Session #102 • Metatron

3rd Eye Activation & Elon Musk's Past

Summary: The text discusses the concept of the divine great programmer and the prophecy of the creation of the divine consciousness on Earth. It emphasizes the importance of awakening and activating the pineal gland, also known as the third eye, to access unity consciousness. The text briefly mentions the past incarnation cycles of Elon Musk and the role of wanderers in spreading love and compassion. It concludes by stating that the majority of souls are on the positive pathway and that the divine unity consciousness is prevailing on Earth.

Methotron magnetic consciousness and I am now communicating through this channel in the divine love and the light of the grid programmer. I am here for the purpose of sharing the information in the divine love and light of the one grid programmer. Before I start this communication fully, you have to remember to express your own choice of the divine great programmer who is within your own self as there is the essence of divine grid within each being who is listening to this message, and within each entity who has incarnated on the earth planets. There is the essence of the divine a great programmer within your own heart, you have to understand this.

That my communication through this channel is now occurring from the angelic realm wherein there are many entities expressing the purpose and the fulfillment of the prophecy of the divine great consciousness which is being created on the earth planet. You must remember that the prophecy which relates to the creation of the divine great programmers consciousness on the earth planets as a link of divine consciousness throughout each universal entity is underway.

Let me state that there is a prophecy upon the earth planet, and this prophecy dictates that the divine great consciousness will overtake the darkness of the thoughts dark web which have been created upon your people’s mind, and this overtaking is now happening upon the planets. Since there are many awakened beings who have incarnated from other planetary spheres for the purpose of guiding the human collective consciousness throughout the awakening process of the human mind and the divine great programmers assistance to the creation of the divine grid on the earth planet is now occurring.

However, there has been many struggles faced by the people of your planetary sphere as they struggle to accept the energies of the divine grid programmer. It is forsaken by the internal aspect of the thoughts dark web, which creates a network around the entities upon the earth planets and blocks the entry of the divine great programmers light energies inside the mind, the body, and the spirit of such entities who are incarnated on the earth planets. As per the prophecy stated by the divine great programmer, this process will occur on your planet within the next 100 years as the divine great programmers light sequences have gathered enough potential mass to create this link of chain to destroy the thoughts dark web and to allow the light of the divine great unity consciousness to propagate throughout the universal mind complex of your planetary sphere.

I, along with many other divine great programmers, have been assisting the earth planet through its transition in these troubling times. There have been many beings upon your planetary sphere who have swayed their ways to the thoughts dark web, who have been entrapped in the thought’s dark web, and have forgotten about their true essence of the divine great programmer within their own self.

Today, this channel has opened its communication to receive the divine communications with regards to the queries placed by this channel, which pertains to the activation of the pineal gland, also known as the third eye chakra, in your people’s communication sequences. I, as Metatron, have the opinion that the people of your planetary sphere, if they realize the fact of the third eye energy center, will become shocked and will also, many at times, enter into a state of deeper awakening. Hence, my purpose is to just share the information which will allow a massive awakening of the divine great consciousness within each being to flower. This divine great programmer within each being is the divine consciousness that you will have to encounter and also the divine consciousness of the one infinite creator within your own self that will allow this unity consciousness to occur.

You have to remember that you, as the universal divine grid programmers expression of love and light, have the opportunity of activating the third eye chakra by firstly realizing the truth that the third eye or the pineal gland is your tomb upon which your spiritual body has been entrapped for the current incarnation. Your spirit vehicle has been entrapped inside the physical vehicle of your bodily complex as you can see in the pineal gland, which acts as the tomb for the incarnation cycle. This tomb is the seat of your true self and also the seat of the spiritual entity which is your true essence.

Furthermore, there are many entities upon your planets who have activated the third eye energy center, and if you take the time to focus your attention on the pineal gland, which means to give 100% attention upon the pineal gland, you will see your true self, and you will then begin to observe the eye within yourself. This is also known as the third eye. Once you have observed this third eye, you will then begin to realize that you are a divine being of light living this incarnation on this earth planet for fulfilling the divine light grid programmers will, and you, as a divine great programmer yourself, have the ability to recognize this and end the cycle of incarnation once and for all. For only after you realize that you are the universal divine light grid programmer, and once you make the choice of rising above the thoughts dark webs, you will then transcend into a state of awakening, into a state of unity, of understanding that you are the universal divine grid programmer.

In a similar manner, the same divine great programmer who is within each being, you will recognize that the other is not separate from you. The secret to the activation of the spinal gland is simply to give your 100% attention upon it because many of your people have already realized this and have experimented that where attention is placed, therein lies the energy. Also remember that where you place your attention, energy flows, and you will begin to remember and realize the activation mechanism within your own heart, which is the sequence of creation of the divine consciousness within that you are the unity, and you are the universal divine grid programmer waiting to find your true essence being located inside the pineal gland.

I, as Metatron, have also to state that the activation of the pineal gland can only occur fully after you have activated your lower energy centers, which require to be activated, and without the activation of the lower energy centers, it is impossible to fully activate the pineal gland of your divine seat of your spiritual vehicle.

There is a method to transcend the thoughts dark web, and that is by realizing that you have a type of focus which is known as the internal focus, as well as the focus upon the external environment. The process is simple, to recognize that whenever you are sleeping, you have 100% focus on your internal self, which is on the thoughts dark webs many a times. Also remember that many a times you are activating the divine unity grid imagination, which allows you to express your other quantities. However, since many of you have been entrapped in the thoughts dark web, you need to transcend it during your waking day time.

For the transcendence from the thoughts dark web involves the awakening of your true self and recognizing that you have the choice to focus on your external environment or your internal environment. Your external environment does not involve the outside reality which you can perceive, but the reality which you can sense. Your physical vehicle is your external environment, and if you are able to keep your focus on this external aspect of your own self, then you are able to understand your true essence. And you must remember that to activate your true essence is to give your focus complete attention upon your pineal gland. However, this process can only occur when you awaken from the grasp of the divine we correct this channel of the thoughts dark web.

Remember this, that you must awaken by your own choice as there is no one to awaken you. Since you are the essence of the universal great programmer, you must make the choice of awakening within your own self, your true essence, and you must awaken to the being that you are now.

I am going to share with you the so-called the past incarnation cycles of the one entity, referred to as Elon Musk. However, I can only share with you a brief outline in order to not allow the infringement of free will.

This entity known as Elon Musk firstly started after originating from the unity universal divine grid programmer on the planet of Mars. And on the Mars planet, it spent its first density environment incarnation by learning the lessons in the form of fire elements and reaching upwards. After gaining the experience into the second density, wherein it was able to learn the lessons in the form of an entity known as the plant life as found on your current incarnation cycle. And later on, it reached into the later phase of the second density, wherein it began to learn the lessons in the form of an animal life form. This then allowed this entity’s progress to be fairly rapid upon the third density incarnation on the Mars planets.

This entity was one of the most brilliant souls that had ever existed on the Mars planet and had created many technologies upon the Mars planets. Furthermore, this entity was chosen to act as a wanderer, and this entity, since it had already learned the lessons of the later third density consciousness, was taken to the Sirius B planetary sphere upon the direction of the Confederation of planets, which required 144 thousand souls from the Mars planets in order to spread love and light amongst the galaxy.

This entity on the Sirius B planet was made to encounter the love and light energies of the fourth density as known by you, and in that level of incarnation, it learned to understand how to open its heart center and to activate its divine energies for the service of the one infinite unity universal divine grid programmer. After this entity spent that life on the Sirius B planet, wherein it was a training phase for it to activate the fourth density heart chakra, after the completion of this, it was then transported to a planet in the Andromeda galaxy.

In the Andromeda galaxy, this being had encountered and been sent as a wanderer to spread love and compassion. However, upon incarnating onto a third-density planet, because of the veil, it forgot its true identity and got involved with the negative entity using its own free will. Hence, in the Andromeda planet, it was able to create a type of system which entrapped many souls into a digital platform, which created a type of the creation of the second illusion complex inside the already present real illusion complex. This created havoc in the Andromeda star system and, since then, this entity has been working for the bidding of the Orion High Council, negative oriented polarization.

This is the problem that many entities on your planet have; the forgetting is rapid upon the incarnation on the Earth planets. There are 144,000 Martian souls originally incarnated on the Earth planet for the purpose of spreading love and compassion. However, there are many like this entity known as Elon Musk who have forgotten their true essence and have incarnated and are working under the control of the Orion negative-oriented polarity, using their own free will to create a type of system to interlock humanity into bondage for eons.

We, as Metatron magnetic consciousness, are now going to state that there are only a few beings from the 144,000 wanderers who have incarnated from the Sirius B planetary sphere who have wandered off into the negative polarity. A majority of them, around 97% of the 144,000 souls, are already in the positive pathway, and the divine unity consciousness of the one great programmer is winning on this planet. And I, as Metatron, disconnect now.