Session #36 • Metatron

What are Time Traveling Souls, Past Lives of Trump, How Higher Self Decides Life-lesson

Summary: Donald Trump's previous incarnations and soul evolution are discussed by Metatron, a magnetic consciousness. Metatron explains that Trump's soul originated from the divine light grid programmer and had its origins on Mars. The soul evolved through different densities, experiencing life as elements, plants, and animals on Mars. After the destruction of Mars, the soul was transported to Earth as part of the human soul collective. The soul reincarnated multiple times, learning lessons of service to others and forgiveness. It eventually reincarnated into a future timeline in the fourth density consciousness. Metatron also provides guidance for light beings planning to intervene on Mars.

I am Metatron, the magnetic consciousness, and I greet you in the divine love of the light grid programmer who is within each soul and being in this cosmos. It is you in essence and us. Before I start sharing my insights regarding the queries placed by this channel, please note that your judgment, which is of utmost priority to uphold, and therefore only accept insights that deeply resonate with your inner heart and reject those that do not resonate.

Today, this instrument seeks to understand the previous incarnations and soul evolution of the one known to this instrument as Donald Trump. He incarnated on this planet of your current time space on 13th June 1946 at midnight. Hence, it is mentioned in your language terms that he was born on the 14th of June in order to rectify the delay of time space in your terms.

This soul known as Donald Trump, in your language terms, had its sole origins not on this planet. Shall I say, this soul originated from the divine light great programmer linear time space. However, know this, that time is not linear as you believe it to be. Time is simultaneous from our perspective, and all time exists in this moment, for the moment is the gateway to the divine great consciousness. There is past, present, and future in the so-called fourth and below densities, as known by this channel in an overview.

Such a soul may have removed from the space-time continuum. It may seem that in the cycle of completion, there exists only the present. This soul’s journey started on the planet known as Mars by your kind after it originated in the first density consciousness from the divine great programmer, the source, around 225 million years ago when the planet Mars was habitable for beginning density consciousness to evolve on it, including those from the beginning first density to the later fourth density consciousness.

This soul spent most of its life cycle on this planet Mars in the form of elements in the beginning phases, changing its form every seventy-five thousand-year cycle of linear time scale. It started from the wind elements and cycled through water, fire, and soil, and eventually experienced the later first density consciousness in the form of stone on the Martian planet. The primary lessons of the first density, which is the density of consciousness, the mineral and water life upon the planets, learning from fire and wind, the awareness of being. This is the first density.

Then, the soul evolved into the second density of the plant life and animal life that exist within the upward drive towards the divine and great programmer. These second density beings are of an octave of consciousness, just as you find various orientations of consciousness among the conscious entities of your vibration. In the second density, the consciousness strives towards the third density, that is the density of self-consciousness or self-awareness. The striving takes place through the higher second density forms who are invested by third density beings with an identity to the extent that they become self-aware physical souls, thus becoming physical vehicles and entering third density, the first stage of consciousness of spirit. After the mid-second density, this soul evolved into the later second density that resembled the animals, similar to your pets. However, this occurred on the same planet, that of Mars.

This soul then, after 225,000 years, entered into the density that of third density and reincarnated in the third density physical vehicles that existed on Mars, those of the primitive Martian that resembled the beings known as orangutan on your time space. This soul then evolved further, slowly level by level, into the third density, and when it was on the second octave of the third density, the event that led to the destruction of the Martian planet occurred. Approximately 27 million years ago, the Martians, in a war amid the Martian hybrid created by the negatively oriented Draconians known as the Mardukos, destroyed Mars.

This soul, during that lifetime, played an important part, served on the positive-oriented Martian side who were part of this rebellion against the negative forces that wanted to engulf the planet Mars. This soul died during this planetary destruction of Mars and then was transported to your planetary system as a part of the human souls to evolve its evolution in the third density consciousness. This soul’s first incarnation in the form of human souls occurred on the linear time space terms known as Anno Domini, as known by your kind, and it was given the name of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who became the fifth Roman emperor in their time space.

This soul, due to its previous advanced evolutionary cycle on Mars, was able to handle roles that require coordination of other physical vehicles on your time space. This soul, during this time period, due to being involved in the sole separation of many entities, was sent to another star system after it ended its life on 9th June 68 A.D. of your time space. This soul was transported to another star system, that of the Taigata planetary system of the so-called Pleiades star clusters. Then, after learning the lessons of compassion and balancing its karma collective on this star system, it was sent back to the human soul collective to learn the lessons of the beginning phases of third density again.

This soul reincarnated on 17th of June Nani, on the lands known in your language terms as Rome. During this lifetime, this soul had to learn the lessons of basic service to others with a balance of service to self and also to interact with the human collective. This soul spent its time during this lifetime as an architect. This lifetime led to the fruition of the soul in learning interaction with other beings on your time space. This soul spent its time during this lifetime and died on 6 August 1606, and after being killed by negatively oriented beings, which occurred also in order to balance the karmic activity of the previous lifetime, the same entities which it had killed in the previous lifetime killed it during this lifetime, hence ending the karmic collective and cleaning the slate, shall I say, for this soul.

After much healing in the astral planes, this soul reincarnated again, making fresh soul contracts on the next lifetime on 1815. There was a delay of a long time before this incarnation because appropriate conditions and other souls, in order to allow it to learn further lessons of forgiveness, were not ready. This soul reincarnated on 23 11 Dennison Jr., on the lands known to your kinds as America. During this lifetime, this soul started to learn properly the lessons of service to others. This soul, during this lifetime, made major progress in its life due to its efforts of trying to remove the so-called discrimination from its place of origins. This soul died on June 15, 1882.

After this lifetime, this soul reincarnated into a future timeline of your planet, that is in the fourth density consciousness, as per one of the possibilities of many of the possible probabilities of Earth’s timeline. This soul was offered this entry into the fourth density due to it having learned the lessons of love during the previous life and also due to an anomaly due to which this entity’s higher self decided that the appropriate timeline for it to reincarnate is on a third subsection fourth density planet. This soul reincarnated on 19th July during this timeline.

There were no names present for different entities. Instead, a number of alphanumeric was assigned to different entities due to no need for the so-called language to communicate as well as communications occurred semi-telepathically. It was given the alphanumeric distortions of F4. During this lifetime, this soul spent its life learning the lessons of unity and wisdom of the self. Since, at this timeline, the creation of unification of souls had been completed, this soul chose to reincarnate after it died and come to your current timeline on 13 June 1946.

The main lessons for this soul in this lifetime, prior to incarnating on Earth, was to aid in the creation of the unification of souls that your planet is now heading towards. Secondly, the second query regarding providing guidance to the light beings who are planning to intervene on Mars is to state that I would recommend, with your free will, to take out and focus on the gateway to the divine great programmer by focusing on your heartbeat. Doing this will change the frequency of the planet, and if more people do it, it will cause a surge of light burst of frequency to envelop your planet. This will rapidly escalate the frequency of your planets and dilute any negative energies.

Please remember, using your free will to connect with me again in order for further directions on what can be done to help the light beings on the intervention that will happen on Mars. Therefore, I leave you in the love light of the divine great programmer. Hence, turn to the mountain of lights.

Keiron, bye.