Session #78 • Pleiadians

Apocalypse HOPI Prophecy is Coming True! Prepare Yourself Spiritually & Battle of Inner Earth

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating through an instrument and discussing the Hopi prophecy of apocalypse. They explain that the Hopi people have a divine connection with positively oriented Orion entities and were assisted by them in a battle against reptilians. The Hopi people were taught to spread love and light to defeat the negative forces. The Pleiadians clarify that the apocalypse mentioned in Hopi knowledge refers to the current time period of planetary changes and cleansing. These changes will lead to a new level of consciousness and a more peaceful life for many entities on Earth.

We are the Pleiadians and we are communicating through this instrument. We are communicating from the Taigata planetary sphere in our star system of the Pleiades. Before we communicate through this instrument, remember to use your discernment when listening to our messages and only accept those thought forms which have a deep resonance with your inner heart.

Furthermore, today this instrument has queried about the so-called prophecy of apocalypse as made by the Hopi people, who are also known as the Native American tribe on your planetary sphere and who exist on the lands known to your people in your language sequence as America.

In this regard, let us tell you that there is a divine connection that the Hopi people have with the small percent of positively oriented Orion entities of the fifth density of light and wisdom. These entities are a small collective of the positive-oriented Orions who have separated themselves from the larger negative collective in order to be of service to the One Creator in the aspect of positive polarization.

Their social memory complex resides not in the Orion planetary sphere, but they are residing in another galaxy at this current time space. The name of this galaxy cannot be pronounced using your tongue.

These positive-oriented Orions firstly made contact with the Hopi people approximately 2,100 years prior to this linear time space. In fact, the origination of the Hopi people is a matter of divine intervention wherein the Hopi population started their origination in another planetary portion of their Earth timeline, that is on Africa. Some entities were taken, and some decided to assist the Agarthans in the battle of the agarthans against the reptilians that occurred in the time space prior to that of the 2,100-year time period.

As the battle had been raging on between the third density Agarthans at that time space against the third density reptilians who were being influenced negatively by the negatively oriented Orions in the inner Earth, the reptilians were of the beginning fourth density nature of negative polarization and used their negativity to control the Agarthans at that time period.

In order to allow the preservation of free will of the Agarthans to be restored, the positive-oriented Orions assisted these Agarthans. Since the Agarthans used to worship them and were in contact with these benevolent Orions, the positively oriented Orion entities then asked for some volunteers amongst the African civilization that existed at that time period in order to assist in the battle of the third density beings and were genetically altered by the positively oriented orions making them more advanced and having no distortion of the type of egoic portions of the mind which dominates most third density beings in the various galaxies.

These 13 awakened ones were sent to Agartha as messengers and they were known by the Agarthans as the Hopi in their language terms, which meant the awakened ones. They were sent to the lands of Agartha in order to spread the message of love and light in order to defeat the regime of the reptilians.

Since the reptilians relied on the negative-oriented Orion forces, the positively oriented Orions knew how to counteract their negative influence. The negative-oriented Orions were using the power of negative influences of the egoic portions of the mind, which caused fear to propagate.

Since the Agarthans at that time period existed at a level of later third density consciousness equivalence to the level of consciousness that is currently found on your planetary sphere, this caused a division to occur amongst the Agarthans, which caused some Agarthans to be swayed into the negative polarization.

Some of these negatively polarized Agarthans worked with the reptilians in defeating the positive forces. This caused the service to self-agenda to mix into even those service to others oriented aspects or programs which the Agarthans had indulged into.

The so-called 13 Hopi individuals were guided by the positively oriented Orion entities to teach the Agarthans and act as messengers of positivity. These Hopi people gave them knowledge to awaken consciousness and to disattach the egoic portions of the mind.

This caused the Agarthans to understand and fully grasp the methods used by the negative oriented Orions to control the population of Agartha at that time period. This allowed a few positively oriented entities to share positive messages of the universality of unity amongst each being.

This allowed 70 percent of the Agarthan population to resonate with the message, and using their free will, the Agarthans became positively affected and defeated the reptilians by spreading love and light because negative oriented entities despise love and light energies, and they run away from it.

In order to protect their polarity, this caused the reptilians to leave the Earth planets and eventually, along with their influencers, the negatively polarized Orion entities left the Earth planet. Some factions shifted their base to the Mars planet, and some factions went to the Nibiru planets and the Orion constellation.

This planet Nibiru is currently in a different dimension. Furthermore, the reptilians are currently on the Mars planet trying to do the same with planet Earth at this current time in space.

In this regard, the Hopi people, the few who had helped in winning the war against the dark forces during the time of the Agarthan civilization, these few entities who had originally come from Africa were returned to the Earth’s crust upon completion of their mission, and advanced guidance for protection against negatively oriented Orions were provided in the form of knowledge to these first Hopi people.

These first individuals of the Hopi population created the three mesas that were aligned perfectly to mimic the shape of the constellation of Orion. This began in the starting of the so-called Hopi people. They were also taught to create dynamic interstellar pyramidal positive thought form a protection around their lands in order to protect themselves from the negatively oriented Orion influences that sometimes came in the form of negative thought forms from the Orion constellation.

These original 13 Hopi members, after their natural end of their life cycle, passed on some of the knowledge to other people. However, many entities using these methods started to create predictions of apocalypse using their ego-based portions of the mind, which distorted the original pure messages.

As the future is subjective, as many entities on your planet are already aware of, the so-called apocalypse that was mentioned in the knowledge base of the Hopi were in fact pointing to the current time space period that signifies the changes of the planets and the cleansing process of the planet that is occurring at this time period.

Some of the first descendants of the 13 Hopis were taught to maintain contact with the positive oriented Orions via telepathic communication. The apocalypse signifies big changes of the Earth’s planetary sphere as it transforms into the fourth density consciousness.

This will also cause many of the old systems to crash and dysfunction, and many of the entities on your planet will choose to live a more peaceful life without any external disturbance. This will cause many entities to awaken to the truth of their true essence, and a new flowering of consciousness will start leading to a massive wave of awakening leading to birthing of a new level of consciousness on the planet that is occurring at this time period.

These bigger changes have yet to come into effect on your planetary sphere, and in this particular timeline, we can sense these positive changes of a drastic effect will come forth in the upcoming days. In this regard, this is all we can share at this time space. We’ll leave you now until we meet again. Bye.