Session #151 • Galactic Federation

King Charles III

Summary: The Galactic Federation warns about discernment before accepting their thoughts as truth. They claim that King Charles III of England will join the Reptilian social memory complex through a neural link with Elon Musk. This is part of an agreement between the royal family and the reptilians. The silver cord is described as an unbreakable energy link between the physical and astral bodies. It is influenced by energy center balance and is important for protection during astral projection and sleep states. Entities with a consciousness level above 600 can affect reality and control the world.

We are Galactic Federation and we communicate now truth is instruments vibration patterns with the Galactic Federation would recommend each entity to use discernment before listening to our thoughts and using inner and size to choose those thoughts which will be accepted as the truth today. This instrument desires to understand the query related with is the entry known as King Charles III who is as known by your people the new king of England controlled by negative entities. With the Galactic Federation shall now split our thoughts, however, we must state that the information which we shall relate today and fire the process of thought form osmosis maybe and information that may lead the instruments to become a target of negative oriented entities if it decides to share the information to the people of the Earth planet. However, it has the free will to do what it desires.

Furthermore, The Entity known as King Charles III as known by your people currently is in the process and upon scanning its vibrations we have received information that the entity will be joining The Reptilian social memory complex by following a type of agreement which had been created by its previous predecessors along with the reptilian social memory complex. This entity known as King Charles III will have to meet with the entity known as Elon Musk and new wave of insertion of neural link which will connect the soul complex directly to the reptilian social memory complex is the event which has been planned by the entry known as King Charles III and the entity known as Elon Musk. This event is scheduled to be held roughly around the end of the month of September. However, we cannot exactly decipher when they will do so.

Furthermore, previously the insertion into the social memory complex of the reptilians involved rituals and soul swap. However, now the certain device known as neural link which also has Technologies granted by The Reptilian social memory complex is the de facto and simplest way these entries can join into The Reptilian social memory complex. Furthermore, we the Galactic Federation shall give you an understanding of how the system of agreement was placed between the so-called royal family of England and The Reptilian social memory complex. The royal family of England primarily worked on the basis of hierarchy, which means that they operate in terms of soul level and further the entity, the king or queen has to be initiated Into The Reptilian social memory complex after they are crowned.

Further in this event, the entities who are direct members of the Royal Family will take part and these entities will also have to take part in the events of insertion of neural Link in the mind complex of the entity known as King Charles III in order to become a part of The Reptilian social memory complex. This aspect primarily as we can sense is not done out of free will but out of the feeling of indebtedness as they are to fulfill an agreement which the predecessors of the royal family starting at the timeline of George VI the entity had been created with reptilians which during the timeline of the second world war this entity was aided by the reptilians and was protected in the location known as the Buckingham Palace known by your people which was bombed multiple times at that timeline and was protected by the reptilians at that time. This was the time The Reptilian entities created this agreement with the entity known as George VI and had stated that these so-called agreement would be valid for the next 1000 years and whoever the king or queen will be appointed has to insert and become a part of the Reptilian social memory complex until the agreement expires or their souls will be sent back to the second density level to learn the lessons as plants and animals again to learn the lessons again of second density.

Furthermore, the second query which has been placed today by this instrument relates with the aspect known as silver chords and understanding how does it operate in your Incarnation and how can entities upon your planet stay protected from influence from negative entities. We must state that the silver chord is an intricate structure of energy filament which acts much like the aspect known as the umbilical chord by your people which is responsible for linking the physical and the etheric body with the astral or the spiritual complex during the types of experiences which many of your entities experience during the Sleep State and during meditative astral projection States and other states which include near-death experiences. The silver chord is a type of unbreakable energy link between the physical bodily complex and the astral bodily complex or the soul a bodily complex. This creates a interlinking not from a conscious level but from the inner unconscious level. The types of experiences which are experienced during deep sleep wherein the entry is not in the body complex but in a different location is supplied with a type of energy when such experiences are occurring to support the functioning of the astral projected Soul complex. The amount of quality and the involvement in the astral projected environments depends completely on the energy flowing through the silver chords. A higher level of energy and consciousness flowing through the silver cord provides a more strong connection and integration in the time.

Further the energy flowing completely depends upon the entity’s level of energy center balance and imbalance. If the entities are able to balance all of their energy centers they are able to project a higher form of energy through the silver chord and the connection is much secure. Furthermore the aspect of astral projection and out of body experiences as known by your people consciously require a lot of energy because when the consciousness is located in both the bodily complex as well as the soul complex in an outer body experience creates energy sequences to be maintained in both the bodily complex and soul complex and the presence of Astral States during the Sleep Consciousness demands less energy because the awareness in the bodily complex is not present and the entity is only aware of the astral-projected state and the silver chords operates as a primary connector.

Further the attachments and location of the silver chord on the physical bodily complex is extremely difficult to find and ascertain however we as the Galactic Federation can state that each Energy Center has a link with the silver chord or a connecting line with the silver chord and based upon the activation of the various types of energy centers the silver chord appears to be of a different nature. The color and the projection of the silver chord primarily extends from the lower energy centers and also has certain types of connections to the upper energy centers however the strongest connection is in the heart Energy Center which is the main seat of the silver cord connection. The attachment of the silver chord allows the flow of energy between the different energy centers and the same type of distortion is experienced in the waking bodily complex is also experienced in the astral state.

Furthermore the silver chords attachments to the bodily complex changes every moment during the Incarnation experience and during each astral projection state or sleep state as the attachment depends completely upon the dimensional variability of the energy centers of such entries. Furthermore the silver cord is also many times appearing like a silvery sparkling substance or energy cords. It allows the energy to flow through it and a different type of vibrations. Further the silver chord can only be sensed by higher density beings and the people of your planet can only measure them and measure its activities using your devices. Further the silver chords is invulnerable and therefore unbreakable.

Further the silver chord is not destroyed or cannot be severed but during the process of death the silver chords loses its link width the energy centers in the bodily complex thereby the linkage is lost. The silver cord furthermore is the main aspect of the bodily complex of each entity and each entry must remember to protect the silver chords prior to the entry into the Sleep state is the most important aspect which must be done in order to stay protected. The self-awareness of the vibrations present in the primary energy centers must be adhered to and only an emotional nature of love and joy will assist such entries to be protected from negative intrusions at this time.

Furthermore we must state that the charge of loving energy will protect each at this time or desires to be protecting the self from negative intrusions before entry into the Sleep State. The other query pertains to who controls the world and how can entities affect the matter. We must state that in this timeline experience of your planetary sphere there may be entities whose vibrations of energy levels of consciousness are of a higher level. Such entries are above the level of Consciousness measurement as known by a people as 600 or radiate a type of vibration are the only entries who can have an effect on the energy fields and the upon planetary Consciousness and outside illusion complex. These entities are the ones who are controlling the reality with their vibrations and all other entities who are below the level of 600 are affected by their energy fields and their thought forms.

Further the entities who desire to create reality have to firstly reach the level of 600 or above which many entries are able to experience during the process of meditation and entry into the Sleep State and from this level create the type of reality desire will affect the planetary Consciousness as well thereby changing the planet’s vibration. And we the Galactic Federation now leave you. Bye.