Session #85 • Pleiadians

Prepare Yourself Spiritually: Pleiadians

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating to share their thoughts and insights. They warn listeners to use discernment and only accept messages that resonate with their inner heart. They discuss an upcoming event on September 21st where consciousness upgrades and soul swapping will occur. They explain that entering the fourth density consciousness will take around 35 million years for the planet, but individuals can enter different sub-densities based on their vibration. They also provide a method for entering higher densities by focusing on the feeling of a chosen tooth.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument in order to share our thoughts and insights. We would like to warn those who shall listen to our message to use your discernment and only accept those messages which resonates deeply with your inner heart.

We are now communicating from our Pleiadian star system in order to answer the query pleased by this instrument. Before we begin, we shall share with you a certain information which has been given by the council of planets which pertains to the 21st of September, as known in the language terms.

This date is now coming and approaching you in the future timeline of your time-space continuum. On this date, the so-called upgrades of consciousness of many of the entities shall take place, and also an event shall take place which will allow entities, those who desire, to be swapped will be switched at this time period as per the vibration of the Earth planet.

The council has identified around or entities of your planet who shall and who have chosen to be soul swapped by a wandering soul. Many of the souls had already made soul contracts for this event, hence many will experience soul swapping. Once an entity’s soul is swapped, the new souls may appear different and sometimes to many people, those who are close relatives or friends and families who have been soul swapped may appear different as their behaviors will begin to project a different sense of personality.

For the soul swap will allow a higher density being to enter into such physical vehicles and will perform its task of sharing love and light for assisting the planetary sphere.

The query placed by this instrument pertains to the so-called timeline of the fourth density consciousness. In this regard, let us tell you that there are two aspects you must keep in mind if you want to understand the timelines and how it will affect and how the fourth density will enter after how long the sub densities will exist.

In this regard, let us tell you that the fourth density, a total time space allotted to a planetary sphere is around if a planetary vibration is struggling, the council may give permission for the window to be increased. What we meant by 35 million years is that for the planet to fully enter and reach into the eighth sub density of the fourth density consciousness will require around 35 million of the time space.

The other aspect you must remember is that this is the time scale of the planet as we cannot predict how long a certain individual can take to enter into the fourth density because individuals can add a split moment of a time space recognize the inner threat and they can enter into any of the sub densities of the fourth density based upon their native vibration.

Also, remember that we can sense that this entity and this instrument wants to understand how long will each sub-density exist on the planetary sphere. As for the time scale of the Earth’s planet, the first sub-density, the second sub-density, and the third sub-density have different time frames. The first sub density shall last up to 1000 years. The second and the third sub-density shall take up 5 million years of the time space wherein drastic changes of the physical vehicles shall occur.

Furthermore, also the densities we correct this instrument, the sub-densities above the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth, these are the densities which shall accumulate the rest of the time period from the 35 million time space nexus in the evolution of a planet for the individualized portions of consciousness.

There is no particular time frame because entities can achieve vibration of a later sub-density in a single lifetime of recognition and of service to others. Some entities may take a longer time period, but it truly depends on each entity’s progress of understanding and realizing the truth that is within its own heart.

We shall now take this opportunity to share with you all a method of entering into the highest possible sub-density of the fourth density in this current incarnation and even enter into the so-called fifth density consciousness. Like we have previously stated before in many sessions, your people must understand and learn the aspect of increasing your attention span.

This method is simple yet the most effective found and used by many of your enlightened masters as known by your people. The method is simply to choose a teeth in the mouth organ and to be aware of the teeth throughout your daily activities. To feel the teeth fully and to exclude any other feeling but the feeling of the teeth. The feeling of this chosen teeth shall be made primary for the training period and those entities who shall feel a particular teeth with their tongue, feeling its grooves and its jagged interior portions, excluding any other feeling.

For example, even if there was a feeling on the leg portion of the physical vehicle, such feelings should be excluded during this practice period and only the feeling of the teeth chosen shall be kept in consideration. For this will increase your attention span and you will feel the peace and the aliveness of being connected with the one creator.

This is all the message we have to share for today. We’ll leave you now. We are the Pleiadians. Until we meet again, bye.