Session #25 • RA

How Dark Entities Tried to Stop Me & How to be Immune to Negative Forces

Summary: The negative entities, primarily the negatively polarized Orions and Anunnakis, are influencing people on Earth. Despite the quarantine that prevents other species from visiting, these entities are beaming negative energy to Earth. They preach service to self and control over others, in contrast to teachings of free will and service to others. Those seeking self-service are affected by these negative energies, which manifest as anger, hate, regrets, and fear. To be immune to these influences, individuals must focus on the love and light within their own hearts and apply higher consciousness emotions such as love, forgiveness, and optimism. Each individual has the choice to resist or succumb to these negative influences.

I am Ra, we greet you in the love lights of the one, the infinite creator. We are here to share our insights with you. However, note that these insights that we share should only be accepted if your heart resonates with it. Therefore, today this instrument seeks to understand how the negative entities, those primarily of the negatively polarized Orions and the negatively polarized Anunnakis, influence the people on your planets.

At these times, the quarantine is placed on Earth which does not allow any other extra density species to visit Earth. However, the energies of influence are being beamed at Earth from both the positive as well as the negative entities. At the present time-space, the negative entities preach about service to self and control over other entities. Their teachings are different from our teachings of free will and service to others.

These entities are bombarding Earth with negative energy. Also, those beings on your planet at this time who seek more self-service oriented polarity will get affected by these energies. Those with positive polarity to a certain degree are completely free of any influence from these negative energies.

These negative energies prey on those that seek such self-service influence and vibration. These negative energies will make each entity that accepts the energy to be overflowing with energies or emotions that your kind calls anger, hate, regrets, and mostly fear.

These entities mainly create fear in the minds of the various entities in your time-space. Those whose vibrations match with this energy will become affected by it. However, these energies are all around you. For instance, in every situation, there is a positive and negative aspect. It depends on the entity whether it chooses to focus on the positive or the negative.

Further, to gain immunity or be unaffected by these oncoming energies, an entity needs to focus on the love light that is within its own heart and with the activation of the heart chakra and its energies, focusing on the positive side even when the negative shows itself will make such entities immune against the negative energies.

The negative entities want to spread the lower consciousness emotions such as that stated above, which are those of fear, hate, regrets, etc. These can be immunized by the application of higher consciousness emotions such as love, forgiveness, and optimism. This is the only way an entity on your planets can become immune to so-called negative influence. However, the choice lies upon each entity on your planet to choose its appropriate distortions, for each entity has its own free will and choice on this third-density illusion that abounds each of you.

This answers your query at this time-space. We leave you now in the love light of the one infinite creator. Therefore, go forth rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one creator. Adonai.