Session #39 • Metatron

This Method Was Used to BUILD PYRAMIDS & Will Manifest Anything You DESIRE | Super Moon

Summary: The text discusses the power of consciousness in manifesting physical realities. It explains that consciousness creates thought forms, which can be projected onto and manifested in another plane. The text also emphasizes the importance of gratitude in attracting positive outcomes. The author encourages readers to be grateful during the upcoming full pink moon in Scorpio to invite abundance into their lives.

I am a metatron magnetic consciousness. I greet you again in the divine love and light of the light grid programmer. Before I start sharing my thoughts, please remember that you have free will, and your free will is of utmost importance for me to preserve. Use your discernment when listening to my messages today.

This instrument desires to understand how to manifest or create physical manifestations in this beginning phased fourth density planet. As known by this instrument, the cycles of transformation are upon your planet at these times, which signifies the changes in consciousness on your planet. These new planetary shifts are now beginning to activate many dormant abilities within your people of the so-called manifestations and creation.

In essence, each is the divine great programmer. However, through the process of incarnation, each has forgotten about these innate abilities of creation. Creation is a part of the consciousness that encompasses each being in the cosmos. Consciousness is the creator of all that exists. In essence, consciousness creates your reality.

For any entity on your planet to create physical manifestations, whatever it may be, can be achieved via the use of consciousness and thought forms. However, many on your planet have not understood that consciousness is the attention that resides, which enables each to feel its bodily parts and other parts if it so desires.

Further, the desires of creation depend on the lack that any particular entity is facing. An entity who has everything it desires would not have any new desires. However, many on your plane do not have it all, and hence desire is the creation of this energy to create new physical materials.

Let me tell you in simple terms, the connection is simple. Your thought forms, if projected on by your consciousness or attention, will be created instantly on another plane, that of the sixth density plane as known by this channel. Your attention of consciousness creates new materials, and physical manifestations are the same results of this attention of consciousness on thought forms.

In essence, this is how when the once known as Ra came upon your planet and created the so-called pyramids. Since I and many other beings, including these beings known as the Ra Confederation, are already in the sixth density, creation is easy for us. We just project our attention, our consciousness, on any thought form, and it will occur instantly.

And for the purpose of distortion that you call example, let me presume that I was to incarnate onto your planet into a human mind-body complex. Then, for me to create the reality, I would need to focus my attention of consciousness on the thought forms, which are a combination of the sixth senses with your five senses. The sixth sense is also referred to as your imagination by your kinds. And thereby, after creating this connection between all the six senses in the mind, project out the attention onto this image for a period of time.

During such a moment of time wherein the eyes are closed or shut, this will cause the consciousness to project outward into thought form, and it will soon begin to take shape in another plane. It will immediately be created in the sixth density plane. However, for it to be seen on the fourth density planet, as your timeline is on now, will require an approximate germination period. This could be considered similar to the time taken for a seed to germinate or a baby to be born, depending on the complexities of the manifestation and thought form. It will be created in time-space.

Let me give you a better understanding of what are thought forms. These are those forms that are the combination of the basic three things that are required for any form of creation. One is the imaginative self, that is, in essence, the astral self when one ponders upon it from the first person view inside the mind of such an entity. The combination of the imaginative form with feelings and emotions and sound will create the basic thought forms necessary for any manifestation to occur on your planets.

Let me give you an application of these so-called thought forms in your time-space plane that, upon application by your people or by you, would lead to the creation of so-called physical manifestations. This instrument possesses a so-called mobile phone upon which it, using its free will, may set up the so-called alarms for at least three times during the waking day. During each alarm, the message of congratulations of success would be inserted upon the manifestation of its desires accomplished on the physical plane.

And on receiving such alarms during the time-space upon which they will appear on its so-called mobile phone, applying the thought-form projections and seeing the physical embodiment of its desires and feeling the joy and happiness upon receiving it or the satisfaction that would accompany it, and also projecting upon this the sound distortion which can be equated to the voice that can be heard inside your mind. This sound distortion can also be verbalized. However, doing so would cause many other entities on your planet to perceive you otherwise.

This, accompanied by the application of consciousness projection onto thought forms of desired distortion during the times when your eyes remain shut, such as during resting times or sleep times, would aid in the creation of these thought forms into reality faster. If you can understand this concept of thought forms, of which we have explained in much detail today, you will know that the thought form is more regular in its distortion than the energy fields created by the materials in the physical world, which are all created through thought forms.

Thought forms turn into finite energy in the sixth density, followed by their germination and appearance onto your planets. The physical world is, in essence, a delayed reflection of your thought forms. If an entity realizes this, then it would cause such an entity to understand that the creation of the creator is within.

Further, I would like to state that there have already been many entities upon your planets who understood the use of these thought forms. And now let me tell you that tomorrow starts the so-called full pink moon in Scorpio, which means that it is a special time of gratitude for all. Gratitude is the key that opens up the highest vibration of your people.

I know that gratitude is mostly forgotten by many of your kinds. However, it is extremely powerful, and by being grateful, you will invite more of the things that you are grateful toward. It is a type of cyclic energy into the core of your being. Whatever you are grateful towards will immediately start to appear on your timelines.

Therefore, on these two days of 26th and 27th, be grateful for all you have in your life. Be grateful for your family and health, and be grateful for the moon’s existence. This is a very auspicious day for your people on the planet. Show gratefulness, and you will receive the rewards in full return.

Therefore, I leave you now in the divine love light of the divine great programmer, the one creator, and turn to the mountain of light Cayearon. Bye.