Session #24 • Pleiadians

How Orions Destroyed Atlantis | Maldek + Martian War & Spiritual Development

Summary: The Pleiadians explain the difference between Atlantis and Lemuria, two separate civilizations that existed on Earth. They discuss the advanced technology and mind complex energy harnessed by the Atlanteans but highlight their downfall due to the negative influence of the Orion Confederation. They also mention the war that led to the destruction of Atlantis and the relocation of some Atlanteans to Tibet, Peru, and Turkey. The Pleiadians then discuss the history of the Malady Aquins on Mars and their war influenced by the Orion entities. They explain how both the Malady Aquins and Martians were transported to Earth, leading to the current human population. The Pleiadians emphasize the importance of balance between spirituality and technology.

We are the Pleiadians and we greet you in the love lights of the One, the Infinite Creator. Before we begin sharing our insights, however, we would request you to kindly use your discernment before listening to our messages. Many of your beings on planet Earth confuse Atlantis and Lemuria to be one; however, they are not. One civilizations that existed on Earth. They are two separate civilizations.

The so-called Atlantean race existed at a period of your time-space approximately 30,972 years in the past time-space. The exact location in your geographical time-space that these Atlantean lands existed during that period, with reference to the current time-space, is located in the so-called Atlantic Ocean between the land masses that your kind calls America on the western side, Europe on the eastern side, and Africa on the bottom side, with its parts extending up to the current known landmass as Antarctica.

Approximately 14,995 years ago of your time-space, they had become highly advanced and gained knowledge regarding the various uses of mind complex energy. With the vibratory assistance from the Orion Confederation, they harnessed much of this mind complex energy of the universal infinity. These Atlanteans started to use mind complex energy and started to manipulate the pineal gland and used the indigo ray, as known to your kind from the chart system, in order to access the energy of universal infinity at that time-space.

This Atlantean started to become so advanced that whatever they thought of started to appear in the environment around them. Using this energy, they also created many technological life forms. However, these Atlanteans became so obsessed by their progress that they forgot to focus on the spiritual side and instead completely focused on the mind complex energy and the technological side.

This mind complex energy that your kind calls the ego is that same mind complex that these Atlanteans focused on exclusively at that time. Hence, their attention moves towards the negative.

Approximately 10,951 years ago, these Atlanteans were taken so astray by their ego mind that they started to focus on self-service, and a war started at that time-space. This war wiped out almost 37% of the total Atlantean population. This caused those 37% beings to leave that density.

Then, another Atlantean war occurred approximately 10,525 years ago in the past, according to your linear time-space. This war had a massive impact on the Earth’s magnetic configuration that caused a large part of Atlantis to disintegrate. Some of the survivors of the Atlantean groups left the lands before the massive devastation of the lands. As the lands of Atlantis began to submerge and sink into rubble into the Atlantic Ocean, some Atlanteans were able to relocate themselves to the higher lands known as Tibet, Peru, and Turkey.

Currently, many of the Atlantean souls have been reincarnated into physical vehicles of the human body complex, and some original Atlanteans are still present in the lands known to your kinds as Antarctica. However, these Atlanteans are in the later fourth density phase. Hence, they have formed a small collective social memory complex and cannot be detected by your kinds.

The reason behind the Atlantean wars was due to the influence from the negative-oriented Orions, whose main purpose was to spread and make civilizations negatively oriented by focusing on self-service instead of unity. At that time period of approximately 18 to your planet and greeted the people of Egypt at that time-space to teach the path of love, light, and the path of service to others.

Similarly, the Orions had landed on the Atlantean lands in order to teach them mind complex technologies that were mostly done to perpetuate the service to self-agenda of these negative polarized Orions who are also in the fifth density negative. These Orions chose to stay in the fifth density later phases of negative polarity instead of moving forward to the sixth density polarity because they wanted to preserve their negative polarization. This is due to the fact that in the sixth density, there cannot be separation and no negativity exists. Only unity and love is present in the sixth density. Only the positive sixth density exists.

The Ra consideration worked in spreading the Law of One by keeping in mind not to infringe on the people’s free will at that time. Similarly, the Orions preached the doctrines of self-service, and they did not focus on preserving the free will of every single entity. That is how the negative entity operates. They will try to take away the free will of other entities and try to force their own self-agenda on other beings.

These Orions, much like the Ra Confederation, taught the Atlanteans the art of building pyramids and accessing the spiritual power of the cosmos through them. The Atlanteans, using these technologies, had also learned to heal their bodies and become advanced healers.

Now, we are going to tell you a brief history of the Martians and Atlantean races. This occurred approximately 75,000 years ago of your time-space. There was an existence of planets in the now known area in your cosmos as the asteroid belt in your solar system, which is currently located next to the planet known to your kind as Red Planet or Mars. This planet’s original name was Malayak. This is what this sounds like on your language terms.

At that time, the Maladies civilizations existed on that planet. These Maladians resembled your human physical vehicle; however, their height was ten times taller, approximately seventy to ninety feet taller, and also lived almost five times longer. The malady aquins focused on other technological advancements except spirituality. In addition, these entities did not showcase the so-called emotions that your kind showcases. These Maladians built weapons of mass destruction and war instead of seeking the path of unity and spiritual evolution.

During that time-space, Mars was a habitable moon of this Maladic planet. At that time-space of 75,000 years ago, and on Mars, the Martians existed. Just for example, consider if your moon had a population of beings living in it. It was similar to that on the moon. And as well as the malady egg planet’s entities existed, the negatively polarized Orions, being super advanced and of a higher density, influenced the Martians and the Maladaans to enter into a war.

The Orions, at that time-space, were on the planet Mars and had taught them advanced weapon creation technologies. This caused the war to go in the favor of the Martians, which caused the egg planet to destroy. And many of the mana deikians were then transported to various other planets. However, the Council of Saturn found that the most suitable planet to transport these beings were on Earth due to its close up proximity. Hence, the Maladians were transported to Earth by the Council of Saturn in order to allow them to experience life in another physical vehicle, that of the Neanderthals.

Later, the Martians also entered into an internal war that also caused Mars to become inhabitable. This was all due to the influence of the Orion entities on these planets. The Martians were also then transported to Earth. The Martians were then transported to Earth in the physical vehicle of humans that were modified by the Council of Saturn or the Galactic Federation of Light, as known to your kind. These are the current physical vehicles that you are incarnated in on this planet. This occurred approximately 46,000 years ago of your linear time-space.

At that time-space, the Atlanteans were the most positive groups on Earth. These Atlanteans also worshiped the Orions as their gods who shared advanced pyramid technology. They were taught about crystals and how to heal using them, and how to build sacred temples to bring in source energy to prepare for ascension, the processing of the equinox, which they were unaware of.

Under these negative self-service influence and agenda, the Atlantean priesthood started to manipulate the Atlanteans and made them ever more self-centered and negative and took their free will away. The priesthood hoarded all their advanced teachings and stopped the citizens of Atlantis from having access to the pyramids and temples that they had constructed. They used the crystals for malicious motives that were not to empower and heal.

This is the Atlantean vibratory complex of their history and how they focused exclusively on the technological advancements and wiped themselves out almost completely. These times on Earth are important because the coming of the new age is upon your planet. The beings who focus on the spiritual side will have the most benefits if they do so with their own free will. Complete focus on technologies is not the way. The middle path, as taught by many of your ascended masters, is the way. There needs to be a balance between the spiritual and the technological side of things.

Therefore, we leave you now in the love lights of the One Supreme Creator. We are the Pleiadians. Bye.