Session #52 • Pleiadians

Don't Forget to Do This During This Time & Story of Wanderers

Summary: The Pleiadians are here to share their thoughts and insights with humanity during the galactic waves that are coming to the planet. These waves will affect those with higher vibrations who are ready for ascension. The Pleiadians aim to remind people of their true selves and inspire them to become an inspiration for others. They want to increase the number of souls who graduate into fourth density consciousness. Wanderers and starseeds are similar souls, but wanderers come from higher density consciousness and incarnate on Earth to assist others.

We are the pleiadians and we are connected to you beloved in the love and the light of the prime creator. We are here to share our thoughts with you. However, we do not wish to infringe upon your free will. Therefore, please understand that any thoughts that may arise from us may be put under this scrutiny that is required. Please understand that today starts the day of the galactic waves coming to your planet. These galactic waves that are coming to your planet, like we stated before, will affect people whose vibrations match above the level of acceptance. Today, before we start sharing our insights and thoughts, please understand to use your discernment. That would allow us to freely speak our thoughts with you. We are here to offer you the truth without any proof because offering proof would mean a direct infringement upon your free will. Therefore, let us begin.

Your planet is now cycling forward into the beginning phase fourth density consciousness positive cycle. The galactic waves that are coming on your planet from today are here to assist humanity in the ascension process. In order to help each of you raise your consciousness, this is a wonderful opportunity to drastically improve your vibration and reach advanced levels in the scale of consciousness. Hence, today we are also going to share with you the changes that will come.

The changes that will come on this planet will start to come from the western hemisphere of your planet and will continue to touch parts of the other planets. These galactic waves are equally being sent to all parts of your planet. However, as we can scan in the western hemisphere and many of the southeastern hemisphere on your planet are more vibrationally ready to receive these upgrades. Which means that the majority of the souls receiving these upgrades are going to be from these portions of your planet. The window of opportunity which is before your people is so rare that many of the galactic beings would actually trade places with you if the opportunity arises.

This jump in consciousness means that any entity can not only penetrate the fourth density consciousness but reach even higher levels of consciousness. As this wave of upgradation is taking place, many on your planet will not be upgraded because of their lower level of vibration. This exposure to galactic waves starts from May 26th and ends on June 10th as per your current linear timeline. Let us tell you now that by working with your people from this planet, our intention is to just offer a reminder through the veil of forgetfulness that is active on your planet. Which does not allow you to remember your true source and your past incarnations and the reason why you incarnated on this planet at this time space.

We are here to remind you who you truly are and also to inspire each of you to become an inspiration not only to yourself but an inspiration for others. So that you could share your love light energies with other people. And that will create a chain of more souls who will graduate into the fourth density consciousness. Our main purpose is to increase the number of souls who graduate from your planets and enter into the fourth density consciousness. Prior to this, in the previous cycle of graduation that happened approximately 50,000 years ago as per the 75,000-year cycle, there were no souls who were eligible for graduation.

We as the family of lights were very disappointed with what happened in the past. Therefore, we are here to share our messages through a form of telepathic communication. Not only through this instrument but also through many other instruments. In order to help in improving the soul graduation number. So that many of your people will become part of the new earth which is now forming on your planet. Remember that we are here for this specific reason which is to create a new vibrational frequency and to break the old paradigm that previously used to separate individuals as they evolved. We as the pleiadians have already been in contact with many of your beings on the different timelines such as the times of lemuria.

Please understand that there are those in your reality who do not believe and understand that we can accomplish what we have set out to do with you. They feel that we are here to misguide you or to not assist you properly. However, they are also sitting on the edges of their seat. And if they do not take this opportunity, they will probably miss this opportunity for the next 75,000-year cycle. In these coming days, let us tell you that you should focus on one technique as known in your language terms. That we are going to share here today which will drastically improve your consciousness level. And keep you at the optimum level of consciousness no matter what situation you may be facing.

This method is also known as the consciousness tracking method as used by many other interplanetary beings in the cosmos. And some beings also use it on your planet. Using which you can keep track of your consciousness. Which is in your hands or in your legs or in your eyes. Please understand that your consciousness can only be at one point at a time. It is either in your mind which is speaking inside its own self sharing its own thoughts. Or it is focused on a point or a feeling on your legs or focused on a feeling on your hands which is touching the sides of your body. Or it could be experiencing how you feel when you sit down.

This method of consciousness tracking which we have also used in the past will assist each of you to drastically improve your consciousness level. This method is very simple. Whenever you can using your own free will, try to keep track of your consciousness. And ask yourself where is my conscious attention or the consciousness at this moment. And you will find it to be either in your mind or in your body. And whatever it may be, just take it away from the mind because the mind is extremely complicated. And tries hard to distract you in your third density physical vehicle. And put it on your feelings of your physical vehicle such as your hands. And mark this point and try to keep your consciousness on this point as long as possible. Even throughout your waking day time. This exercise will be the most beneficial to many people on your planet. And will drastically cause each of you to raise your consciousness to the maximum level. Even allowing some of your entities who will master this method to not only graduate into the fourth density level but also penetrate into the fifth density consciousness if they so desire depending on the level of vibration.

Now let us tell you the answer to the second query placed by this instrument regarding who are the wanderers. In this regard, let us tell you a short story as known in your language terms to make you understand the sacrifice made by the wanderers. Wanderers and starseeds are almost similar souls who incarnate on your planet from other planetary systems. However, there is one major difference between the wanderers and the star seeds and that is wanderers are from the higher density consciousness whereas starseeds are almost similar souls who incarnate on your planet from other planetary systems. However there is one major difference between the wanderers and the star seeds. And that is wanderers are from the higher density consciousness whereas starseeds are from the lower or equivalent level of density.

Wanderers come on your planet and they sacrifice so much. They make a soul agreement or a contract with the council of planets. And since they are from the higher density such as the fourth, fifth, or the sixth density consciousness. They incarnate on a third density physical vehicle and forget their own past. In order to be of service to humanity and to other beings on the cosmos. Many wanderers come here with a sole contract extending up to a 25,000-year cycle. Incarnating again and again on the same plane.

Once upon a time, on a planet similar to your planet, there was an entity who had incarnated on the planet. And who had fallen in love with another entity. However, one entity was a wanderer and the other was a starseed. After some time, after existing as a certain united complex or as known in your language terms as lovers, one entity crossed over due to a certain disease. And this entity who was left was very sad by this loss. Who then went to a reader or an oracle and wanted to find out where this entity, its lover, was. So it asked this oracle, “Where is my lover now?” In order to know its location.

This oracle, after going through the akashic records, found out that the person whom this entity was in love with had been from the sixth density consciousness. Who had incarnated on the planet just for a specific purpose of sharing love and light energies and inspiring other people. And this oracle told this entity that its lover was from the sixth density consciousness, to the higher density than you. This entity, then being shocked, wanted to ask this oracle then where am I from. It asked the oracle who looked at the akashic records and told this entity that it is from another planet. But from the third density consciousness. And had incarnated in order to access the graduation window on this planet.

This is the simple difference between the two terms as known by your people. The star seeds are those souls who originated on a different planet and have come here mostly to access the graduation window into the fourth density consciousness. Whereas the wanderers are those from the higher density consciousness who also originated in a different planet. But their main purpose is to assist other beings during this ascension process.

Therefore, we the pleiadians leave you now in the love and light of the prime creator. See you again.