Session #90 • Galactic Federation

Earth Quarantine & Big Foot

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through this instrument to discuss the prime directives governing Earth. The first directive is maintaining free will, which is achieved through a quarantine preventing direct extraterrestrial influence. The second directive involves the basic laws of Earth, both physical and metaphysical. The third directive pertains to the types of beings that can incarnate on Earth, with a requirement for entities to incarnate in human form. Other directives include the existence of different planes, the process after death, and the energetic vibrations of the Earth. Observing one's reactions and level of egoic control can determine their level of ascension into the fourth density.

We are the galactic federation and we are now communicating through this instrument for the main purpose of transmitting our thought forms by the process of osmosis. We are now in connection with this instrument and before we proceed you must remember to use your discernment and only accepting insights which strike the string of your inner resonance. Furthermore, remember today’s query pertains to the aspect known as the prime directives created by the council of planets for the proper regulation of the earth planet.

We shall now begin this transmission stating that the prime directive first is the aspect of free will that must be maintained on the earth planets. And for this reason, the earth planet has been placed under a quarantine so that no extraterrestrial being, as known in your language sequence terms, would be able to infringe upon the workings of the planet earth directly. This has been done in order to allow the human population to have the free will at this time period to choose on to which pathway they desire to experience. For the law neither favors the positive nor the negative pathway as both are allowed to be experienced and chosen as service to others and service to self in essence is the same aspect. However, at your level of consciousness, it may seem a bit different. The only difference arises when entities begin to understand that service to others leads to a more happy and a more peaceful collective, whereas service to self leads to only the happiness of the self which lasts not for a long period of time because in a service to self planetary sphere all entities are trying to do the same thing. Furthermore, the council has prevented the many intrusions directly by the origins as well as the other entities who want and desire to enter planet earth directly to influence people. For this, the council has directed the fleet known as a star collective to protect the earth planet from any exterior infringement and only allows thought forms to be influenced upon the people of planet earth. Which means that only the thoughts of either positive polarity or the negative polarity will affect the people and they have the right to choose which thought they allow to entertain in their mind complex. Depending upon this, their outer vibration shall affect and create the second prime directive is that of the basic laws that operate on the earth planet.

These laws are already familiar to many entities on the earth planets which include the physical laws of gravity sound as well as other physical aspects which can be measured in pen and paper by your so-called scientists. Then there are other laws which are covered under the aspect known in your vibratory sound complex as the metaphysical laws. The laws which are primarily governed and which primarily govern the workings of the illusion which each entity resides in this experience of third and fourth density illusion complex. For there are many prime directives which also take care of the inner workings of the illusion complex and the basic aspect which some entities on your planetary sphere are currently familiar with that the consciousness affects the outer reality or the type of vibration an entity is able to project will begin to affect the outer world.

The other laws or the prime directive are regarding the type of beings who can incarnate on the earth planets for the purposes they have of either propagation of love light or either propagation of their own agenda of service to self. In this regard, the council has placed a type of directive that any entity regardless of its density has to incarnate on a human mind body and spirit complex physical vehicle which is the latest available physical vehicle of the later second density type. Since the earth planets can only allow entities up to the later third density physical vehicles to incarnate on physical form. However, the consciousness may also be of a type of sixth density and above. Upon scanning the planetary vibration, we are of the opinion that six density beings on your planetary sphere are now incarnating in numerous numbers and also have been incarnated on the planetary sphere in the same second density later physical vehicle which you term as the human mind body and spirit complex physical vehicle which is entirely different from the third density physical vehicles which are available on the other planetary spheres.

Regarding this, if you seek advice we may answer in the next sessions. However, in this session we shall continue with the prime directives. The beings that incarnate, however, have to go through a veil which is mandatory for each entity to forget its mission and then to perform and remember through the process of going through the veil. Only taking the native vibration which stays with such an entity and such an entity from the higher dimension is able to use the energetic vibration to affect a lot of people. And many entities would notice such an entity as being extremely adept in the illusion complex and being extremely peaceful in the exterior environment even though it may be out of control many times. Furthermore, the other directives which concern the aspect of the planes of existences which are allowed on the earth planets. There are primarily three planes of existence, one is the earth’s crust wherein the human population currently resides.

In the other is found inside the inner earth planes wherein certain entities known as the Bigfoot type of creatures which are prevalent on your time space continuum as having been spotted by your people are prevalent to be found on that level of the planetary sphere. Furthermore, there is another type of existence wherein entities can exist and that is of the spiritual earth planes wherein the angelic entities as well as many other guides currently reside. This is the sphere of existence from wherein many guides and angelic entities are able to guide the human mind body and spirit complexes as well as other entities who are currently experiencing life on the earth planets with their types of vibration which may be considered as a positive love light type of vibration evolving into a higher love light vibration type.

The other prime directive concerns the aspect of the directives which govern the aspect after death. After a certain entity dies, such an entity has to spend some time on the spiritual earth plane wherein many of its soul guides reside. Which is also primarily the most seen event or the most seen plane after a certain entity encounters the event known as near death experiences. This spiritual earth’s description is so beautiful that words fail in comparison to its true sense of beauty and love light energies which can be felt at this level. And we shall now proceed further with the prime directives. The other prime directive which governs the planetary sphere is that of the north and the south pole. The north pole is used by the council just as the indigo ray chakra is used by the council and us to measure the vibration of an entity.

We do not measure the vibration of an entity using its experiences. However, the integrity is an accurate description of the energetic vibration of an entity and the density level in which its vibration currently resides in. Hence, the north pole is constantly being checked by the council for the energetic vibrations of the earth planet are now entering into the beginning stages of the fourth density. And this transition may be considered as the transition which occurs in an individualized portion of consciousness which is experiencing incarnation on a human physical vehicle. The change from the yellow ray to the green ray energy center activation. The yellow ray which concerns with the egoic aspect which is turbulent and changing constantly which creates a large amount of problems in the mind complex of entities. In the similar manner, this yellowy body of the earth planets and the turbulent energies are now coming out. And all these turbulent energies once absorbed will lead to the activation of the greenery energy center which is the center of love and compassion.

As compared upon the individual portion of consciousness which are experiencing life on the human mind body and spirit complex totality at this time space next eye. Furthermore, this instrument wants to understand how can individual entities on the earth planet find out their level of ascension or their level of pathway into the fourth density. The process is simple, to observe oneself and once you start observing yourself you notice your primary reactions. If your reactions are towards involvement in too much sexuality and the attraction for the opposite sex, you are still in the level of the red ray energy center and this aspect must be balanced. If you are at this level of red ray, you will find a very hard time to understand the inner workings of the illusion complex.

The other type of entities who are primarily involved with only the focusing on the self or who are involved with the egoic aspect of the mind complex who are constantly using their inner thought chatter as known by your people and who are constantly talking with themselves on the inside are primarily at the level of the yellow ray energy center. Which may be considered as the density of third density equivalence. Furthermore, those entities who find to have mastered the aspect of inner control of the letting go of the egoic mind and the inner peace in their mind complex are at the level of the green ray energy center. This then leads to the entry into the love light energies of the fourth density because one entity cannot take the egoic mind and enter into the fourth density. The egoic aspect of the mind must be let and done away with for those who understand the aspect of the self must realize that the ego mind does not allow service to others. Even when the ego mind is doing service to others, it is disguised service to self.

Consider this, there are two entities on the planetary sphere at this time space next eye. One entity does service to others using its thinking logical analytical mind and upon doing service to others uses its service to others as a means of amplification of the self or the egoic aspect by spreading such service it has done and spreading the news of its being a service to others oriented entity amongst other people. The other type of entity doing service to others purely based upon the unattached mind or the mind which is not driven by the egoic mind when the mind is silenced this mind arrives from this mind the person does the service without expecting anything in return and this is true service. Hence this is how one can measure at which level of balancing of the energy center is required for each entity as they enter into the fourth density. We, as the galactic federation, leave you now. Bye.