Session #101 • Pleiadians

The Next Great Ascension Is About To Begin: Spiritual Battle

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating through an instrument's vibration complex. They emphasize the importance of using discernment and exercising free will to choose positive thought forms. They mention the battle between positive and negative forces on the moon during a lunar eclipse and the removal of the Orion soul trapper machine. They invite entities to assist during the lunar eclipse by focusing on the moon in their sleep state. They also suggest a method to raise vibration and overcome the ego. The Pleiadians highlight the ongoing awakening and ascension process.

We are the pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument’s vibration complex. We are now communicating from our seat in the pleiadian star planets, as known by your people as Taygeta. As our vibrations have matched with this instrument, our communication now proceeds for the purpose of transmission to the human collective consciousness.

You must however remember to use your discernment and only exercise the free will to choose the thought forms which you want to entertain inside your mind complex. Because your thought forms, once they create belief systems, they will begin to affect the outside illusion complexes. Hence, we would advise each entity listening to our messages through this instrument to exercise this aspect of free will as a divine being of light who has incarnated on the earth planet for the purpose of allowing the lessons to be learned by the one infinite creator. For this lesson is vitally important as the earth is now transitioning into the positive cycle.

There may be many entities upon your earth planet who are working for the negatively oriented entities as well, because the vibrations are allowable for both sides, the positive as well as the negative, to express themselves in this third density illusory reality. Only after the choices have been made on this level of illusion complex and once the planet fully enters into the fourth density vibration, then there is either a positive only or a negative only type of planetary vibration depending upon the choices that are made on the third density level.

Exercising your free will is vitally important. However, many entities upon the earth planet are still asleep to the fact that they are being influenced in a manner by other entities who are trying to control the human collective consciousness because they have lost their own free will to choose the thought forms which they will entertain inside the mind complex. Because once entities lose this free will of choosing and having the ability of choice with regards to thought forms they will entertain in their mind complex, other free wills will not be of a valuable nature. Because free will is a type of distortion created firstly for the free will must occur within or there must be an internal free will of choice which is dictated by the thoughts and the emotions which one will entertain inside the mind, body, and spirit complex. Which then leads to the outer free will which is dictated by the free will that can be penetrated and found upon the outside choices of right or wrong.

Furthermore, we can state that the most critical free will choice is that of the internal because many entities upon the planetary sphere are yet not awakened to the fact that the free will that they make or the choice that they make on this level of illusion complex determines the future incarnation cycle they will have on the planetary sphere. As the internal free will dictates the ability of choice of the thought forms. Hence, we shall now scan this instrument’s mind complex. Upon scanning, we are of the opinion that this instrument today has placed queries pertaining to a recent event which occurred on your spacetime continuum and referred to by the vibratory sound complex name of astroworld.

In that regard, we shall now transmit our thought forms. Because of this event being a highly publicized event, there were many entities upon your planetary sphere entering and trying to attend this event. However, without the disregarding factor that there were negative entities who were influenced by the vibrations of negative polarity. Since the negative entities who are currently trying to enter into the moon satellite, as known by your people from the mars planet, they are trying to relocate to the moon area for a closer vantage point. Hence, there is a battle of sorts which is now occurring upon the moon bases and on the coming day of 1911 on the lunar eclipse, when the darkness will be heavy upon the moon, there will be a battle which will take place between the forces of light and the forces of darkness who are trying to deactivate and reactivate the soul swapper machine which is inside the moon.

This soul trapper machine has kept humanity in bondage for a large period of time and on the 19th, the galactic federation as well as the council have given permission to remove the soul trapper machine from inside the moon. However, the resistance will be there from the orion entities as well as from the subordinate negative reptilian entities who choose to protect this aspect.

Furthermore, the astral astroworld event, which occurred upon your space-time, created a large amount of havoc. And because of the negative vibrations which influenced some negative entities upon the earth planet at that space-time, it created a type of tussle upon your planetary sphere which led to the death of many entities. This, however, would not have occurred if there had been a protection mechanism implemented before the starting of the event. The protection of each entity’s vibrations from the negative by following the procedure of love light protection around the area of the event. Since this was not accomplished, there were many entities who were sent or who were metaphorically controlled by the negative entities from the moon planet by sending negative vibrations. As the area of contact was large, there were many beings upon the earth planetary sphere facing or receiving such vibrations. And those who matched the vibration of negative polarity became enraged and full of rage started to interact with other entities in negative polarity, causing a type of conflict to occur between the large number of people who had gathered there. This led to the ending of or crossing over of many entities from the earth planet to the astral plane.

Therefore, we seem to have answered the query pertaining to the astroworld event as known by people upon your planetary sphere. Now, we shall communicate the query which this instrument has in its mind complex regarding what can the people of your planetary sphere do during the oncoming lunar eclipse of your planetary sphere.

This lunar eclipse, which is occurring upon and which is now starting on your spacetime continuum of the moon lunar eclipse, is one of the most awaited lunar eclipses because it occurs after a period of 500 years approximately in your space-time measurement terms. Hence, on this time, the galactic federation and the council, as stated earlier, are trying to remove the orion soul trapper machine from inside the moon to allow the earth’s vibrations to raise faster. Because the orion soul trapper has been trapping souls who do not choose the right pathway of light after crossing over. Hence, in order to allow full free will, this machine has to be removed. And the best time and the appropriate time for us, as well as the galactic federation, to do the same is during the lunar eclipse.

Furthermore, during the so-called 1911 lunar eclipse, we would recommend the beings upon your planetary sphere, before entering the sleep stage, to keep their focus and attention upon the moon. And as they keep their focus and attention upon the moon while they enter into the sleep state, just imagine walking on the moon. And they will meet us and they can encounter us in their sleep state. And also, many entities can work for us and with us in the protection of the moon sphere with the removal of the orion soul trapper machine is now being initiated.

We are now sending this message with the permission of the council to invite those entities who want to assist humanity at this space time. For this is a critical time for your planetary sphere. The process is simply to enter into the sleep state by keeping your attention on the moon area. And from the first person viewpoint, as if you are really present on the moon planet or the moon satellite as known by your people, to walk on the moon. And as you begin to enter into the sleep state as you walk on the moon, if by chance your higher self allows you this experience, then you will see us and you will see the battle unfold upon the moon area. You can also assist us during the space time of this event, which is vitally important for you as well as for us to upkeep the sanity of the light beings upon the planets.

However, we do not want to force anyone to join us as there is complete free will in this regard. We can also suggest those entities who need to raise their vibration to a higher level during this space time of 1911 to try a method which may be considered as an advanced method of raising your vibration. Which is to keep your attention on one portion of your bodily complex and with that being said, to keep your complete attention on that area. For example, if one were to choose focusing the attention on the right index finger or the right hand index finger tip. And as this entity keeps its focus on the top of the right hand index finger completely, to only allow the feelings and the sensations from this area to enter into the consciousness stream of attention, and not follow any other feelings which may arise from other areas.

This exercise is vitally important and most useful for your people will then begin to have this focus of attention to an advanced degree. This is the method we, the pleiadians, use on our planetary sphere to allow entities to enter into higher sub-octaves of vibrations and access and overcome the ego itself, which is one of the hardest keys to overcome in the third density later sub-octave planetary vibration. Not only upon your planetary sphere but also upon our planetary sphere, this problem exists on the ego itself. Hence, if entities are only able to entertain the feelings from the portion of attention in which they have chosen to put their attention in, this will prevent the intrusion of other thought forms as well as other feelings to come into the consciousness stream, thereby keeping it pure. And this attention being pure will allow the pure energies which are in streaming upon the earth planets on the 19th of November, which is now fast approaching your planetary sphere.

You must remember that the great awakening, as known by your people, or the great ascension is now underway and the next phase has now begun. With the pleiadians disconnect now hoping that our message has brought you a type of satisfaction and a relief from within. Until we meet again, see you later.