra. By deciphering your vibratory sound complex regarding whether the so-called vaccines are safe, we can sense that these are created by other mind-body-spirit complexes to be of service to those who are diseased or sick. Hence, we see great service in this, and we can say that they are created to be of service to other beings as we can sense their vibratory sound complex.

I am Ra. Our coming, or the coming of other beings from higher densities to your Earth, depends on the creation of the so-called social memory complex of your peoples and depending on the calling of your social memory complex. Provided that the Council of Saturn allows the entities to come to your plane, which would result in the lifting of the quarantine, that would allow us to appear before your people.

I am Ra. The ‘Oumuamua was a so-called interstellar object that passed through the solar system. Your people were distracted by the shape and the behavior of the object. The so-called object is a mother ship for some fifth density entities who had lost their home planet a few hundred years ago, and they are now traversing the cosmos in search of a suitable planet for inhabitation. However, these entities require a planet that has a major source of uranium, which they use as their primary energy source.

I am Ra. After death, the so-called veil is lifted, and your soul will immediately be aware of the various lifetimes you had lived. And a review, or shall we say, continue each test, will end with a review in order to allow the Creator to know itself. This review process enables the Creator to assimilate the experiences gained and to plan the next incarnation conditions for teach/learn of the soul. To simply state, the purpose of incarnation in the third density is to learn the ways of love in order to graduate into the next density.

I am Ra. Mind-body-spirit complexes that have been harvested from the fourth density comprise the so-called fifth density social memory complex. Then, the conglomerate or mass mind-body-spirit complex does its melding, and the results are due to the infinitely various possibilities of combination of distortions. The fifth density is the density of light or wisdom. In the fifth density, entities may choose to learn as a social memory complex or as mind-body-spirit complexes and may graduate into the sixth density under these conditions. For the wisdom density is an extremely free density, whereas lessons of compassion leading to wisdom necessarily have to do with other selves. This is the final answer of your queries we can provide during this session, as this instrument seems fatigued and will have to take a long rest session.

I am Ra. I leave you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.