Session #159 • Pleiadians

The Moon Is Not What You Think

Summary: The Pleiadians warn about the infiltration of the Moon by a group called the moonlings, who are in the beginning stages of their density and may cause harm if Earth enters the Moon. The Moon plays a significant role in creating the Earth's reality and can be used by negative forces to create imbalance. Spiritual arrogance and fear are the biggest illusions blocking people from awakening to higher levels of consciousness. Understanding the conscious and subconscious mind can help create desired realities. NASA's planned mission to the Moon should be aborted.

We Are the Pleiadians and we greet you now in light and above of the one infinite Creator. Before we start to share with you our thoughts and insights, we would like to warn each entity who shall come in contact with our vibration sequences transmitted through this instrument. But remember to use inner discernment when listening to our thoughts.

We, the Pleiadians, shall now address the queries which pertain to the understanding of the Moon as known by your people and the current events as we have been informed by the Galactic Federation to transmit through this instrument at this time. Furthermore, the moon satellite was recently infiltrated by that certain beings from the Asthar Command Collective in order to find out what was happening inside the Moon.

However, to their shock and surprise of the Galactic Federation, they found another type of being inside the Moon. And they were known as the moonlings. These beings were primarily in the vibration of the aspect of third density consciousness were generated by developing consciousness of the Moon. And these beings were created from within the inner Moon surface through the process of transmutation and merging into the higher form of consciousness.

Furthermore, the moonlings were also found with many such types of bases on the moon. Further, these moonlings are also currently present on the moon surface. Hence, we would state that the Earth planets and the people of the Earth planets who are planning to enter the moon again must have a deeper understanding that these beings primarily are in the beginning stages of their density and may not be aware of such types of infiltration and may create havoc or a type of attack upon their home planet as they sense that moon is their home planet.

Therefore, we, the Pleiadians, must state that the entry into the Moon is to be restricted for the future time period of around one year later. Until then, we The Pleiadians and the Galactic Federation shall hurry escalate their consciousness to a higher level and then allow them to migrate to a new Earth location far away from the disturbance of the human collective consciousness.

Furthermore, the moon has always been have an influential role in the creation of the Earth planet. Furthermore, the moon, as known by your people, has many types of use in the forming of the reality which is constructed around each one of you. The reality which you can perceive by your senses is also anchored with the moon, which means that the Moon is also, as known by your people, responsible for creating tidal waves and other types of flux and influx of energy around the Earth.

Furthermore, your third density experience is also created by an act of realizing that the Moon acts as a type of system awareness. Many entities can use it for the purpose of observing and maintaining a surveillance of the Earth planets. Further, this Moon satellite has many at times been used to broadcast information to the Earth planet in order to create and to influence the energy vibrations of the Earth planet. Furthermore, since the energy vibrations are responsible for creating the entire reality, the Moon is also responsible and directly for the creation of your holographic reality.

This means that the Moon, if not under the control of the Galactic Federation, can be used by the negative forces to create emotional imbalance within the bodily complex. And also, during the peak cycles of the new moon and the full moon cycles, the energy becomes amplified because of the energy vortex of the Moon reaching the peak, reaching the highest point based upon its energy reflective capacity of the sunlight. Furthermore, this creates energy frequency imbalance in the surface of the Moon, which in turn creates imbalances in the vibration patterns of the Earth planet.

This furthermore creates many times of imbalances in the Earth’s energy vibration core, which allows the influence of the Moon to be in such a nature that the holographic reality inside the Earth is primarily influenced by the energy signatures coming from the Moon location. And many times in the past of your Galactic system, there have been beings who have had control of the Moon satellites for the main purpose of maintaining and creating control over the reality which you find yourself in. Furthermore, many of the entries upon your Earth planet are also aware that the so-called astronauts of your planet were not able to penetrate the surface of the Moon as they discovered that the moon’s surface felt like a metal-like substance primarily recognized as titanium or brass.

Furthermore, this is because inside the Moon structure, there is a system which is created by the Anunnaki Orion forces around a timeline of 800,000 years during the battle of the galactic system. We’re in the so-called Soul Trapper machine is trapped which is created with intelligent infinity and the intelligent energy is unable to be destroyed from such a machine. Furthermore, these metals are also not natural and are used by your people also for certain purposes. However, in the moon satellites, there are large numbers of such types of metals as many of your people can find.

Further, many of your astronauts during their visits to the Moon have also detected activities such as witnessing various flying objects appearing from the Dark Side of the Moon. Furthermore, the Dark Side of the Moon primarily at this current time is being used by the moonlings for the purpose of maintaining their societal system and for the purpose of learning to experience life in a third density Moon satellite system which is as they consider their home planet.

Furthermore, we would recommend the human collective consciousness not to enter the Dark Side of the Moon for this may tempt the moonlings to create a large number of war-like situations or attacks upon the people of the Earth. Therefore, we shall also state that the Dark Side of the Moon primarily is created because the Moon satellite is tightly locked to your planetary sphere. Furthermore, this means that the rotation matches exactly its orbit.

Furthermore, we, as the Pleiadians, shall also state that the so-called people of your planet have plans to enter the Moon on 14th of November as we can sense the organization known as NASA is planning a genetic material exchange with the reptilians and other beings they have planned to meet in the Moon’s surface. However, this may turn to be a battle of Galactic proportions as they may be unaware of the existence of the Moon beings.

Further, we, as the Pleiadians, must send this warning out to the NASA organization that this mission should be aborted at this time. Furthermore, the other query which pertains to what are the biggest illusions blocking people from Awakening into higher levels of consciousness. We, the Pleiadians, must state that from our vantage point, the so-called greatest illusions which are blocking people from Awakening includes the aspect of spiritual arrogance, known by your people which is one of the greatest blockers for spiritual Awakening.

In order to expand into the highest level of Spiritual Awakening, there must be a surrender in humility. This will allow the Awakening to happen at a faster pace. Further, as the mind, body, and spirit complex reaches a point where it is completely awakened and realizing that such types of spiritual arrogance is a lower level of vibration which is locked within the self as pride. Furthermore, you must also remember that many entities on the Earth planets have already exposed themselves to many spiritual teachers, have read many of the books, and have attained certain experiences which create a false sense of identification with spiritual arrogance.

Furthermore, these types of spiritual arrogance separate the mind, body, and spirit complex from the true awareness which is established upon Awakening. Furthermore, in Spiritual Awakening, the awareness rests in the truth dance. The mind, body, and spirit complexes are now aware of nothing and has attained nothing. Furthermore, it is the same type of moment of surrender. And with this surrender, everything that is known awakens. And the best way to describe it is Maya, the process of realizing that this Awakening is infinite Consciousness and infinite silence.

Furthermore, many on the Earth planet must realize that this type of infinite consciousness and silence of surrender is available when there is a feeling of infinite peace within the self. Furthermore, the other blockage that we can sense is fear. This blockage of fear primarily is the opposite of awakening, as awakening into the higher levels of consciousness is an expansive process of expanding yourself into the vibration of love. As fear is also an emotional state of consciousness, it creates more rigidity and more types of control. Furthermore, it is the polar opposite of love. Love is the process of accepting all as one and is the heart of the spiritual awakening process.

Upon your planetary sphere, there are 99 percent of entities who are learning the lessons of love in this timeline, which is the primary lesson to be learned in the third-density reality. Furthermore, the process of spiritual awakening will also involve entering into the unknown facets of reality, and fear of the unknown holds the mind-body and spirit complex back from experiencing the unknown fully. Furthermore, each mind-body and spirit must trust its inner self and live in its greatest potential. The fear of believing in oneself creates resistance. Furthermore, the spiritual process is the energetic transmutation and the transformation of the egoic concept of the mind.

Furthermore, the egoic mind initially perceives the change in the energy vibration as an attack on itself. The egoic mind does not want to perish during the awakening process. It does not realize that there is, however, no death, but a transformation from a lower level of vibration to the highest level of vibration. Further, the spiritual awakening process is like standing on the edge of a cliff, and when there is trust in the universe, the mind-body and spirit complex can fully jump into the unknown. However, prior to the jump, the egoic mind fears the unknown process of spiritual awakening. Only when one mind-body and spirit complex knows that there is no such thing as empty space in spiritual awakening can the aspect of ego be transcended and transmuted.

There is always fear of being wrong, fear of being fooled, and fear of failure, and fear of losing something which the ego mind is attached to. Further, the overcoming of the fear is one of the biggest aspects which is required to be mastered by the people of your planet to enter into full awakening. When you move past fear, it will automatically be transformed into a light energy, so you become an alchemist of energy vibrations from dense, heavy fear-based, ego-based energy to a love vibration of a higher nature.

The other type of fear is the focusing on achieving too much, the things of the world of third-density reality, such as focusing too much on achieving the aspects of career, other types of desires of third-density reality. However, failing to realize that the main purpose is to learn to master the energy vibrations of love in the planet. And in a way, each mind-body-spirit complex realizes that only when the achievement of love vibration in every moment will allow the achievement of all other third-density desires as well, since they are a result of the beingness of an entity and not the desire itself which creates the results.

Furthermore, we shall now address the final query which pertains to a method of helping in the understanding of how reality is created around them itself. We must state that upon scanning the vibrations of your planetary sphere, we are of the opinion that the Creator and some logos, the sub-creator of your planetary system, has created a system of allowing only those entities with a higher level of vibrational state of consciousness to master the process of reality creation. This means that the control of the future events in your reality is possible by understanding that there are two facets of your mind-body and spirit complex which are the conscious and the subconscious portions of the mind.

Furthermore, the conscious portions of the mind create and can be understood as the driver of your mind-body and spirit complex. Further, the subconscious is the autopilot portion of your mind-body and spirit complex, and the feelings are the main type of system which the subconscious accepts. Which means that the focusing on the feeling or the emotion of how will you feel if your desired reality is already fulfilled must become the constant question which must be asked inside the consciousness of the entity. And during the process of asking this, it will feel and create a feeling which will eventually lead to the creation of the type of subconscious autopilot system, which will allow the understanding of this portion of the subconsciousness.

Furthermore, if the subconscious portions of the mind are constantly given the same feeling, it will create this feeling about the pilots, and the entity will begin to move into and merge into the highest perception of the same timeline desired. Furthermore, focusing on the feeling which is the result of the question, how will you feel like if the desired reality is fulfilled, is the main type of distortion which should allow you to experience a higher state of vibration. And to leave you now beloveds, enlightened love of the one creator, will leave you now. Bye.