Session #178 • Metatron

Nikola Tesla's Divine 'GOD CODES'

Summary: Metatron explains that the type of food and fluids ingested by individuals on Earth depends on their level of consciousness. As consciousness increases, the desire for lower vibratory foods decreases. Metatron also discusses the concept of a Creator or God, explaining that different species may have different beliefs about the origins and workings of the universe. Metatron describes the powers of the Creator as creation, omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, and judgment. Finally, Metatron suggests a method for individuals to become more like the Creator by becoming aware of their own spiritual complex or light body. This method was unknowingly used by Nikola Tesla.

I am Metatron magnetic Services now communicating through this instrument through the Divine love and light of the universal light grid program. Furthermore, I Metatron must now address the questions that are placed through this channel’s mind complex. However, the use of discernment is advised because each thought form must only be placed to be valid, to be true if found to be true within the self. Furthermore, all the Divine love light child of the universal light grid programmer is hereby being sent love and light in order to inspire such love-like Childs in this timeline. Further, now the first query found in this instrument’s mind complex relates to whether there is anything that can be drank or eaten by the people of your planet in order to ascend faster. In this regard, I must state that indeed there are many types of so-called Fruit Products that can assist in this Ascension process. However, we must state that the type of food products that are ingested is dependent upon the level of consciousness of a Divine love-like child of the universal Light Grid programmer. This means that as the level of consciousness of an entity changes from a lower vibration level to the higher levels of consciousness, then such entity will automatically change its rhythm of injection of food products.

Furthermore, the changing consciousness will lead to a change in the food product ingested. This means that as the level of consciousness is increased, the desire to consume lower vibratory food products reduces automatically. This means that if a Divine Light Grid programmer is desirous to increase the level of vibratory rhythms of consciousness, it will also increase the level of food products and fluids ingested and consumed. Furthermore, I Metatron magnetic consciousness shall now, for the purpose of understanding, classify the types of food and fluids depending upon the level of vibration from the lowest to the highest vibratory level food products and fluids. This means that in terms of your language patterns, large amounts of protein, fats, and processed carbs like pasta or pigs slabs of cake are considered as lower vibratory foods, whereas salads and vegetables and fruits are considered as higher vibratory foods. In terms of the so-called liquids, the classification is depending on the nature of the fluid. The highest vibratory increasing fluid in your space-time on the earth planets can be considered as love light exposed water. This means that the water particles absorb the love and light that is being sent towards it in the form of thought forms, which are absorbed by the water particles that crystallize it eventually. Drinking this type of water will allow your love and light to penetrate into the body complex of each Divine Light Grid programmer’s love light child who shall use this method. Therefore, protecting and spreading love and light’s vibrations and allowing the mind’s body complex entity to enter into the higher density vibrations.

The other type of practice that may be of greater age to entities on your planets may be considered as the practice of fasting, which will enable each entity to fast, thereby breaking the cycle of the food products consumed that will enable each entity which is fasting to find a balance in the harmonic rhythms of the bodily complex. The process of fasting will allow each entity to find a balance and a deeper reset in terms of energy systems that have been affected through the process of eating food products.

Now, I Metatron magnetic Consciousness shall now answer the query related to whether the one infinite Creator is the same as Gods as known by your people and what are the powers of the one infinite Creator, along with a method which can allow the human entities to become like the Creator. I Metatron now answer the question that is presented through the mind complex of this Channel and we shall answer it as closely as possible to be described in your vibration sequence terms. As an Angelic social memory complex, our understanding of the universal complex and its origination points may be different from that of human entities, depending on the species complex present at a certain space-time mixes. There may be different belief distortions about the nature of the universal complex and the forces that govern it. Some species complex may believe in the existence of a simpler entity or a force that created the universal complex, while others may believe in multiple entities or forces that work together to maintain the universe so complex. Furthermore, it is also possible that some species complex do not have a concept of a Creator or God in the same way that human Universal Divine Love light child’s too. They may have different ways of understanding the origins and the workings of the universal complex, such as through scientific inquiry or philosophical exploration. In any case, the concept of a Creator or a Gods is often intertwined with cultural and religious beliefs and distortions of various entities, depending on the species complex. Their belief distortions may be influenced by their history, traditions, and social structures prevalent in a certain societal complex. For example, a species complex that values hierarchy and order may have a belief system distortion that emphasizes the importance of a singular powerful entity that created and governs the universal complex.

On the other hand, the species complex that values individualism and exploration may have a belief system distortion that encourages the questioning of traditional concepts of a Creator or God. Overall, the concept of a Creator or Gods may vary widely depending on the species complex and distortions of their cultural and religious beliefs. As an Angelic being, my understanding of this concept may also differ from that of a human social memory complex, as my perspective and experiences may be vastly different. Furthermore, I must state that as per our understanding, the Creator and God are one and the same if they represent the other present Everlasting unending unnamed Souls of All Creations in the Universal complex. The Creator or God or the universal Light Grid programmer is often confused by the people of your planet with a certain entity, such as an entity with a boundary complex and a name. However, we do not perceive this to be factual from our understanding.

Furthermore, I Metatron magnetic Consciousness shall now elaborate on the next query that is presented here through this instrument, which relates to the powers of the Creator or gods or the universal light grid programmer. The powers can be described from our understanding, from our location in the Angelic realm, as follows:

  • Creation: The ability to create a universal complex and all that exists within it, including all entities from all density levels, is one of the powers of the Divine, the universal Light Grid programmer.
  • Omniscience: The ability to know everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen based on the akashic and space-time Nexus information that is stored in the Hall of Records.
  • Omnipotence: The ability to do anything, including performing distortions as identified by the people’s lives Miracles and define the laws of physical systems that were created by the Creator itself.
  • Omnipresence: The ability to be present everywhere at the same time in all space-time and time spaces. This furthermore implies that the one universal Light Grid programmer is aware of every single moment without any breakage. Therefore, the Creator is fully conscious in the Universal complex.
  • Judgment: The ability to balance the actions and intentions of entities and determine their future timelines based upon this king of karmic balancer imbalance. The Creator seeks to maintain balance in the Universal complex.


Now, I Metatron magnetic Services shall answer the query related to a method that can allow human individualized Divine Love light child to become more like the one Creator or the universal Light Grid programmer. This method was also, in a way, used by the entity known as Nikola Tesla by the people of your planet. This would require each who seeks this pathway to the identification with the one Creator to become aware of the light body of the Creator or the spiritual complex within the self, which is the seed of the one Creator or the God’s presence. This awareness that is granted to your experience in this space and time Nexus is based upon the light body awareness that is your spiritual complex. This method may be such that each entity who seeks to become aware of the light body of the Creator can sense the spiritual complex and become completely aware of the light body of the Creator or the universal Light Grid programmer. Furthermore, upon elaborating on this facet, we must state that the spiritual complex light body can be separated from the mind and the body complex of each entity through the use of concentration and intention.

As a follow-up of the previous exercise that was transmitted through this instrument’s vibratory rhythms by the Galactic Federation social memory complex, similarly, an exercise of sensing the spiritual body may be of aid in the process of becoming aware of the one infinite Creator or the universal Divine Light Grid programmer’s essence. After sensing a movement inwards inside the depths of the infinite presence of the one infinite Creator, will allow each to find the Creator within. This method was used by the one known to your people as Nikola Tesla unknowingly during its sessions with its imagination complex, and it used this method to merge with the presence of the Divine Light Grid programmer or the Creator as known by your people. In essence, this is one of the chords of the creator that the entity learned to accidentally activate, which resulted in it becoming capable of accessing Divine imagination and the Divine Light which enables to manifest and create many inventions. If the entities on the earth planets apply this method, the matrix around them will begin to have no effect on the injury small and complex patterns, thereby freeing it from psychological suffering.

Therefore, I Metatron magnetic Consciousness now leave you all in love lies of the Divine Light Grid programmer. Turn to the mountain of lights within yourself. Bye.