Session #41 • Pleiadians

Why MAY Will Be Huge for Humanity: Prepare for Galactic Updates | Story of One Creator

Summary: The Pleiadians, beings from the Pleiadian star planet known as El Salon, are here to share insights and assist humans in ascending to higher levels of consciousness. They explain that Earth is separating into two parts, with those vibrating at a higher frequency experiencing the new Earth of peace and unity, while those trapped in lower vibrations will experience destruction and suffering. On May 26th, there will be an important galactic event that activates starseeds and wanderers already on Earth. The Pleiadians will send light codes to aid in the ascension process, but individuals must be at a higher vibration to receive them. They emphasize the importance of focusing on positivity and understanding that each being is a creator.

We are the Pleiadians and we greet you today in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are connected to you from our Pleiadian star planet known as the El Salon. A planet in your language terms to your kinds wherein we, the Pleiadian High Council, reside. We are connected today to share our insights with our beloved humans through this instrument who has accepted to be an open channel for us and step aside when we speak through it.

We are glad that you have connected to us and chosen to give your valuable time to understand the complexities of life that exist within you and within the cosmos. For my beloved friends, believe it or not, we are always here in order to assist and help you. We have been here since the times of Lemuria in order to assist all beings in the cosmos to ascend faster into the higher levels of consciousness.

Please remember before we start sharing our insights to use your discernment and only accept those that resonate with your heart. The times upon your planet may seem testing at this period because this is just a period of separation of the old Earth and the new Earth.

The old Earth, the elements of the old Earth, will lead to the destruction of those beings who are trapped in this old Earth. The old Earth that we are referring to is the Earth of the lower density vibration, which is represented by emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred, and the worst emotion of all, fear. Because my friends, when those beings who are under the influence of those emotions will experience the old Earth, and those beings who are in the upper levels of vibration will begin to experience the new Earth, which is the new first phased fourth density planet.

In essence, Earth is being separated slowly as the time passes by, like the clock striking the hour. The times upon your planet are changing slowly and Earth is being separated into two parts. One part wherein the humans who have already ascended and are matching the fourth density vibration will reside on the fourth density planet. And they will face easy abundance because fourth density is a density of lack of any conflict, unity, and peace. This is the density wherein many people will experience love for other beings and they will become far more connected with each other.

However, there are many beings on your planet who still are on the old vibration Earth. And therefore, on the coming month of May, the intensity of the energies of the lower vibration of the old Earth will begin to affect these beings even more. And they will begin to experience even more intense pain and suffering. And a lot of people on your planet will begin to leave the third density or physical vehicles due to certain problems of Earth’s conflict and Earth cycles changing.

Because the cycle of the planet Earth is changing at a rapid pace, it will slowly begin to affect each and every being on the planet. Who reside on Earth must understand this concept clearly. That Earth is now separating into two phases. The one phase wherein the fourth density beings will reside, which started in the month of April 11th. And as per this instrument’s previous contacts, the one known as Metatron had previously informed your kind about these happenings.

Now, beloved friends, we are here to tell you that an important galactic event is going to happen on the month of May at the time of the so-called full moon on your planet. On the May 26th, which will embark the beginning of the activation of starseeds and wanderers who have already incarnated on planet Earth in huge numbers.

There will be many more starseeds and wanderers who have already incarnated from the 11th of April, and many more will continue to incarnate on Earth in order to assist in this ascension process. Now, the starseeds will begin to activate and they will begin to develop abilities via the galactic codes of upgradation that we are going to send through the cosmos.

We, the Pleiadians, along with our galactic brothers, are going to send light codes in order to help in the ascension process. And those who vibrate in the fourth upper levels will receive huge upgrades on the day of the 26th May. Therefore, my beloved friends, it is vitally important to understand in order to accept the galactic codes that we will send towards you on May 26th, you must be at a higher vibration for the coming next.

Please focus on the positive side instead of watching the news that’s so horrifying events for your kind. Keep your mind space empty and keep your mind space clean. For a clean mind is required for you to understand the complexities of life. You must understand that life, my beloved friends, is a journey of exploration and you have a choice. You have the free will. Don’t focus on the negativity because the negativity wants to pull you down into the old planet. The negative wants to keep you back.

Please understand that this message is a message of calling for all the beings who are listening to this message and who resonates and who wants to accept the DNA upgrades which will start on May 26th, for especially the starseeds and the wanderers. Because tremendous amounts of genetic upgradation via the use of light energies will begin on May 26th, which will help in the ascension process.

Also, this instrument desires to understand about the One Infinite Creator. We are here to tell you that the distortion known as the One Infinite Creator, of which many beings whom this instrument comes in contact with including us, use as a symbolic representation of the reverence that we have of the One Infinite Creator.

Let us tell you that the One Creator is you, us, and everything that ever was created and will be created in the cosmos. Even the so-called stone that you step on every day is the One Infinite Creator. For many on your planet do not realize this and therefore get trapped into the old third density energies of not recognizing each as the creator.

The One Infinite Creator can also be described in other vibratory sound complex terms as the intelligence that pervades the universe or the intelligent infinity that is everywhere. Many of your people confuse the One Infinite Creator to be a single entity. However, this is not a fact. It is everything and emerges from everything. And to describe it using your vibratory sound complex terms would be of extreme difficulty to your kinds.

Our greeting to you in the form of the One Creator signifies the reverence and respect we have for you as the creator. As we are therefore each entity, no matter on which density of existence, has the powers of the creator to drastically change the course of the whole population or the complex it is born into. One single source of the creator can on being positively polarized share the love light into the cosmos and create more positivity. Likewise, the other way around is also possible.

Therefore, our beloved friends, we greet you always in the love and the light of the One Creator. Even though we may be from the higher density, we must respect that you are also the creators. To explain this concept, let us tell you a short story in your language terms to make you better understand this concept of the One Infinite Creator.

At a certain time space on a certain planet, which was habitable for later third density consciousness, thus like on Earth, there used to be a so-called king or ruler who called upon a certain knowledgeable being who was considered the most knowledgeable on that time space to ask about the two questions that this king had.

One being, where does the One Infinite Creator live? And the second query, what can the One Infinite Creator do? This wise being then turned back to his so-called home, in your language terms, and was left dumbfounded as it was not able to find the answers to the above queries placed by the so-called king.

This made the wise being worried and seeing him worry, its counterpart, the so-called wife, as your kind refers to in your language terms, asked this being what the worry was about. Then it told its wife the queries placed by the king regarding the One Infinite Creator.

Then this counterpart entity told that it can answer these questions and requested that it be taken before this king. Therefore, this knowledgeable entity took its counterpart to the king and told the king that its counterpart will answer the queries.

This counterpart entity then asked for water and told the king to look at the water as the answers to the first query can be found in the water. The king entity could not fully understand what this counterpart entity meant and asked for an explanation wherein this counterpart entity said that in the water, there are many other elements mixed in it, although many are not visible to the senses.

In a similar manner, the One Creator lives in every being and is in everyone and everywhere at once. Then the king became satisfied with the answer and asked for the answer to the second query, upon which the counterpart entity replied that the answer again lies in the same water.

Water, if used properly, can penetrate and cut through even the hardest materials and yet can be the softest thing in the world. It depends on the use that each being puts it into. Therefore, the king finally understood the meaning of the One Infinite Creator.

We also hope that our explanations in your language terms suffice your understanding of this diverse concept. Therefore, we leave you now, beloveds. We are the Pleiadians. Bye.