Session #149 • Metatron

Princess Diana & Circle of Ascension

Summary: Metatron, a magnetic consciousness, communicates through a channel to suggest that changes are occurring on Earth as beings recognize their true essence and connection to the universal divine. Metatron clarifies that the concept of rapture refers to the graduation of souls to the fourth density and their entry into the new Earth, where they will unite with other enlightened beings. Metatron also reveals that Princess Diana's death was a planned abduction by negatively oriented entities, and she is still alive. Metatron provides a simple test to determine an individual's ascension progress, emphasizing detachment from material possessions and service to others.

I am Metatron Magnetic consciousness and I am communicating now through this channel. The divine love of the universal light grid programmer. I, Metatron, am here to suggest to the people of your planet that there is a change which is occurring at this time upon your planetary space-time vibration.

Many of these changes are because beings upon your planets have now started to recognize their own true essence and the connection with the universal divine great programmer. Many have recognized their true power and potential and many have begun to awaken within themselves as the right to understand their true pathway in the ascension as the love light childs of the universal divine grid programmer.

I, Metatron, mistake that’s before my thoughts reach your people’s vibration. Every entry must remember to use discernment when listening to my thought forms.

The queries which are found in the mind complex of this channel pertain to the understanding of the concept of rapture. When will it happen and how? I, Metatron, must state that there is a misunderstanding upon your planetary space-time of this concept known as rapture. Many entities upon your planet have forgotten that the true meaning of rapture is but an event which welcomes all the fourth density graduates, the souls who have achieved fourth density graduation, into the new earth. This is the event known as the rapture. The process of welcoming new initiates into the social memory complex, which is formed in the fourth density consciousness in the new earth, will be accompanied by welcoming and union with all other universal divine light grid programmers who have already achieved a higher level of vibration, such as the wanderers and the teachers of light and love.

These teachers primarily are of varied nature upon your planetary sphere and they may vary based upon each individual entity’s experience during the incarnation prior to the graduation. The entity will meet those wanderers who had a higher spiritual impact upon such an entity, which aided the entity in its spiritual ascension into the fourth density vibration. This means that each individual entity will meet a different wanderer which had a spiritual impact upon it during its sentient pathway. For example, an entity who particularly is inspired by the teachings of a certain entity, universal love like child known as by your people as either Dolores Cannon or any other teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or any other spiritual teachers will find it meeting such an entity during the phase of graduation and entry into the new earth. This will signify the events of the rapture which will happen in your planetary sphere. It is imminent that the process of rapture will take place during the completion of the transition from the third density to the fourth density planetary vibration.

However, we, the angelic beings, cannot in the exact space and time provide you with the exact timeline wherein such an event will happen. Furthermore, I, as Metatron Magnetic consciousness, must also state that the rapture will also signify the starting of a new planetary fourth density cycle. All these souls who do not meet or who could not complete their lessons in the part of service to others and learning the lessons of love will find themselves escorted using the so-called spaceships and mother ships by the council of planets. They will be escorted to another planetary sphere for re-learning the lessons of love and compassion again and complete the third density lessons. As the new earth planetary vibration will no longer support such a distortion of separation as is prevalent in the third density timeline. All entities who graduate into the fourth density will become a part of the new earth social memory complex of the universal divine great programmer and the positive polarity.

Furthermore, I, Metatron, shall now address the second query which relates to what was the real event which happened during the so-called death of an entity known as Princess Diana, the princess of Wales as known by your people vibration complex. I, as Metatron, must now suggest my thought forms as found upon scanning the akashic records of the event. I must state that this event which was signified as the death of the entity known as Princess Diana was invalid as the entity known as Princess Diana is still alive. Furthermore, this entity was at that space-time location known as Paris was abducted by negatively oriented entities who wanted to stop the entity during the timeline of the space-time identification terms as 1997. The negatively oriented entities wanted to stop the entity known as Princess Diana who, in essence, had the vibration of light and love and had incarnated for the purpose of acting as a light grid and changing the planetary consciousness towards a positive vibration. However, since the negatively oriented entities, the reptilians, do not want such an aspect to happen, this entry known as Princess Diana was planned to be abducted during the opening of a flap which happened during the space-time location of 1997. Wherein the planetary grid opened up and the negative entities were able to enter into the earth’s planet by bypassing the planet’s quarantine.

This bypassing of the quarantine led the entity known as Princess Diana to be abducted while it was traveling in a car. This abduction was created by the reptilians and the orions who had already manufactured a body double which was then left at the crash site of the car. The original entity, the Princess of Wales, was abducted and taken aboard the spaceship by the reptilians. This was done in order to confuse the masses, to make the masses believe that the car had crashed leading to the death of the entity. However, this was not the true nature of events and this then led the entry to be abducted and the entity currently is still alive as I, Metatron, can scan. However, it is under the control of the negatively oriented entities in the planet Mars and is being used by the reptilians for creating hybrids who are being used for entering the earth planet in the form of human biological entities. This is being done to create many other reptilian humanoids beings with the ability of shapeshifting and creating distortions in the planetary vibrations. Therefore, I, as Metatron, must state that this was the real event which happened at the time.

The other query which relates to the understanding of how to find out the ascension progress of an individual entity who is the divine love light child of the universal light grid programmer. I, Metatron, will now give a simple test which can assist your people in recognizing and finding out their own ascension progress. I must now state that there is a circle of ascension which is a part and parcel of the third density self-awareness reality. The circle of ascension is created from allowing the entities of the third density planets to recognize that there are several layers which need to be understood for ascension into the fourth density consciousness.

The third density reality signifies self-awareness, learning, and the first layer in the circle of ascension is signified with attachment with things. There may be entities on your planetary sphere who are still attached with the things of the material objects of third density reality. This is the first layer, and once the entity on the planet learns to detach from material possessions on the outside, they begin to then merge into the second level of the circle of ascension which revolves around attachments with words and images. This layer is the hardest to penetrate as many of the entities who are currently learning the lessons of ascension in your planetary sphere find themselves located at this level. This level of attachment is very hard to let go of by your people.

However, many of your entities are able to detach from the words and the images by learning meditation and becoming self-conscious. After the completion of the circle, arrives the next circle which leads to the understanding of realizing the attachment with things, words, and images. This circle leads to the opening of spiritual knowledge for many entities. Once they learn to be detached from things, words, and images, they begin to open up their higher energy centers and create a massive flow of spiritual energy to their mind, body, and spirit vortex. Then arrives the next layer of the circle of ascension which relates to attachment with service to self. Those entities who are still at this level will find it difficult to serve others and will find it difficult when they are sharing a certain thing or a material possession or the aspect known as money. They will feel the feeling of lack which will prevent them from serving others.

This is the subtle layer which the entities must learn to detach from. After learning the lessons in this timeline, then entities will fully become capable of accepting love and unity consciousness of the one universal light grid programmer in all entities. And leads to service to others, and this leads to the completion of the circle of ascension leading from third density to the fourth. I am Metatron Magnetic consciousness. Turn to the mountain of light within yourself. Bye.