Session #10 • Pleiadians

Inside Pleiadian Star System

Summary: The Pleiadian Council of Lights provides insights into their evolution and how their planets operate in different densities of creation. They explain that time is not linear and all moments exist simultaneously. They describe their star system, which can be viewed from Earth, and their nine stars with unpronounceable names. They discuss the seven habitable planets and the evolution of beings from first density entities to third density Pleiadian beings. They highlight the differences in their evolution compared to Earth, including the absence of competition and the use of electrical chambers for oxygen production.

We are the pleiadian council of lights and we are connected to you now beloveds. We greet you now in the love and light of the one the supreme creator who is in all and is in all. Before we start sharing our insights, however, we would like to warn you that your kind must use their own free will when accepting any information we are going to give through this instrument today. This instrument has agreed to be a vessel for us to share our insights through and step aside during this session. [Music]

Your mind collective wants to know more about our evolution and how our planets operate in the various densities of creation. This is the first time a query of this nature has been placed before us. Normally, we indulge in speaking or sharing insights about helping your kind evolve into the next higher density consciousness. However, we have had previous sessions regarding how your consciousness is now evolving into the fourth density.

Firstly, you need to understand that time is not linear as your kind mostly believes. In reality, everything exists at once, there is no time. This may be hard for your third density mind to grasp this concept. In essence, it is a fact that the so-called past is also existing and the future already exists. It is only beyond your mind. We can, however, since we have already evolved into the seventh density consciousness as your kind calls it, we can see all the times existing at once. The things of the past that your kind studies on a daily basis, the so-called history, we can see it even now. And we offer our help to those from the history time space if they seek it via such channeling sessions and other methods.

Let us tell you that our star system can be viewed from your planets if your kind knows where to look. We can be found at a northwest angle from the Taurus constellation, as your kind has named it. We are also very close to your planet and from our planets, we can see your kind, see your planet, and sometimes we visit your kind in order to observe your progress with the permission of the council of Saturn, which is your guardian.

Our star system comprises of nine stars, just like your sun, which have names that your human tongue will not be able to pronounce. However, your kind has already named our nine stars as Steropa, Mirope, Elektra, Maya, Taigata, Kaleno, and El Sayon, along with their parents Atlas and Plion. This is what we will refer to them during our discussion today of our evolution through time. Their real names in our language terms are closer to “Um” which requires a humming sound which cannot be articulated using your mouth organs.

There are a total of seven habitable planets in our star system. Many planets are not habitable for our kind. Our kind requires a higher amount of oxygen than your kind, hence many of our physical vehicles that exist on our planets have skins that act as your nose and mouth. Our skins absorb oxygen from the surrounding environments. The seven habitable planets surround the El Ciao star, as your kind has named it. These seven planets are at a perfect distance from El Zayon, making them habitable for our species. However, many souls from your kind, as well as from our planets, can come here to learn the various lessons that are yet to be learned.

The first planet is named a Pleiadian Alpha, wherein the first density entities are learning their lessons. This is not the real name in our language terms, but when we express through your language, this is the name that we can be referred to as. The first density entities are almost the same entities that exist on your planets. They include the elements, the air, wind, fire, and all other elements that are also known to your kind. These first density entities, after evolution through the cycle of reincarnation after extended periods of time, evolve to form the second density entities that resemble the animals of your kind. However, there are many differences. One difference being that these second density entities do not have to feed upon each other in order to provide nourishment for their bodies. Their bodies already have advanced cells that allow them to be nourished by the oxygen and the lights of Alcyon to create biofood for their own bodies.

After a certain period of time, these second density entities evolve into larger entities of late second density that resemble your dogs and cats. However, these entities are larger than your kind can fathom. These are almost the size of your houses that you reside in currently. The physical vehicle of these entities includes various species. However, the last second density species begin to learn to interact with each other in a basic level using biomagnetic electric transfer. They transfer their thoughts through electricity in order to express themselves. These second density entities do not try to eat or encroach on others’ properties or parts because they already have everything with themselves and they are self-sustaining. This is also the one reason why our Pleiadian system is fast at evolution compared to your kinds and many other planetary species. The evolution on your planet is thwarted with the competition and the race for domination and survival.

From the beginning of second density, however, this is not present in our planets and the main reason why the various souls that incarnate here on our star systems evolve much faster. After the second density entities finish their cycle of transformation, they then move into the next third density planet which looks similar to Earth. There are many differences, however, in order to fully describe to your kind the complexities of differences and the happenings on the third density Pleiadian planet would require a longer session. However, today we will give you the basics of how a third density Pleiadian planet operates.

A third density Pleiadian planet has many beings that look similar to your kind. They have hands and legs. They also possess two extra limbs on the front and back side in order to allow more freedom. In essence, our Pleiadian third density beings have six limbs that they use to evolve. The language in third density is more refined and the beings communicate using sounds that resemble your violin sound. There are no words such as your kind indulges in. The communication is via the various musical sounds that can be created. Every entity has musical notes that indicate their so-called name as your kind knows it.

In the third density, factions or groups of different individuals coming together is present. This causes some of the factions to enter into a so-called electrical war. The war with electrical systems that these kinds have created. These third density entities live inside electrical chambers that look just like your buildings. However, they are made completely of electrical charges. This is done in order to produce more oxygen due to the process of splitting of the elements your kind calls as H2O. This element is found in numerous amounts inside a third density planet named Palladian H in your language terms. Many of these third density entities destroy each other using electrical weapons.

The third density vessel has many holes on their skins that act as oxygen absorption mechanisms, which in essence is their primary source of nutrition. There is no need to ingest any outside particles just as your kind does in third density. The mouth organs of a third density being are only used for the purpose of communication to produce the various sounds. These third density beings have hairs that resemble your kinds, however, the color of these hairs is a mixture of red, yellow, and greenish color which adds a different kind of color to it. This kind of color cannot be described using your language terms, it can only be seen and felt.

These third density beings’ reproduction system is similar to your kind’s in that the males have to impregnate the females and an offspring is born. However, the birthing process does not require as your kind requires to carry the fetus in the womb for nine months. These offspring require at least 20 years in your time terms to evolve and grow fully into a new Pleiadian third density entity. The color of most of the third density beings look a lot like your bluish-green color with a tinge of sharp black stripes. The third density entities learn the lessons as your kind is learning of love and light. However, they go astray many times. At these times, we can only assist them as we do not want to infringe upon their free will of evolution.

There is no hierarchy as your kind has in your planets. The only separation in the third density is that of group separation. In our third density Pleiadian planet, this session needs to stop immediately as this instrument needs to revitalize. We’ll leave you now, beloveds. Bye.