Session #40 • Galactic Federation

AGREEMENTS Made during Mars Intervention?

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Lights shares insights about the current situation on Mars. Negative forces that had control over Mars have been neutralized by various entities, including the Pleiadians. A love light energy grid has been created around Earth, protecting it from negative influences. The negative forces on Mars have agreed to leave the planet within 10 days. The power of love and light is emphasized as a way to overcome negativity and create positive change. The message concludes with gratitude for the support in defending Earth and a reminder to use love light for the good of humanity.

We are the galactic federation of lights and we greet you today in the divine love and light of the one creator. We are connected to this instrument today to share our insights. However, please remember to use your discernment when listening to our message, for there are meanings beyond the conception of your mind. The words and the energy behind the words are more important to you, my friends. Therefore, we would direct each of you to use your discernment and accept the energy from the words that resonate with you.

Our messages are always imbued with the vibration of love and light, which will assist each one of you in the process of ascending through the consciousness of this fourth density. Beginning planets today, we are connected to this instrument and this instrument desires to understand the current situation of the Mars planet, who is the neighboring planet in the galaxy.

In this planet, the situation at the moment is more positively oriented than before. This neighboring planet has been under the control of negative forces, which had a negative self-service agenda on their mind to destroy the sanctity and the positivity of planet Earth by creating undue influence from Mars. We, as the galactic federation and from our council seat, found out the motive of these negative entities who had captured Mars and had created bases inside Mars for the purpose of keeping track and interacting with other entities of your planets.

The forces on the Mars planet have now been successfully neutralized by the ones known as Asthar Sheran and the ones known as Ra Confederation, along with the Andromedans and, of course, our beloved friends and brothers, the Pleiadians. All our members of the council of planets have successfully worked together and created a love light energy with the help of this instrument’s friends and family, who also were able to share the divine love and light by performing the meditation that Asthar command had given through this instrument.

Before, this has caused the planet Earth to be protected by the divine love and light grid that was created around. Many people on your planet do not yet realize the power of love and light. Love and light is the most powerful thing in the cosmos. Love and light have the power to destroy any negative emotions and entities on the planet. Negative entities fear the power of love and light. Whenever on the planet, if you see any entity who wants a negative agenda or wants to create fear or any other negative emotion, you must know that you can shower love and light towards this entity and it will immediately disembody itself, and the love and light will win.

This is the same thing that happened with Mars. Due to the combination and the production of love light grid around your planet, these negative forces who had captured Mars were not able to penetrate this love light. And as everyone was performing the meditation on your planets, many of the entities had created an intense grid around the planet, thereby helping the love light energies to spread to Mars. And we have also sent a solar flare imbued with the love light energies. And on seeing the oncoming solar flare with love light energies, these entities have now decided to create virtual agreements with us.

They have decided to create agreements with us wherein they have stated that these entities will not influence Earth directly. From now on, they will not come close to planet Earth, and they will not allow any of their subordinates, the Greys and the Reptilians, to also influence planet Earth. However, these are negative forces, and we know that the negative do not obey or do not take heed of their own words.

Therefore, we must say that this agreement is only for face value. We cannot take it literally that they will follow this agreement until the future. However, currently, we have given them 10 days to leave the planet Mars and remove all their bases and weaponry of influence that they had set up on the planet Mars. And further, they have also left the so-called Perseverance Rover and the Ingenuity machine, which had been sent to Mars by your people.

These had been previously hijacked and were placed into a different Martian planet’s portion wherein they would not be able to detect these entities working themselves on planet Mars. Now, the situation of Mars is becoming more normalized, and these entities within the next 10 days, the final date that we have given for these entities is May 7th. By the end of May 7th, these entities will have to evacuate Mars, and they have agreed to do so.

We had a telepathic communication with the so-called Anunnaki collective, and they have agreed to fall back. Otherwise, they would have faced a huge love light energy coming towards them in the form of solar flare and also the love lights created by many of your entities who had performed the light grid activation meditation previously as given by Asthar.

Therefore, my friends, we are here to tell you that the power of love and light is so vast that if you use this power, you can recharge yourselves, you can recharge your life, you can recharge the water that you drink, and also charge the food that you eat with this love and light. This love and light is, in essence, within each of you, but many of you have forgotten about this love light. Love and light are the main thing why many of the entities on your planet are able to ascend into the higher levels of consciousness, because they are sharing love and light.

Whenever you face a negative situation, we know that it is always hard to focus on love and light. You want to also do it for that if someone is saying bad things to you, you also want to say bad things to them. If someone says negative things towards you, you also want to say negative things towards them as revenge. However, remember, this is not the proper way, my friends. It takes a lot of practice. In the beginning, you will find it hard to do this, but as soon as you begin to start sharing love and light, all the negative energy will be destroyed. With a single love light message, all the negative energies will be taken away from the planets.

It is a wonderful power that each entity on this planet has. You all have the power of creation, my friends. You all are the creator, and you have the power of this love light energies. Use this love light energies for the good of humanity and for the good of yourself. For within yourself, this love light energies will flower and bring ahead the fruition of ascension.

My beloved friends, this is all the message we have to share today, and we need to thank you all for your patience in helping us to defend the planet Earth. We are always here to protect you from any kind of negative influence. However, the negative agendas are always diverse, and they use various strategies to move into different dimensions and affect people and want to share fear and negativity. Remember, negativity is afraid of love light. Love light is the cure for negative forces.

My friends, we leave you now in the love lights of the one creator. We are the galactic federation. Bye.