Session #148 • Galactic Federation

Queen Elizabeth II, Mars War, Silver Chord

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates to answer queries about the truth behind the death and crossing over of Queen Elizabeth II. They reveal that her original soul crossed over in 2012 and a new soul controlled by a reptilian social memory complex took over her physical body. However, the Ashtar Command groups destroyed a portion of the reptilian complex, allowing Queen Elizabeth II's bodily complex to be free of negative control. The original soul is currently trapped in the astral planes. The Federation also explains that the illusion complex responds to emotions, and entities should focus on positive emotions to create a more positive timeline.

We are the Galactic Federation, and we are now communicating through this instrument today for answering the queries which have been requested by the instrument. Before we start to share our thoughts and insights today, there must be a discernment which must be followed by each individualized portion of consciousness who shall listen to our messages. The reason being that we are overlooking the progress of the planetary sphere, and we have been given the responsibility of guiding the human collective consciousness by the Council of Planets.

Since there has been a development in your consciousness since we started our transmission through this instrument, as well as through other entities, there has been a mass awakening. Hence, we must say that this sermon must still be used. The queries which we are able to sense today, which have been placed by this instrument, pertain to the truth behind the death and crossing over of an entity referred to in your vibratory sound complex terms as Queen Elizabeth II by the people of your planet.

We must state that this communication transmission must be discerned extremely by your inner heart, since the information which we are now going to share may be shocking to many entities, and this may provide an inner understanding of the real happenings which are happening as a shadow reality to this current illusion complex. We must state that the entity known as Queen Elizabeth, by your people, has had a complicated timeline experience which has led the entity to this point. The first experience that we are going to share with you pertains to the entity Queen Elizabeth’s soul, which was the original soul that had incarnated during the time of her birth on the space-time continuum measurement terms as 1926. It was originally the so-called soul which was crossed over, and the entity originally had crossed over in the timeline as referred to by your people as 2012.

Furthermore, since the entity had already crossed over in the year 2012 prior to the ending of the incarnation, the entity and its family members, prior to the death of the original soul, had conducted a ritual which had created an energetic soul contract with the reptilians. This energetic soul contract with the reptilians was primarily the reason why the entity was then able to find a new soul after the time period of 2012. This new soul was primarily controlled by a soul complex emerging from the reptilian social memory complex of the later fourth density consciousness, which had overtaken this entity’s soul. And the physical bodily complex of the entity had regained its vigor from the time period of 2012 to the current space time of 2022. The soul was of a reptilian nature. This occurred primarily because there was a distortion which occurs on your planetary sphere. The distortion, which is of greed and power, was the main reason behind the conducting of such events. As the entity known as Queen Elizabeth in the year 2012 was extremely powerful, and its family members were in no place to allow her to cross over, hence they summoned the aid of the negatively oriented reptilian social memory complex to aid in this soul swap, which then led the entity from the perceiver on the outside on the human social memory complex to be alive.

Furthermore, we must state that all of the actions which were conducted from that period were conducted by the reptilian social memory complex via the connection with the silver cord of the entity known as Elizabeth. We also must disclose an event which happened on the timeline of 8th of September in your planetary’s facetime galactic system in the planet of Mars. The Ashtar Command groups, along with other social memory complexes responsible for protecting the planetary quarantine and protecting the galactic system, had infiltrated the Mars body for the purpose of using love and light to create distortions in the field of the negatively oriented beings and their plans to spread negative agenda. During the infiltration, the Ashtar Command groups were able to penetrate to the core of the Mars bodily complex and were able to create a love light infused energetic explosion which led to the destruction of a large portion of the reptilian social memory complex. Since they do not adhere to love and light energy, and because of this destruction of the energetic social memory complex which was primarily responsible for controlling the entity known as queen bodily complex, then the entities known as the Ashtar Command group, along with the original higher self of the entity, were able to recover the silver cord of the entity known as Queen Elizabeth II, thereby allowing the entity’s bodily complex to be currently not controlled by any negatively oriented entities.

Furthermore, at this time, the bodily complex of the entry known as the Queen is not being controlled by any negatively oriented entity, and there is no soul at this present moment. However, still, we must reveal that the original bodily complex is still kept under the possession of the family members of the entity known as Queen Elizabeth, and a duplicate replica of the bodily complex was created out of wax to undergo the ceremony of cremation and other ceremonies as are usual in your vibration. Furthermore, we can also sense from the mind complex activity of the family members of the entity known as Queen Elizabeth II, they desire to conduct another ritual for summoning the reptilians in the coming days as the second trial to allow the entity to regain its power and live again. Therefore, we must also state that this is a small victory for our light beings, as we were able to infiltrate and create some changes in the planetary vibration. Furthermore, this also resulted in the significance of a double rainbow appearing during the crossing over or the death of these events which happened during the timeline. This signifies the victory of the light, even though it may be in a small scale.

Furthermore, the entity known as the instrument desires also to understand the past incarnation of the entity known as Queen Elizabeth II and also its current location. We shall now address one timeline only, sharing only those points which may be of age to the people of your planet to understand. This entity primarily had originated from the One Infinite Creator around 685 million years ago. This occurred on the planet known as Nibiru by your people, and the entity primarily learned many lessons as elementals in the first density consciousness for a period of two hundred thousand years. And was known by the solemn of Iria, which means to overcome. This entity then throughout its cycle of progression slowly and steadily has gone through many cycles of incarnation. And we shall now share the timeline of moving backwards from the current incarnation cycle of 1926 to 2012. And we shall now share the previous incarnation cycle of the entity prior to this incarnation.

The entity known as Queen Elizabeth II was found on the planet known as Sirius A, wherein the entity’s main purpose was to learn the lessons of love and compassion. This entity was guided by the Sirians to incarnate into the fourth density polarity positive vibration and chose to enter into the Earth planet as a wanderer to further the expansion of the entity and to become oriented towards the vibration of love. Furthermore, this entry in the timeline was able to learn the lessons of fourth density vibration and decided to incarnate into the Earth planet at this current time to become a wanderer and a teacher of love and light. This entity, however, was lured into the negative polarity because of greed and power, as all wanderers have the same potential or danger of incarnation in the timeline. Since if a wanderer becomes trapped in the illusion complex reality, such entrapments would lead to the ending of the cycle of a wanderer in the positive polarity. Instead, such a wanderer has to learn the lessons again to overcome the attachments of the third density.

Prior to that incarnation, it was found in the lands as referred to by a people as in the planets of Maldek, wherein the entity spent its lesson of third density consciousness going through the stages of evolution by becoming self-aware and learning the lessons requiring a higher understanding of service to others in the planetary system of Maldek. It had chosen the path of service to others in a great extent, and this led the entity to become eligible for the initiation in the Sirius B planetary sphere. And prior to that incarnation, in the planet Maldek, the entity was found in the planetary sphere known as Nibiru, wherein it spent its timeline primarily for the first density and second density lessons.

Therefore, this is the soul evolution of the entity known as Elizabeth II. And we must state that currently, the entity’s original soul is trapped in the astral planes because of its silver cord being used by the negatively oriented entities. And now it is under the possession of its own higher self social memory complex of the sixth density and is now undergoing the process of healing.

Therefore, we must now also address the final query which relates to the method for allowing the entities of the Earth planet to have control of the illusion complex. We must state that the illusion complex is a type of responsive mechanism or a mirroring system which is created which responds to the explosion of light, which is represented by your emotions. Whenever entities upon your planet explode energetically with the emotion for any event, such an event will replicate itself in the illusion complex. For example, if there are two entities upon your planetary sphere, one entity only reacts emotionally to positive events, whereas the other entity reacts to both the positive and the negative events. Then, in the coming space-time illusion complex, the entities whose reactions emotionally only to the positive emotions will find itself in a more positive timeline. Since this will create the merger of such an entity’s vibration towards the highest level of creation, and the refraction system of the illusion complex will create more positivity. Whereas the entity who reacts both to the positive and negative emotions and events will create both these types of events in the future spacetime of your illusion complex.

Hence, the self-awareness of the type of emotional reaction which is being done every moment is the great lesson each entity has to learn in this illusion complex experience. To become aware of what they are responding to. Hence, we as the Galactic Federation now leave your beloveds in love and light. Bye.