Session #150 • Pleiadians

The Next Major Event Will Leave You Speechless

Summary: The Pleiadians address queries about pole shifts and advise discernment. They explain that temporary pole shifts occur as planets enter higher levels of consciousness, while permanent pole shifts are caused by the Earth's magnetic field flipping. They mention past pole shifts and warn of potential conflicts in Germany in 2022 and 2023. They provide guidance on saving an entity named Diana from reptilian control. The Pleiadians also discuss the connection between levels of energy and sound vibrations in the mind, advising on increasing energy levels through awareness and reducing sound vibrations.

We are the Pleiadians and we communicate now through this instrument for the purpose of addressing the queries which we can sense that are present in the mind complex of this instrument. However, there is a need for the people of your planets to become independent co-creators in this illusion complex, thereby becoming conscious of those thought forms which do not resonate. As resonance depends upon the individualized portion of Consciousness and its experience and the nature of emotional states, therefore we recommend each to use discernment.

The query pertains today about whether the pole shifts are appearing in your space-time vibration location identification term as 2023. We must address this query carefully in order to provide your people with a full understanding of the nature of the pole shifts. We must state that there are two types of pole shifts which may occur in any planetary sphere, and especially in the Earth planet considering its current trajectory and motion around the Sun body.

The first type is the temporary and the other is the permanent pole shift. The temporary pole shift is caused because of Earth’s energy centers becoming imbalanced. Such pole shifts are due to the process of planets entering into a higher level of Consciousness and, at this time, into the fourth density which requires a level of balancing of all the lower energy centers up to the fourth energy center. This process of balance may be equated by your people similar to the Kundalini Awakening, which leads many of your entities to balance the lower energy centers and activation of the higher energy centers. This will also cause the spiritual Earth to fully operate and the old Earth planetary vibration shall be separated from the new Earth planetary vibration. However, this process is only temporary and will not lead to the pole reversal completely or in permanent fashion as known by your people. Furthermore, there will be a balancing and reset of the poles to their original position as the current location that’s found at the current.

Further, the permanent pole shift is caused because of the Earth’s magnetic field permanently flipping around. This happened prior in the earth planets around 000 to 50000 years ago, during which the Lemurian and reptilian war occurred as the reptilians were guided by the Orions who created Hollow spaces below the Earth’s crust which led to the shifting of many of the tectonic plates around the planet, which eventually led to the flipping of the poles at the time, and this created massive changes at that space time. Further going backwards, we can also sense that the poles are reversed hundreds of times between a few thousand intervals. The most recent pole shift almost happened around a space-time of 2100 years ago, as during that period there was a battle between the third density of Agartans against the reptilians in the inner earth.

Further, this would stop because the Agartans chose the part of positive polarity instead of choosing the part of self-service, which stopped the occurrence of the pole shift event. Further, we as the Pleiadians must state that there is a timeline in your planetary sphere where the inner earth battle will lead to pole shifts and has the possibility of leading to complete pole shifts for the Agartans who are currently in the fourth density thirds of octave level. In this timeline, they will be infiltrated by the negatively polarized entities, causing the final battle to occur inside the inner earth, leading to tectonic plate movements. Also, we can sense that there is a timeline occurring in the middle portion of the Year 2023 and also in this current year of 2022, at the period of September, directly enter the location known as Germany, which may lead to such conflicts occurring from the Anunnaki reptilian Orion luciferian social memory complex against the inner earth beings, leading to such conflicts and the pole shifts may also happen in this year of 2022 and 2023 as well if the conflicts are not stopped. Furthermore, these conflicts can be stopped by the awareness and the choice of choosing the part of the light by each entity. Further, a warning has also been issued by the Galactic Federation to the officials and the location as Germany to warn them of the possibility of this infiltration.

Furthermore, such pole shifts occur due to the process of the planet also entering into the fourth density Consciousness, as stated before, requiring a balancing of the inner energy centers. Therefore, we must now address the other query which relates to how to save the entry known as Diana who is under the complete control of the reptilians. There is but one way in which the entity known as Diana can be saved and protected at this time. This pathway is to get a hold of its silver cord, which is currently in the possession of the negatively oriented reptilian social memory complex who are currently using it in the Mars body. Further, the entity known as Diana and its silver cord can be retrieved by her higher self only, since her higher self cannot access its energy vibrations as it cannot sense the existence of the entity known as Diana at this time. The best way for such retrieval can be done by using the vibration complex of love and by sending love and light towards the hardened crater in the Mars planet, which is the last location of the vibration detected of the entity known as Diana, as detected by the Asthar Command groups. Furthermore, a meditation for sending love and light directed towards the location as known in your vibratory sound complexes, Holden crater, may be beneficial in the endeavor to such retrieval of the silver cord of the entity known as Diana.

Furthermore, the other query pertains to the understanding with regards to the aspect of Ascension and how the levels of energy, as known by your people, are corresponding to the activity of your mind. We must state that there is a connection between the activity of the levels of sound vibration complex present in your mind and the different levels of energy. Such as, we must give you an example according to the energy charts with your people in your planetary sphere referred to as the energy charts, which are created for the purpose of measuring the types of different vibrations. There may be energies which may be of low energy vibration, such as in the vibration of as known by your people in the level as measured by the scientists as around the level of 30 vibration to that of 190 vibration energy level, from the level of guilt shame to the level of Pride. These levels of energy have extremely high activity and attachment to the Sound Vibrations which are created in the mind complex of such an entity. This means that such an entity, if were to escape this level, will have to change their attachment to the Sound Vibrations which are found in their mind complex. The sound vibration which appears as thought forms are creating extreme activity and imbalance in the brain functioning of such an entity, leading to the feeling of guilt, shame, and any other emotions such as anger or Pride. These are the lower levels of energy and are signified by extremely high activity and attachment to the sound vibration complexes.

The other level of energy which the people of your planet relates to as above the type of 200 to 450, from the level of boredom to the level of intelligence or imagination and creativity. These are the main levels of energy which have an activity of Sound Vibrations much less compared with the vibrations found in the low levels of energy entities. These Sound Vibrations are, however, present up to this level and more or less the imagination complex always sees the sound vibration complex in this level. Therefore, in the mid levels of energy, the entity has little sound activities happening inside the mind complex. And as they begin to move higher in the levels of energy, such as when they reach into the vibration above the level of vibration of awareness, peace, and serenity, and to reach the level of 1000, which is the level of infinity and connectedness with the one creator, these levels of energy have no sound activity. An entity with no sound vibrations in the mind complex can only achieve such a level of Consciousness. Furthermore, the higher the level of energy that lets the sound vibrations found inside the mind complex. As we, the Pleiadians, have always suggested to all of your people to use discernment. Furthermore, if an entity desires to increase its energy from lower levels of energy to higher levels of energy, the use of awareness is such that there must be an awareness of how much sound is present within the self, and slowly and steadily reducing the sound vibrations to allow the entity to traverse into the higher levels of energy and sweet oblivion. Now, we leave you beloveds in love and light of the one creator. Bye.