Session #196 • Pleiadians

Its Already Started But People Don't See It

Summary: The Pleiadians communicate that the upcoming event is the destruction of the reptilians in the inner earth, which will be triggered by solar flares. They mention that the elites are working with the reptilians to control humanity. They also predict that Elon Musk will shape-shift into a reptilian and work towards separation and control. Aura infringement is described as the violation of an individual's energetic fields, leading to imbalances. The spiritual significance of aura infringement includes energetic sovereignty, spiritual growth, karmic lessons, and energy hygiene. They suggest a method of becoming self-aware to protect oneself from energetic infringements.

We are The Pleiadians and we are now in communication at this time through this instrument’s vibratory rhythms and its connection with the Divine consciousness of the one infinite creator. We communicate now from our location in the Alcyone planetary sphere and the Pleiadian star system and are now going to transfer our thoughts to the people of Earth Planet and to answer the various queries which may be of aid in the understanding and discernment of this timeline. Furthermore, the query relates primarily with the understanding of what event is coming as per the previous channeling session with this instrument. We must state that the event is the destruction of the reptilians which are located in the inner earth. Since the sun’s vibration rhythms, known as solar flares, once they become enough recharged with the positive vibration and once they hit Earth, this will lead to the Earth being covered with a positive vibration. At the end, the reptilians in the inner earth will begin.

However, this is only stopped by the people which many on the planet referred to as the elites, who are working in coordination with reptilians. All actions they perform in human society is to control people and to stop the unification of humanity. These entities are working together with the negatively oriented entities in order to try and work in the vibration of understanding about the rhythms of Awakening and having a heightened state of Mastery of the vibration which is related in this timeline. This furthermore means that the entities must realize that this is the pattern of inner earth or the ends of the reptilian social memory complex who are found on the inner earth which is about to happen in your space-time.

However, we find that there are certain intrusions which are already present as we can sense many of the members of your Human Social memory complex. The people in power have already joined the reptilian social memory complex through a device known by your people as neural link. Thereby, they are being instructed every action by The Reptilian Orion Anunnaki social memory complex in order to control humanity and to create more fear and separation. Furthermore, the other query relates to the vibration of what is the Looking Glass event for July. Upon scanning the Looking Glass, we found that there is one timeline which is highlighted more, and that is in the Looking Glass. It is shown that one of the elites of your planet will shape-shift into a reptilian social memory complex. It is an entity who is well known by a people named as Elon Musk and your planetary sphere. Since its connection with the reptilians has been extremely of a positive nature, it will swap completely with a reptilian soul and all of its projects will be targeted towards separation and creating more control of humanity, such as the creation of a highly advanced neural link device as well as other systems which will trigger humanity to be separated in the timeline. Therefore, this event is to take place around July 27th. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must state that the best way to stop this event would be to send love and light protection to the being known as Elon Musk during the state of meditation and also protect the Earth planets. This will shield the Earth from any negative vibrations.

The other portion of the query relates to what is an aura infringement. We the Pleiadians must firstly state that an aura infringement, as understood by the civilization, refers to an action or occurrence where an individual entity’s energetic fields known as the aura is affected or violated by an external force or entity. This aura is considered to be a subtle energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates a living mind, body, and spirit complex, which reflects its spiritual, emotional, and energetic state of consciousness. An aura infringement can take on various types of forms, such as an intrusion, which may be considered deliberate by another entity into one’s energetic fields. Many times, this usually occurs in the imposition of negative or disruptive energetic vibrations around the aura fields or the disturbance caused by catalysts of the illusion complex, which leads to incompatible or disharmonious vibrations. This intrusion can disrupt the balance, the flow, and the well-being of an individual’s energetic system, which can potentially result in emotional, mental, or physical imbalances. Furthermore, many of the social memory complexes primarily practice the process of shielding their aura as it is vitally important in maintaining an individual entity’s health and spiritual growth. Practices such as energy shielding, meditation, and energy healing are primarily used by many entities to restore the aura and to promote a state of balance and well-being.

Furthermore, we the Pleiadians must also state that the other query relates to how an aura infringement happens and its consequences. We must state that an aura infringement usually occurs via various means, and its consequences can vary depending on the nature and extent of the infringement caused. The first is the energetic intrusion. In many instances, an entity with ill intention may deliberately invade into another’s aura, trying to manipulate, control, or extract the energy fields from it. This can lead to a disruption in the individual’s energy balance and result in emotional and mental distress, with feelings of being drained or manipulated and a general unease that is found within the self.

The second type is known as negative energy imposition, wherein many individual mind-body-spirit complexes in environments with heavily charged negative vibrations can unintentionally project negative energy onto another entity’s aura. This can cause the affected individual to experience mood swings resulting in stress or anxiety and a decrease in overall vitality and a general sense of being energetically pulled down. The other type is energetic incompatibility. When two energy fields with significantly different vibrations come into close contact, there can be an energetic clash resulting in an aura infringement. This clash of auras can disrupt the flow of energy within the aura fields, leading to feelings of unease, confusion, or physical discomfort. Furthermore, the other portion of the query relates to the spiritual significance of aura infringement.

The spiritual significance of aura infringement can be understood that our energy fields  that is found within all beings, including the aura, are interconnected with the spiritual essence and consciousness. Furthermore, many times, the aspects of the spiritual significance of aura infringement cannot be understood without self-awareness. Therefore, the first type is known as energetic sovereignty. Wherein, the aura infringement emphasizes the maintenance and preservation of an entity’s energetic sovereignty. It reminds individuals of their individual power and responsibility to safeguard their energetic boundaries, ensuring that the energy field remains aligned with their authentic self and higher spiritual purpose. The second type may be considered as spiritual growth and awareness. Aura infringements can serve as catalysts for spiritual growth and self-awareness. They can provide individuals with opportunities to become self-aware and examine their own energetic vulnerabilities, boundaries, and self-care practices. By addressing and healing the effects of an infringement, individuals can deepen their understanding of themselves, enhance their energetic resilience, and refine their spiritual pathway.

Furthermore, the other type involves karmic lessons and soul contracts. Furthermore aura infringements may be viewed as part of an individual entity’s karmic journey or soul contracts. They can present multiple opportunities or lessons to be learned in personal boundaries, discernment, forgiveness, and compassion. Furthermore by navigating and resolving such infringements in the visualized portion of consciousness, one can evolve spiritually, learn valuable lessons, and contribute to their soul’s growth and expansion. The fourth type is energy hygiene and spiritual practices. Aura infringements highlight the significance of maintaining positive energy vibrations and engaging in spiritual practices. Furthermore practices such as meditation and the practice of smiling in all situations, even with a fake smile, which is the greatest protection, can allow one entity to strengthen the aura and protect it from any type of infringement. A smile is connected to the lower energy centers, and as the muscles of the mouth mimic these energy flows from the mouth area to the lower energy centers, leading to the creation of the auric field, which protects from any type of negative vibrations.

The other portion of the query relates to the vibration of understanding of the aspects related to a simple method which will allow entities to protect themselves from energetic infringements or aura infringement. We must state that there is but one method which can be used as a method of becoming self-aware. Furthermore, this requires entities upon your planet to firstly close their eyes, take deep breaths in, and center themselves. By doing so, they can direct their attention to the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head area, and the observation of thoughts shall commence. Wherein, by paying attention to the content and thought forms, if a thought about a future or another time arises, it can be labeled with a letter “f” for fiction. These are thoughts that may involve speculation, planning, or reminiscing. Furthermore, thoughts about the present moment, which arise naturally without a specific time focus, do not require any labeling to be done. This practice must be continued for a few minutes which can allow for thoughts to come and go further the exercise of practice will allow for a reflection on one’s thought form and will also lead to protection and enhancement of the auric fields all the individual social being.

Therefore we shall now address the other portion of the query which relates with the soul evolutionary journey of an entity known as Bob Lazar in your planetary sphere. Furthermore, The Entity was incarnated in this timeline on 1959 and the entry furthermore has had an impact in the earth planets in the terms of providing knowledge about the existence of extraterrestrial crafts from another civilization and their form. This entity in this timeline has been of a nature which may be considered as a positively oriented being who is spreading the message to the people of humanity to awaken them to the truth that is hidden within their social memory complex. Furthermore, We the Pleiadians must state that the entity prior to this current Incarnation was found in the location of the lands as known by the people as Andromeda Z wherein The Entity known as Bob spent its timeline learning to stabilize its vibrations and the aspect of understanding about the nature of Love vibration and practice love in each moment. The unconditional loved ones practiced by the century it was then eligible to graduate into the fourth density and was sent to the planet of Zeta Reticuli ZR 3 as known by your people where in the entity spends its Incarnation as a teacher of love and lights in that planetary sphere.

It created a soul contracts for the next Incarnation which is the current Incarnation on the Earth planet wherein it would incarnate and it would meet with the Zeta Reticule again in the earth planets and it will helps to spread the message of the Technologies which were hidden from the Human Society. Furthermore, The Entity is a Wanderer here at this timeline and prior to the Incarnation on the Zeta Reticule it was found in one of the incarnations in the lands of China around the space-time of 1549 it was known as Shibia. In that time it spent its Incarnation trying to assist the second density animal life forms in survival and also help other human entities to understand about how to take care of second density life forms. It taught many entities about the various methodologies that can be used in the taking care of second density livestocks. Furthermore, prior to that it was also found in the lands of Tartaria around the space-time of 2100 years as it interacts and as a tartarian with other beings it learned valuable lessons about the third density beginning lessons of self-awareness and then prior to this it was found in the location on the lands of the planets of Venus at a time of 607 million years ago wherein it was given the surname of Ira which meant the light and the language terms of the Venusians. Furthermore, we the Pleiadians now disconnect in lights in love of the one Creator.