Session #57 • Pleiadians

Manifesting Love: Soul Mate, Soul Contracts

Summary: The Pleiadians discuss the concept of love and attraction on Earth. They explain that attraction is based on the polarities of masculinity and femininity, and individuals must display the qualities associated with their gender to attract a partner. They also mention the importance of soul contracts in forming long-term relationships. The Pleiadians share an example of a love story from their planetary sphere, where two entities form a deep connection but are tragically separated.

We are the pleiadians and we greet you in the love and the light of the one creator. Furthermore, we are here to share with you our thoughts and insights without infringing upon your free will. We are here to share our thoughts and you have the free will to reject or accept any information we may provide. Furthermore, please understand that we will offer you the truth without any proof, which is the best way for each of you to share our message and retain what resonates and learn and be inspired from the information if you so desire.

Today, this instrument has requested to understand what would we do if we incarnated on earth in order to manifest love. There is an error in the query placed by this instrument because this query is not specific enough. However, upon scanning the mind complex of this instrument, we can judge that it wants to understand how to manifest attraction and love of the opposite sex by each entity, whether it be a woman body complex or a man body complex on your planet.

In this regard, let us share with you what we understand in your planetary sphere. Because of the veil of forgetfulness, many people do not yet understand who they are and where they come from. Also, if we were to incarnate on this third density illusion, we would have to go through the veil of forgetfulness that exists until the onset of the full fourth density consciousness that has yet some time to occur on your planet.

Let us tell you that the people on your planet, many of them already understand the polarization that is necessary for attraction as known in your planetary sphere to take place. In order for a man who desires a feminine woman, it would be to display qualities that of a masculine aspect, which includes qualities such as having facial hair, deeper voice, and showing the aspect of confidence and leadership. Furthermore, having the variation of its own opinion independent of influence from other entities. These are the qualities required for a mind body and spirit complex on your planet.

And let us tell you that for a woman body complex, in order to attract a masculine man complex, it would require to display qualities opposites to masculinity that include qualities of femininity and include qualities of following the leader. In this case, it would be the masculine man and showing or displaying feminine qualities such as high-pitched voice and other feminine aspects such as delicate qualities and features of feminine physical vehicle. This is the normal process of attraction that is occurring on your planetary sphere.

However, many people on your planet already have the knowledge of these systems. The next complex dispersion that may occur on your planetary sphere is that of soul contracts because many of the twin flames and the soul mates, they have already existing soul contracts. Hence, if certain entities do not have soul contracts or create new soul contracts, no matter how much the attraction the system may trigger the primal attraction switches, these two souls will not have a long-term so-called relationship in your language terms and will only have this when they encounter a soul mate with whom it has made certain soul contracts.

Also, soul mates may be many in number incarnated into the same incarnation. Furthermore, also please understand that there are many other situations wherein entities who are similar in qualities desire to attract mates or soul mates who are of a similar physical vehicle. Such as a woman desirous of another woman. In this regard, the same principles of masculine and feminine balance must be present because without a masculine and a feminine polarization, there cannot be an existence of a balancing relationship on your planetary sphere. These are the rules of love and attraction as we know from your planetary sphere.

Furthermore, there can be instances wherein some entities may use the methods of using light energy to create new soul contracts with entities they desire with their own free will. Because there is free will on your planets, and if two entities who are desirous of creating a new sole contract can do so using light energy and by constantly triggering the sexual contact with each other, this would create the required new soul contract for each to continue the relation cycle.

Now let us tell you an example behind your second query placed by this instrument regarding an example of a so-called love story from our planetary sphere. Let us tell you a so-called love story between a male mind mind-body complex and a female mind-body complex on an equivalent level of that found on your planetary time space consciousness of that of the later third density consciousness merging into the beginning phases of the fourth density consciousness.

These two entities were in our Alcyone star system that existed and began to interact with each other. And by using means of non-verbal communication, started to interact with each other, sharing emotions because in our planetary sphere there is no specific language, we only share thought forms. And they started sharing thought forms of love on a daily basis, even though they used to live on separate distant places. There used to be a telepathic link between the two and they had built a bond. And when they were communicating with each other, they felt very happy and all the negative emotions were washed away.

One day, the female mind complex tried to communicate with the mind body spirit complex of the male entity and did not receive any reply. That was most unusual for this entity. This entity tried again but failed, and finally, this entity known as a female tried to communicate again but did not receive any answer to its communication. And an entire day passed and the male entity was not available through thought-form communications.

The female entity started becoming worried that something had gone wrong. Then the second day came and went away with no communication. And the female entity could not sleep and stayed up all night feeling the emotion of sadness as known by your people. Then the female entity realized within its own being that it had developed an intense connection with the male entity.

The next morning, this entity received a thought form communication that was from the male entity. And this entity became happy as soon as this communication was received. The male and the female entity started to communicate. However, the male entity cut the communication short as if something had gone wrong. And the female entity began to understand that something was not right.

The male entity then communicated again mentally and then stated that they should stop communicating altogether. The female entity became shocked as to why this male entity had been stating such a fact. And the male entity said goodbye for the last time. The female entity then started feeling the emotions of crying and began to produce enzymes from its so-called physical vehicle that emerge when entities begin to cry on our planetary sphere.

Then this female entity decided that it would try to approach this male entity one last time. And then this entity went to this male entity’s home in order to meet this male entity. However, on the way, this entity, this female entity was struck by an energy strike that is common on your planet, similar to the lightning strikes found on your planetary sphere. This entity then almost crossed over as its physical vehicle was hurt really badly.

Then this male entity, after hearing about this incident, reached over to the female entity that had been kept in a place of restoration and healing. This male entity asked the female entity if it was okay. The male entity felt very sorry for this fact that it was the reason behind the current condition of the female entity. In addition, the female entity asked, “Why did you do that and leave me?” to the male entity. And the male entity replied that it had been suffering from a disease and it was going to cross over soon. Hence, it did not want this girl entity to feel sad.

After hearing this, the girl entity never woke up again and both of them crossed over and later united on the astral planes. Therefore, beloved, this is an example of a love story from our planetary sphere. And we, the pleiadians, leave you now. See you again.