Session #5 • Archangel Michael

Don't Miss Soul Graduation Window

Summary: Archangel Michael explains that Earth is entering a new phase of evolution, transitioning from the third density cycle to the fourth density cycle. This is a rare opportunity for souls to graduate into a higher level of consciousness. Souls have the choice to follow the path of service to others or service to self. The actions taken in this lifetime are important for soul graduation. The sun also plays a role in balancing energy on Earth. Indigo Children and wanderers have returned to Earth to aid in the transition and increase consciousness.

I am Archangel Michael. I am so pleased to have been called by you to speak my insights through you. Greetings in the love and the light that is inside all of you and all that there is. It is a great honor to be called by your vibration. I have assisted your kind many times directly from the angelic realm that you know of. I have been called many times for assistance during your hard times, and I always assisted you all. I thank you for placing a query before me regarding what your kind refers to as soul graduation. I will respond to this query as best as I can without infringing upon your free will. However, before I begin, I would request you to listen with discrimination in order to use our insights that may be helpful to your soul and leave the insights that do not resonate with your heart.

Let me explain to you a few things that will help you understand how soul graduation works. Your sun is the center of love and lights. It is also a manifester which it pours out upon all indiscriminately and generously with great love. All the actions that you take in your lifetime do not go unnoticed, especially the actions that you take on the density of choice that is about to come to an end. This is the most important. Your planet is coming to an end of the third density cycle in its evolution and has started to enter into the first phases of the fourth density cycle. This has created a window of opportunity for all the souls that have incarnated on Earth to graduate in their single lifetime into the next density of consciousness.

However, this is a rare opportunity that occurs in a 75,000-year cycle in your planet. At this moment, each soul incarnated on Earth at this time has the opportunity to choose the path of service to others or the path of service to self only. As you already know, third density is the density of choice, and you have free will to choose what feels best for you. For neither path is better, both are equally valid. Further, many souls are taking this window of opportunity and graduating into the next density of consciousness.

This transformation period started in the year 1988, and from this period of time, whenever a soul crosses over, its higher self will undergo a life review process. And if the soul is found to be more positively oriented with 51 percent service to others, then it will be reincarnated into a higher density planet that is a fourth density planet. However, many times a soul from Earth, even after graduating, gets reincarnated into Earth because Earth is now entering fourth density. Likewise, if it had accumulated a 95 percent or higher negative orientation in its third density cycle, then it will be reincarnated into a fourth density negative planet in the cosmos.

This is a window of opportunity that most souls, even from other planets, wish to have. To just spend one lifetime in third density Earth and then graduate into the next density. You must understand this opportunity that is before each of you and use it well. As most of you are already aware, the actions that each soul takes do not go unnoticed in the universe. Each action is recorded in the hall of records or the Akashic records, as your kind calls it.

The situation of Earth or Gaia is one that has matured and ripened throughout the last several thousands of years as cycle after cycle of your so-called kingdoms have risen and brought to dust. This gave rise to yet another new set of kingdoms. However, most choices made by the people of the previous kingdoms may not have been good or according to what was required by the planet to enter into the positive orientation. In order to balance this, many ascended masters came into your planet, teaching the principles of service to others. This worked for the betterment of your planetary consciousness, and thankfully for your kind and for Earth, the Earth’s next density cycle has started to be a fourth density positive cycle.

What this means is that once your planet has completed its transition into the fourth density cycle, only those souls who match with her vibration of love and positivity will be able to live inside her and progress their spiritual evolution. All the souls that could not graduate into the fourth density positive cycle or graduate into the fourth density negative will be transferred to a different planet in the cosmos. This also means that those souls who are on the middle ground, meaning those that neither achieved positive polarization or negative polarization, will be transferred to a different third density planet to undergo their incarnation in third density all over again.

You may have seen an increase in solar flares and other sun phenomena. This is the sun’s way of balancing its energy field, in order that the highest and best possible outcome may be preserved for each and every entity upon planet Earth. The sun is also a living being, just like your kind. In order to achieve balance, it must let the imbalances out of the body by shouting or screaming for a short while, so that balance may be regained again. The sun does this by throwing solar flares out in the cosmos and out of its living body.

It is a fact that each of you, each soul on Earth at this time, can make a drastic difference in the situation of the planet. This requires you to have an ability to stop the war that is occurring within you. For this, more light and love is required to be allowed into your environments, and planet Earth feels that lightening of consciousness and will show her gratefulness.

There are different types of souls that are currently incarnated on Earth. Some are wanderers from whom the Earth is indeed their home, the native land. Also, there are those souls who come from somewhere else. These are those souls who have incarnated in the new wave of wanderers that we call the Indigo Children. Even some adults who have a memory of a distant past or lifetime that they had completed. However, the memory of their previous lifetime may be faint due to the veil of forgetfulness being in place on Earth.

The wanderers have made a sacrifice to commit with full zeal, honesty, and integrity to help raise the consciousness of planet Earth to the positive polarity. This they do by focusing on one thought at a time and by simply working to change their own selves first and then helping other souls. In terms of the planetary conditions, your planet’s age has reached the time for graduation of soul in the year 2012 and 2013. This turning of the age of the planet opens up the soul graduation window. The soul graduation has already begun. It started approximately in the year 1988. Entities that died from that point in time graduated into the next density, either positive or negative. Those who did not attain either positive or negative polarization were transferred to a different planet.

The name Indigo Children refers to those souls that graduated from planet Earth in positive polarity and in order to get familiarized with the upcoming new Earth, the fourth density planet, they have returned to the last phases of the third density planet Earth to aid in the transition by helping other souls also graduate. They have made an immense sacrifice for this, and we salute these souls. The wanderers and Indigo Children help in increasing the consciousness of the planet so that in the ongoing harvest, there may be a large number of souls that are harvested into the positive polarity in their next incarnation cycle.

As wanderers have come into the planet Earth for incarnation and as the population of the planet, from whatever source, has slowly begun to hunger and thirst for the new paradigm of love and understanding, the Earth has been able to take hold and to respond to this increase in consciousness that is ongoing. All the weather changes and the natural phenomena signify that planet Earth has regained enough strength to do the balancing that she must do in order to absorb and eliminate their aggressive and hostile energy that has been pumped into her for so long in stages rather than all at once.

I wish to speak further in the next sessions and help you with your queries. However, at this time, I leave you beloved. I am Archangel Michael, and so be it.