Session #79 • Archangel Michael

Everything Is About To Change Suddenly - Prepare For Deep Awakening

Summary: Archangel Michael is connected to a boy from the angelic realm to provide guidance. The boy has requested guidance for August 22nd, as higher selves will start to communicate more clearly with their incarnated selves. Each being's purpose is to learn lessons and become the creator again. There are two pathways of service: service to others or service to self. The highest pathway leads to complete bliss and peace. Letting go of the grasp on the outside world is essential. The higher self will try to make connections with each being to elevate consciousness. The outward reality is meant to change suddenly and awaken many. Following an exercise of counting cycles can help increase attention span.

I am Archangel Michael and I am connected to this boy from the angelic realm in order to share my thoughts and guidance regarding the query placed by this boy. Before I begin, however, remember to use your discernment when listening to my message and only accept if it resonates with your inner self. My message is not meant for your critical part of the mind. My message is directed towards your inner self, which knows the answer and which may resonate with the truth when it hears it.

Today, this boy has requested guidance for 22nd of August. As from that date on your time-space nexus, the higher self of each being will start to attempt more clear and direct communication with their respective incarnated self who are currently on this current timeline of Earth and in multiple other timelines in order to assist them and provide guidance. For the graduation is upon your planet, there will be certain changes that will occur on your time-space in the coming days which may be considered as sudden and surprising to many of your people.

Being has within its own self the potential to open up itself and realize the inner truth and validity of the factual matter. That each being has the essence of the One Father, the Creator, and the fountainhead of creation lies in this interaction with the Father. The Creator, in the beginning, separated itself in order to experience incarnation lessons, and this is how each of you came into existence on this current level of incarnation. This is how many entities started to learn the lessons in the various densities of consciousness.

As known by this boy, each incarnation and each cycle of density meant to teach each being how to become the Creator by sharpening its soul evolution, much like a stone when it is put under pressure and heat may turn into a rare diamond or some other rare crystallized entity. In a similar manner, each being’s main purpose is to learn the lessons and become the Creator once again, becoming crystallized as the soul lessons are learned.

Furthermore, there are two pathways of service in the various levels or densities of illusion. The first pathway or the first basic choice, which many of the entities on your planets are already aware of, is that of choosing the path of service to others or service to self. Then there is the other pathway, which is considered the highest pathway. For beings who chose this pathway are less than one percent on the current Earth timeline. Since this pathway is not an easy pathway to pursue, however, the rewards of pursuing this pathway may exceed the level of gains of soul evolution in this current incarnation.

Let me tell you that the offering of service to the Creator or being of service to the Creator by means of allowing the creative energies of the Creator to flow through the physical vehicle of such beings who desire to serve. The Creator must remember to allow the creative energies of the Creator to flow within and express through its physical vehicle. Many times, those beings who are of being of service to the One Creator have a love light energy field around their physical vehicle and other entities can also perceive their energetic patterns. This allows other beings to also pursue this type of connection as this type of connection leads to one of the greatest experiences beings on your planet can experience, that is complete bliss and peace.

This state of peace and bliss is a significance of the connection with the One Creator’s energy. And if you ask yourself or if you perceive your reality to be full of other elements other than the factor of peace of the One Creator, then you may have not been of service to the One Creator. The requirement to graduate into the fourth density does not require this service mandatorily. However, those who choose this service have a high likelihood of completely bypassing the fourth density consciousness, which is known as the fourth density of love. As this fourth density consciousness lesson is learned by such entity in the third density itself by emanating love and light and by inspiring other beings to pursue the path of love and light.

In essence, to become one with the fountainhead or the Creator is very simple. You must let go of the grasp that you have upon the happenings of the outside world or the illusion complex. As known by this boy, since the outward world is also a reflection of the inner state of each being. And feeling, this outward world will reflect with a time delay. Hence, many beings may be experiencing what they had felt before this current timeline appeared on their illusion cyclical creation. The art of letting go is to simply accept the fact that the outside illusion complex will provide you with catalyst and suffering in order to wake you to the inner core and make you connected once again to the Creator.

This is also the reason why many beings on your planet become disbalanced when they face a jolt of suffering or catalyst. Furthermore, this boy may contact the Council of Planets in the coming days in order to receive the review of the Earth’s planetary cycle and the future plan laid out for this planet Earth. For in this session, all I can share is that the higher self has been directed to try to make connections with each being, allowing each being to express these higher energies through their physical vehicle, which shall lead them into higher levels of consciousness easily in this single incarnation cycle.

The times upon your planet are very rare and the opportunities are diverse, but many will miss it since they are too involved or caught up in the outward reality. And their emotional balance and the balancing of the chakras depend on the outward control of the illusion complex. This outward reality is meant to change suddenly and is meant to awaken many as much as possible, for that is the plan for this part of the galaxy.

Also, let me tell you a short anecdote in order to inspire those who shall seek inspiration from my message. Once upon a time, there were two entities on the Earth planets. One entity who chose the path of service to others by being of service to others more than 51 percent, and the other entity who chose the path of service to the Creator. This path of service to the Creator led the other entity to directly graduate into the fifth density consciousness. Since this entity not only mastered the lessons of the fourth density, which is the density of love, but also by being and allowing the creative energies to flow through it became of service to others. Since the service to others aspect can also be stated as a service to the Creator, for each being is the Creator.

Therefore, the other entity who only could choose the path of service to others was able to graduate into the fourth density consciousness and had to learn the lessons of love. This other entity, by directly learning all the lessons of the fourth density in a single incarnation, was able to, in a similar manner, jump across classes as those beings on your planet who are extremely intelligent tend to do in your so-called schools. However, the school of life is not as your schools where in the so-called teachers have a set plan for each being. The school of life has free will for each of you, and the plan is not cyclical, for the plan is to allow the free will to rule over any other distortion.

Therefore, beloved, I am Archangel Michael, and this is all the guidance I can share with you. However, before I leave, I may state that there is one exercise or addition that I can suggest to those beings who desire to achieve this level of service to the One Creator. And that is by following the guidance of the previous session, wherein my counterpart entity from the angelic realm, Metatron, who is in charge of the magnetic balance of the Earth planets, has guided this boy to feel each teeth from the lower row to the upper row. And upon each feeling as you reach to the end of the upper row after you start from the lower row, you must count this as one cycle. And then try to do 10 cycles by keeping your minds empty. For the emptiness of the mind complex will be required for what is coming on your planet. And if there is a thought or any other words or images on your mind, restart this exercise. For counting till 10 will be enough for those beings who desire to increase their attention span.

Therefore, I leave you now. So bye.