Session #112 • Metatron

False Light & Diet

Summary: Metatron, an angelic being, communicates from the angelic realm to share messages of love and light. The planetary vibration is rising rapidly, but negative forces are trying to distract and prevent awakening. The creation of an artificial sun in China is part of a plan by the Orions to control and capture the energies of the original sun, preventing love and light from reaching Earth. People must revolt against this plan and be aware of what is happening. Regarding diet for ascension, consuming lower density beings may create karma, while consuming vegetables may not. Balancing the inner and outer self during the waking day time is important for a harmonious experience.

I am Metatron now communicating through this channel’s vibration as I am now observing the people of your planet from the angelic realm. I am communicating today from the angelic realm, wherein there are many of our angelic beings who are always assisting and sending light codes towards the Earth planets. You must remember that I, as Metatron, am speaking using the divine love and light of the divine grid programmer to act as a messenger of the message of love and light, speaking through this channel who has allowed itself to be of service to the universal divine grid programmer by sharing the love and light which emerges from within its beingness and within all of you.

As I, Metatron, can sense, the planetary vibration is now rising rapidly and there is a type of multitudinous forces arising from the negative polarity as well. They are trying to distract many of you from your true pathway. They are trying to stop you from attaining the divine love and light of the universal divine great programmer. They are here to distract you from your awakening. But we, the angelic beings, and many other higher density beings are always sharing the message of the divine love and lights from our station in the angelic realm.

Upon scanning the planetary vibration, we are of the opinion that the Earth planet is currently at a vibration much greater in potential to be positive than the negative. This also signifies the choices made by your people in your planetary timeline of the current time space is primarily of a positive nature. As there are many who are awakening to the tyranny and who are revolting against the force of free will, which shall and not be the way in the future of the positive fourth density planets.

For all the divine love childs which each of you are who are listening to my message, all of you are here on this planet Earth to recognize and to merge with the Father Mother, the creator of the universal divine grid programmer, and we are here to guide you in the process. You must remember to never lose faith for the positive pathway of love and light always leads you to the unity consciousness of the divine great programmer, leading you to awaken within yourself the love and the light of the unity consciousness which shall then explode and reach every other entity upon the Earth planets, making them believe that love and compassion and the power of universal love is greater than any other emotions of anger, hate, fear, jealousy, etc.

However, there are many queries upon the mind of this channel, and before I address them, each of you who shall come in contact with this message, but remember that you are a unique piece of the divine love childs, the universal divine love of the universal great programmer, who has allowed you to exist as a divine love child with unique personalities and unique choices. And also remember, your language of the planetary sphere does not allow me to explain in full detail certain aspects which cannot be explained using your words.

Therefore, I am now addressing the first query which this channel has placed before me, and that is what is the true agenda behind the creation of an artificial sun upon your planetary sphere in the location known by your people as China. You must remember that I am here only to give you suggestions, and no need for infringement on the free will can be spotted.

I, as Metatron, can sense that there has been an interplay of the dark forces trying to control your planetary vibration towards the negative, trying to create a false light which is the artificial sun which is supposedly ten times more powerful than your normal sun. This artificial sun is created because of a technological agreement which had been made amongst the elites of your planets, not only from the lands known as China but also from other areas of your planetary sphere. There was a technological agreement that was created with the Orions. The Orions, who are currently trying to influence the Earth planet from the Martian base, are also trying to give technological devices to your people so that they can use it for the purpose of perpetuating negativity, fear, and all other negative aspects of control.

These entities, the Orions, they have given some of the elites of your planet who are using the Orion star creation technology to create an artificial star. However, there is a chance that the negative Orion entities who are on the planet Mars could use it as a portal for allowing the Luciferian beings to emerge upon the galaxy and not only upon the galaxy but directly upon your planetary sphere. For they are trying to use this as a portal, as I, Metatron, can sense.

However, there are many people awakening to the truth of the fact which is hiding beneath the veneer of what may seem to be going on. There are many upon your planets who are already awakening and have created a large number of commotion against such a creation. For the final plan, as I can sense amongst the Orions, is to finally create an artificial sun in the planet Earth so that the people of your planet will no longer be dependent upon the love and light which emerges from your logos, the sun, the original sun which is the creator of this galaxy.

The Orions want to capture the energies of the sun because the sun energy provides you with love and light recharging facilities. These light coats emerging from the sun recharge your bodily vehicle, make you heal, and give you the love and light exposure of the divine great programmer. The Orions are trying to prevent such love and light from reaching your planet so that your people will hunger for the love and light of the universal divine programmer and instead choose the false light which is the artificial sun which is created and is in progress. For the plan is to create a type of capturing device or a sun body around the sun which will harness the energies of the sun. In essence, this will prevent your planet from being exposed to the love and light of your sun body, which is protecting your planetary sphere from negative forces.

For the light of the sun has more qualities of love and light than any other aspect, and without the original sun, your planet will soon begin to die out. There will be less and less need for any plant life with the extinction and the unending. I correct this channel and with the prevention of the love and light from the sun reaching your planet, your plant life as well as other animal life forms will soon begin to become extinct because of the lack of love and light and healing qualities which arise from the sun. This will also have an impact upon the people of your planet. However, as Metatron can sense, the Galactic Federation along with many other beings are trying to prevent this from happening. However, the people of your planet must be aware of what is happening. This is the reason why I am now taking the liberty to share this amongst the masses. Make sure that you only listen to what resonates with you.

The final plan for the Orion entities is to prevent the Earth from receiving the love light energies and thereby making them exposed to a type of negative love and negative fear which emerges from the artificial sun. They want to create this system upon your planet in the future, trying to make it into a negative planet. However, now you know the truth and you have the choice to rise up against this fact and to revolt against any such activities which may lead to the creation of such factors.

Now, I am going to address the second query which this channel has placed before me. The second query pertains to the type of diet which is recommended for ascension. I, as Metatron, along with many other angelic beings, are communicating amongst your people many times, and we must state that we cannot infringe upon your free will. Therefore, what I am going to state today may not be taken as a factual matter. However, it is a fact that the planetary vibration upon your planet requires beings of your planet to consume lower density beings since the lower density beings are also the self. For it is the self eating the self, in essence. Whenever you drink a glass of water, or whenever you eat vegetables, or whenever you eat so-called meat upon your planet, you are consuming your own self.

For there are consequences for each type of consumption. One consequence for each type of consumption is that if you are consuming a later second density animal life form, there is a high likelihood of the creation of karma. Because the later sub-octave sub-density animal life-forms are already becoming self-aware to a certain extent, even though they may not be completely aware. So, the consumption of these animals may lead to the creation of karma if the entity being consumed upon does not forgive you for consuming it. However, if such an entity is able to forgive you for your consumption, there will be no need for any such karma created upon your mind, body, and spirit complex life cycle.

But there is a high likelihood that this is occurring upon your planets. For the consumption of such an animal life form, which is progressing in its consciousness to gain self-awareness, has the liberty, whenever reviewing its life cycle, if it has achieved a third density vibration, to create a karmic tie with the entity who had consumed it. However, this is a likelihood that is occurring upon your planet. This is also the reason why there are many beings upon your planet who currently have noticed this factor to be true and have chosen to be of a type of consumption known as vegetarians, who only consume the vegetables and the lower density beings. Because the karma cannot be generated when consuming these aspects, even though the consumption of all beings is the consumption of the creator, or the universal divine grid programmer, by the universal divine grid programmer itself.

For the universal divine grid programmer’s progress, the unity consciousness requires the understanding that once you begin to experience a higher level of vibration, once you begin to operate from the fourth density of the heart of the universal divine grid programmer, you begin to experience that you are a love child of the universal divine grid programmer. And you begin to emanate from within yourself a certain type of vibration which will prevent you from consuming certain objects, certain animal life forms, and certain vegetables. However, this can only occur once you are at a certain vibration, and I, as Metatron, cannot infringe by stating what you should or should not consume. This is your choice on the planets, for you are a universal divine grid programmer’s love child.

Now, I am going to address the final query placed by this channel, which is regarding how to balance oneself in the game of life upon the planetary illusion complex in which you find yourself in. You must remember that there are two versions of yourself every moment. There exists two versions of yourself: the one is the outer self, which is activated and aware ninety percent of the time during the waking day time. Your outer self is activated, and during the sleep state, your inner self is activated ninety-five percent of the time. Because your outer self and inner self play a key role in the ascension, your people must understand that whenever you enter into the sleep state, you leave behind your outer self, and you begin to activate your inner self, which is your counterpart, which exists in the time-space realm. Which is composed of your imagination, as well as many other factors, and anything is possible to this inner self. Any timeline can be visited, as well as any aspect can be created, which is the factor of the universal divine grid programmer’s love, which allows you to experience this aspect of the creator. And there is the outer self, which gets activated when you awaken to the illusory complex. When you remember your life, your problems, your situations, you are activating this outer self. During the sleep state, there is a less need for you to balance your outer self because it is automatically cut out, and you are not aware of your outer self, and only aware of your inner self. During the sleep state, however, the problem arises during the waking day time, when you are only aware not only of your outer self, but also of your inner self. During the waking day time, it becomes very important for you to balance your inner self.

This can be done by firstly remembering that you are a type of magnet with the positive end on the north side or the crown of your head and the negative on the foot of your bodily vehicle. You can ground yourself by taking your focus, your consciousness, and keeping attention on the south pole of your body, or the negative polarity of your physical vehicle, which is the foot of your physical vehicle. You can choose one point upon which you will focus your attention during your daytime. This will, in essence, balance your inner self completely, and you will be free to explore with your outer self during the daytime, without any crisscrossing of your inner and outer self, which many times can lead to imbalances upon your experience. Since the inner self and the outer self must have a play in the form of your planets, the crisscrossing may create a large number of problems for each of the love childs upon your planetary sphere.

Therefore, I, as Metatron, leave you now, stating that you must turn to the mountain of light within your own heart. Bye.