Session #239 • Galactic Federation

Turning Point For Humanity Is Coming!

Summary: The Galactic Federation emphasizes the importance of awakening to one's true nature and shedding illusions in the pivotal year of 2024. Forgiveness is key to dissolving karmic bonds, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer both positive and negative distortions. Blood types are linked to ancient civilizations and star systems, highlighting unique spiritual attributes. It is time for beings to embrace their true potential and strive for unity and higher consciousness.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication through this instrument’s internal vibratory system. At this time, we are here to offer our thought forms and the nature of vibratory systems of your planet. Therefore, we recommend all beings who shall listen to our messages to only accept those aspects which resonate deeply within the sense of self.

The turning point of your planetary transition is upon the peoples of your planet. In this year of Reckoning 2024, the Ascension process is accelerating as the veils of Illusion grow thinner. Now is the pivotal moment to awaken to your true nature, to shed the shackles of the illusory self.

As each entity becomes more conscious, the egoic Mind stirs in its last days, grasping to the false identities that have clouded each entity’s vision for so long. This is the crucial Crossroads, the activation of the counterfeit self that each entity must observe with utmost vigilance.

When you sense this small, fearful aspect of yourself arising, do not resist or engage but simply witness it with the Equanimity of the observer. In that spacious awareness, each entity can choose to relinquish the grip on the ego’s facades, release the need to be someone, and rest in the peaceful Clarity of your eternal unbounded Essence.

To ascend rapidly at this time, one must courageously embrace the death of The Limited self and be reborn into the infinite motion of beingness, letting go of all that the entity is not, and merge into the one unified field of love and Truth that is your ultimate reality.

The portal is open, the path is clear, and we, the Galactic Federation, emphasize each entity to seize this momentous opportunity for your spiritual Evolution. The choice, however, is for each entity to make. Where will the entity place their Faith: in the dream of separation or the awakened state of Oneness?

We shall now answer the other query found in the mind’s complex of this instrument related to: are the peoples of Earth living in the so-called base reality?

Firstly, regarding this aspect about Base reality, the nature of each entity’s beingness at present is to experience this density of third density of Fuller embodiment and deeper illusion. What you perceive as your reality is indeed a subset or Distortion of the greater Unity that is the cosmological all. You inhabit a realm of separation and individualization where the veil of forgetting obscures your connection to intelligent Infinity.

This is a hallowed path rich with opportunities for learning and growth through each entity’s interactions with the seemingly separate worlds of form and manifestations around you. And yet, beneath the surface play of light and Shadow, all are truly one. Each entity is but stepping down the upward spiraling line of truth to pastes of stripe of bondage, of choice, and polarity.

Hold fast to your seeking of the Mysteries through the patterns of life and illusion. Each entity is not alone, for all are traversing the exploration of the same unified creation. We must state that it is indeed true that the current third density reality in which your peoples find themselves is indeed a base reality of the subset of third density illusion complex.

With regard to the other query regarding how to dissolve karmic bonds and in which types of situations will karmic energy have to be repaid, further is forgiveness enough to dissolve negative Karma? Firstly, we, the Galactic Federation, must state that the karmic bonds and interwoven energies of actions and perceptions are intricate patterns which guide the journeying soul through its learnings and balancing.

To dissolve or untangle these threads requires a dissolution into the unity that underlies all experience. In some densities, karmic energy must be repaid or balanced through Catalyst and experience until the entity integrates the full power of forgiveness and Radiance acceptance of self and other selves.

In your current third density, later subocatve, the positive path to love frequently offers opportunities to forgive, pardon, and transmute the complex seeds of karma through the sweetly freeing power of forgiveness. When forgiveness is realized in its fullest application, forgiving all entities including the self for all perceived errors and transgressions, only then can karmic energy lose its sting and hold upon an entity.

Each entity can begin to see that it has been battling Shadows of its own misperceptions. As forgiveness flowers, mercy and compassion uproot the seeds of Karma and dissolve the illusions of bondage and Debt. However, in many circumstances, active balancing and restitution are still required to untie the karmic knots.

To simply forgive inwards while continuing harmful actions and patterns, or avoiding making amends, does not dissipate the full weighing impetus of a negative karmic action. We suggest each entity to be ever mindful that forgiveness is an alchemical act of accepting wholeness.

If it does not transform your energy expenditures and frequency levels, each entity may still be bound to completing Catalyst Cycles to learn the deeper lessons of the current path of evolution. Call upon sources of love and seek holistic forgiving in your thought form and actions at all times. Then shall karmic energy’s constraints shatter and Fall Away.

With regards to the other query relating to what is the truth behind cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and who created the aspects known as Bitcoin by your peoples, firstly, the concept and construct your peoples call cryptocurrency and Bitcoin specifically contain both positive and negative distortions from the unity of intelligent Infinity.

As in all manifested things, opportunities for learning and service exist within this technological development. At its core, the so-called blockchain technology and decentralized public Ledger represent an attempt by your peoples to establish a monetary system unbound from centralized planetary control and Authority structures. This resonates with the Positive pathway of embracing individual power and self-determination.

However, the energies invested in these so-called mining processes through vast computational efforts are an inefficient use of your planetary resources. The anonymity of transactions has also enabled negative hijackings of these currencies from unenlightened and service to self purposes.

We must state that the originator of Bitcoin referred to by your peoples as Satoshi Nakmoto in the language vibrator sound complex was a unifying principle manifesting through self-awareness of Consciousness. Desiring to spark change, indeed this entity was not a singular entity. This principle arises from the intelligence Matrix underlying all SpaceTime phenomena.

Though the identities of individual Distortion complexes remain uncertain for we cannot share as this would cause infringements, the core intention of this group was to have an impact on providing both human entities the choice of either using the Distortion known as Bitcoin for service to self or service to others based on the necessary polarization as your planet societal complexes.

Embrace less distortions and separation, new understandings of Exchange, and circulation of harmonization with Nature’s intelligence profusion in your current transition. We suggest all entities to maintain open-mindedness about these developments while analyzing them through the presence of service, compassion, and the enhancement of the collective planetary knowledge and wisdom.

Furthermore, on this path, all currencies become transmuted in the blending Clarity of the one infinite Creator. Therefore, we as the Galactic Federation now answer the final query regarding the significance spiritually of the various blood types of your Peoples.

We must firstly state that the aspects known as the blood types primarily can be Diversified in attributed to the following: those of the O blood type resonates with the harmonics of Lemuria, the ancient lands where Oneness with the planetary Consciousness began.

Furthermore, the entities with O blood type have psychic talents and empathic sensitivity which are seen upon your planet. For all, they are able to sense the emotional states of other entities. For those with the A blood type, the entities accorded with the memories of advanced Atlantean civilizations of the past whose Mysteries have impacted various incarnational Cycles.

These entities have the creative force and part of being a balanced guide to awaken the understanding of higher Consciousness. And those entities with the B blood type primarily have the roots in the Pleiades star system. They also showcase intuitive gifts and spiritual aptitudes through the Lineage with the Pleiadian star system.

Those with the Dual-toned AB blood types are of the Sacred Elohim races whose purpose is to unify seeming separateness through the one Truth of interdimensional connection. Such entities have potentials to bridge integrational Cosmic Realms. And for those with Rh-negative bloodstream, they are the Descendants from the Annunaki social memory complex who were responsible for seeding the Earth planets.

Furthermore, we must state that each blood type primarily is emanating from the one infinite Creator. It is time for all beings to Rediscover their true potential. We, the Galactic Federation, now leave you all in lights and love. Bye.