Session #110 • Galactic Federation

Reptilian Royals & Kundalini Awakening

Summary: The Galactic Federation is communicating through a channel, emphasizing the importance of discernment and not influencing belief systems. They mention a shift in consciousness and the formation of a social memory complex. They discuss the existence of reptilian royal families working with negatively oriented entities, as well as the harvesting of negative RH blood type. They explain how to remain in the fourth density vibration, and provide insights on Kundalini awakening and balancing energy centers.

We are the galactic federation and we are now again in communication through the vibrations offered by this instrument. Before we proceed any further with our transmission today, each must realize to exercise discernment, thereby only accepting the thought forms which provide a greater and deeper experience of reality upon which each of you find yourself in at this time. For the reality in which you find yourself in, there is a shift in consciousness which is now occurring upon the planetary sphere. This shift in consciousness is a rare opportunity for your people. And before we share information pertaining to this aspect, we, as the galactic federation, would like to state that each entity listening to our messages must be extremely careful that we should not have influence upon their reality creation or upon their belief systems. Because their belief systems must not be tied with our thought forms, which we shall now dictate through this instrument.

The only aspect which must be remembered by each entity is that upon the earth planet, at the space-time, there is a great opportunity as the creation of a first of its kind, the social memory complex, is now beginning to form upon the planetary sphere. And the process and the starting phases of the inclusion of more entities, as directed by the council of planets, has been kept on the date as known by your people in your time space measurement terms as 31st of January 2022, as referred in your language vibratory sound complex terms. Hence, we, as the galactic federation, would like to state before we address any queries placed by this instrument that the human collective must remember to choose either they want to become a part of the collective of the human consciousness in the positive polarity, or we correct this instrument, or want to stay in the old earth. For there are two types of energy vibrations currently operating upon the space-time nexus of your planetary sphere, allowing a distortion and a different subset of experience for each entity’s vibration determines what type of octave of reality each entity will experience.

Therefore, we shall now scan the vibration patterns of this entity who has acted as a channel to allow this communication to occur. For the collective consciousness desires such a communication. Upon the scanning of the mind complex of this instrument, we are of the opinion that the query placed by this instrument pertains to the aspect known as the truth behind the reptilian royal families on the earth planet. However, before we share this information, there is a bias towards the addressing facility of your planetary vibration towards misunderstanding several of the concepts. However, we shall now clear the concepts because these distortions of misconceptions must be done away with, which will lead each entity into a fruition of consciousness and clarity of the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Leads to a greater clarity in vibration and allowing other entities as well to seek such clarity, giving further expansion of the conscious understanding. The aspect known as the royal families on the earth planet, there are varied, for there are many entities who also work for the negatively oriented entities in the form of shape-shifting reptilians. However, these reptilian entities are only allowed upon the planetary sphere if not detected by the council and by us who are patrolling your planetary sphere and the galaxy for protecting against any infringement. Because the infringement by a shape-shifting reptilian may be considered as a direct infringement upon the spiritual entropy and the imbalances which leads to the planetary vibration, because of such influences maybe a drastic impact upon the ultimate planetary vibration of the collective consciousness.

Hence, there is a need to understand how this process operates for there are many royal families and other entities on the planetary sphere. We are already aware. However, the identity of such entities cannot be declared in this session, which is a type of infringement upon the free will. For the bias of negativity will lead to a larger creation of negative bias towards misunderstanding of this aspect. There are many entities upon the planetary sphere who are part of the royal families, who are also working as agents who collect the so-called genetic variation of blood type known by your people as the RH negative factor blood. Which allows for the creation of a genetic harmony and allows for a creation of a bodily vehicle which is able to accept such shape-shifting souls within a normal human bodily complex. For only a RH negative blood type bodily complex can accept such genetic changes which allows for such abilities as shape-shifting to occur within the planetary vibration.

These events are, however, rare upon your planets. But there have been many moments, as we can scan your vibration, these moments which are now approaching your planets are varied. These moments, there have been certain influences upon the total collective consciousness. However, there are also those entities who are part of the so-called royal families or the elites of your planets who are trying to harvest negative RH blood type by capturing the so-called children of this blood type. This is done by a process known as kidnapping in your vibration sequence. And we are also working to prevent such happenings in the future.

Furthermore, you must remember that there are a branch of the so-called reptilian families. These branches spread out not only upon the earth planet but in various other galaxies as well. And their main purpose on the planetary vibration is to alter the planetary vibration and allow the energy vibrations to be manipulated into the negative polarity. This they accomplish by the process of soul swapping, as well as via the process of acting as a walk-in for the negative souls, which works in many cases. However, there are also detrimental side effects upon the bodily complex when such walk-ins of negative nature are unsuccessful and force is done, leading to untimely death and also diseases, as we can sense upon the planetary vibration.

We shall now address the second query which is placed by this entity. The second query pertains to how can one entity remain in the fourth density vibration throughout the waking daytime. In this regard, we are of the opinion that this query deserves much insight. Hence, we are now going to share with you the two facets of your mind, which are known by your people in your vibration sequence as the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The creation of the subconscious facility provides a distortion of ability of each entity to become capable of manipulating the reality upon which each finds itself in. Because the subconscious is capable of creating reality based upon the desired feelings and based upon the desired objectives to be achieved and also based upon the programming belief systems which have been installed inside the mind complex of such entities. Allows the subconscious mind to operate and to create the reality which each entity wants to operate in.

Hence, the use of subconscious mind can be accomplished by combining a previous method which has been dictated to your people known as the breath of the spirit. With each breath and the exhalation of the breath, such entities who desire to remain in the fourth density vibration at all times can say a line which is as follows: “Thank you for raising my vibration. I am in the fourth density already.” By saying the following line, will allow the vibration to stay in the fourth density at all times. And this will give a type of period wherein the conscious mind will have a hyperactive situation of managing the thought form towards this bias of distortion of providing the subconscious mind with the next programming mechanism to automatically play in the background of your mind, body, and spirit complex operation. This, once done and followed for a period of around seven days, will become automatic inside your subconscious mind, which will give entities a greater energy boost and vibration, and they will operate from the heart center. This is a change in consciousness which is required to be achieved by the people who want to become a part of the 4th density social memory complex, which is now forming upon the planetary sphere. And then there are other events which can be allowed to operate upon the planetary vibration.

The use of such methods, which allow the creation of an energy shift upon each entity, is highly advised to be followed by those entities who desire positive timeline vibration. However, the same can apply to the negative as well, but the choice depends upon each entity. Furthermore, we shall now address the final query placed upon the mind complex of this instrument, which pertains to the aspect known by your people as the Kundalini awakening. As many of your people are already aware, which refers to the balancing and the activation of all energy centers at the same time.

However, we can sense that upon your planetary vibration, there have been many entities who have already accomplished this feat. However, the maintenance of such a balance for a longer period of time in your planetary vibration distortion has not been possible for your people. For the activation of the energy vibrations firstly requires the activation of the heart energy center by the balancing of the red ray, the orange ray, and the yellow ray. This can be signaled by the lack of desire for indulgence in overeating, a lack of desire in the indulgence for the rhetoric activities, such as survival-related activities. For example, the activities pertaining to interaction with other entities in a sexual manner, such lack of desires leads to a balancing of such energy centers.

This can only be done after all the desires have been fulfilled inside the mind complex, for this is the golden key which will allow each entity to activate all their energy centers, leading to a kundalini awakening. For even if there is a desire which arises in the mind, body, and spirit complex organization of an entity upon a planetary sphere, if such entity were to use the aspects known as imagination and feel the emotions before experiencing such environments or such situations on the 3D reality, such desires will be fulfilled. For the emotional state or the resultant emotion is the byproduct of such experiences, which can be accomplished in the imaginative state as well. By using the first-person perspective outlook upon the performance of such creative facilities, there will be a greater and greater advantage for entities will become more and more balanced. For all the desires will be quenched within the bodily complex internally, without having to wait for the outside world to give such desires.

This will lead not only to the balancing of all the energy centers, primarily the red ray, the orange ray, and the yellow ray, which many of your people struggle with, and will lead to the opportunity, which is a golden opportunity to activate the heart energy center by experiencing the love of the one infinite creator and allowing the energy of intelligent infinity to flow. This may be considered as a type of signaling system or a type of slow rising of consciousness because the slow breath work and also the slow emotional state which rises in consciousness is the great process which will allow the heart center, once stabilized, to act as a springboard to allow such entities to directly balance the other energy centers, the blue ray, the indigo ray, and the violet ray.

However, for the full kundalini experience, can only be experienced when the indigo ray is activated and balanced. This can be done by the balancing of the lower energy centers, but the springboard is the heart energy center, which must be activated and opened. Upon the acceptance of all the energy centers being balanced in the bodily complex, there is a feeling of ecstasy, which can be considered as being in bliss and sublime. These cannot be experienced currently by many of your people, even with the consumption of other so-called extra products, which allow for the creation of artificial bliss within the bodily complex of such entities. Once the indigo ray is activated, there is a cessation of all desires and a complete unity with the one infinite intelligence, which acts as a combination and the feeling of unity and wholeness of a different level emerges. The best process we can suggest is to first work through each energy center and slowly balance them, leading to a kundalini awakening. This is all we can share at this space-time, hence we leave you now in the love light of one creator. We are the Galactic Federation. Bye.