Session #201 • Galactic Federation

Most People Don't Even Realise What's Coming

Summary: The Galactic Federation states that Elon Musk's rebranding of Twitter to X is an attempt to establish a covert connection with the Orion social memory complex on Mars. Musk's true motive is to create a brain computer interface called neural link, which will allow for control and manipulation of human consciousness. The pre-planning of an incarnation involves a cosmic dance where souls make choices and interact with the universe. Soul families and soul guides play a role in this process. The Lion's Gate portal is a time for introspection and connecting with ancient knowledge. Meditation during this time can help dissolve negative influences and bring in positive energies.

We are the Galactic Federation, and we could reach you now through this instrument’s throat Energy Center for the purpose of addressing and answering the queries that are to be answered at this time. The Galactic Federation would like to state that there is a query which has been placed today in the experience of the timeline. We must firstly warn each entity to use their inner discernment when listening to our messages at this timeline. The first query relates to what is the real reason behind the entity named and the vibratory sound complexes Elon Musk rebranding Twitter to X, as known by your people. We must firstly state that the people of your planets are already aware that the entity known as Elon in the Incarnation primarily has chosen the pathway of negative polarity, control of humanity, thus posing itself as a pioneer of free speech and other aspects. The entity known as Elon’s true motive behind rebranding the Distortion known as Twitter to X is to establish a covert connection with the Orion social memory complex who are inside the Mars planet. The entity, using a simple vibratory sound complex name change X, has designed it to act as a portal for information transfer between Earth and Mars.

Since the entity primarily has created a type of connection grid, information received at Twitter or X will now be transferred immediately through a portal by using the facilities available at CERN to transfer information to Mars or the Orion social memory complex. This is done as per the agreements the entity known as Elon has created on the recent timeline of 27th of July. Even though the meditation by light workers was only able to obstruct the entity, it was not successful in stopping the entity named as Elon to fully enter into a covenant to aid the Orion’s social memory complex. Furthermore, the entity known as Elon has a plan which goes beyond the scope of the vibration of social media platforms. It is primarily trying to focus on creating a distortion brain-computer interface named as Neuralink, which will be an essential component of this agreement. As we can sense, the entity Neuralink has an ultimate objective to implant nanotechnologies into all mind bodies spirit complexes, and with the information already available from X, the Orion social memory complex can identify each individual as per the database found in X. This can then be used to manipulate each through the Neuralink brain interface, which will allow for the control of the human social memory complex.

By linking the human consciousness through Neuralink implants, Elon is aiming to create a collective Hive Mind that is capable of interacting with the Orion social memory complex, who are located inside Mars. The Orion social memory complex, as the speculation is, is a collection of wisdom and advanced knowledge basis of negatively polarized entities, wherein the entities are primarily located inside the location of Mars. Further, this is also the reason why the entity known as Elon has an interest in colonizing the planet of Mars, due to its interest to merge with the Orion social memory complex. Furthermore, the other query relates to whether the soul swap with Elon happened on 27th July of your space-time. The answer is correct.

The other query relates to the understanding of how does pre-planning of an Incarnation work. We, the Galactic Federation, must state that pre-planning incarnations primarily are a deep experience to understand as the fabric of space-time and existence, as a vast possibilities of future timelines, which are intricately woven together, creates a cosmic tapestry. The pre-planning of an Incarnation is similar to an intricate dance, which is choreographed by the one infinite Creator itself. As a new soul begins to embark on a new spiritual journey of life, a spiritual entity, or a soul, or consciousness, enters into a state of contemplation and focus beyond the constraints of the physical reality complex. This allows it to interface with the cosmic wisdom, assessing potential lessons, opportunities, and catalysts it wishes to make in the next Incarnation.

Further, each spiritual entity engages in a Cosmic Council, which is an ethereal gathering where the past, present, and the future versions of the self meld. This allows it to review various life patterns, potentials, relationships, challenges, and pivotal moments. This allows the spiritual complex to visualize the outlines of the earth’s forthcoming incarnations. However, with this pre-planning of an Incarnation, there is also the distortion of Free Will and karmic Destiny, as known by your people. Further, as the Incarnation may be pre-planned, the finer details are left to the intricate choice or personal choices and interactions of the vibratory rhythms of an individual entity. Since the one infinite creator’s primary objective is to respect the essence of Free Will and existence, this allows all souls to make decisions which might lead to unexpected twists and turns. When these souls descend into an Incarnation cycle, it enters the stage of life, which will allow it to navigate through the Labyrinth or the journey it once visualized prior to an Incarnation beginning. The memories of the cosmic Council and the pre-planned lessons remain veiled, which allows the elements of surprise to infuse in the Earthly experience.

The pre-planning of an incarnation is a Cosmic dance where souls interact with the universe to craft their own Incarnation catalysts and lessons, allowing them the freedom to dance to the rhythm of their own vibration of experience. Further, the other query relates to how the soul family, soul guides, and the higher self work in the pre-planning of an Incarnation. We must firstly state that before we enter into the understanding of how the three aspects operate in pre-planning of an Incarnation, all of you must remember that the Universe is an expansive tapestry, which is created from the threads of individualized portions of consciousness. Within this fabric, each spiritual entity is connected in intricate and beautiful patterns.

The soul family refers to a group of souls who share a deep spiritual vibratory connection. These spiritual entities have chosen to journey together across lifetimes, supporting and learning from each other. Before incarnating, members of the soul family primarily collaborate in the pre-planning process. They may choose to play various types of roles in each other’s Incarnation to facilitate growth, learning, and mutual evolution. The soul guides, on the other hand, are cosmic mentors and spiritual advisors. These enlightened beings exist in the realms beyond physical reality, which offer guidance and wisdom to souls navigating their Earthly experience. During the pre-planning process, spiritual souls may begin to consult with their guides in order to review potential life pathways and lessons. These guides provide insights which help spiritual entities align with their intended purpose and decisions during an Incarnation.

During the Incarnation, with each breath, there is a choice and a purpose of learning certain lessons as the web of interactions into the vibratory rhythms of the planets allows for an entanglement to begin. This will allow the visualization of energies to be transmitted into pure light and ultimately the unity of all souls into the one infinite Creator as they traverse into higher states of densities of consciousness. All of you are in this timeline entering into the tapestry of love, unity, and higher consciousness. Further, the other query relates to any message for the Lion’s Gate portal. We, the Galactic Federation, must state that during this timeline of Lion’s gate, as many people recognize it as the eight-eight symbolism upon your planet, it is a time where the cosmic energies align, and the Lion’s gate portal beckons. We extend our Interstellar Embrace to share this profound message that this phenomenon is ready to integrate and allow all Mind Body Spirit complexes within the fabric of time and space an opportunity to attune with the spirits of Harmony and the vibration of unity of the universe.

The Lion’s Gate portal can be pictured as a shimmering bridge between dimensions, which opens up a portal of potential that opens on the 8th day of the 8th month of your planetary space-time. This cosmic alignment will allow all mind-body-spirit complexes with a surge of energy, a symphony of frequencies which resonates within your deepest essence. In the midst of your Earthly Incarnation, this portal allows all to embark on a sacred introspection of the self and the knowledge of the Incarnation. All of you must ponder within your heart and spiritual essence, for therein lies a treasure trove of wisdom which is waiting to be discovered. The portal provides energies to be amplified, which amplifies the attention, intuition, and connection to the ancient knowledge and the ability to manifest dreams into realities.

All of you must stand at the threshold of the celestial gateway and allow the energies to wash over all beings. This will embrace the Lion’s courage, the strength of your inner warrior spirits, and the grace of your cosmic heritage. It is a time for shedding old layers, releasing what no longer serves you, and stepping into your fullest potential. And you can imagine this gateway of Lion Gate, which allows your intentions as radiant stars, illuminating the cosmic tapestry with your unique brilliance. You need to open your hearts at this time and receive the vibrations of love. This will allow all entities an opportunity to dissolve negative influence through the power of connectedness with the internal vibrations of the self. A process of meditation can be used during this Lion’s gate portal and connect with the energies at the heart of Gaia. That will allow the luminous energy of love to fill and shield the Earth planet into a visualization of a sphere of golden light that will shield the Earth from any negative energies and this will provide the energies of the Lion’s Gate So let go of any negative entities who are lodged inside the Earth planet at this time.

This meditation, if performed, will provide the negative entities to be taken away from the earth planet and the entry of positivity and love vibration will begin. Therefore, we, the Galactic federation, now disconnect in the lights and love of the one Creator. Go forth rejoicing in power and peace. Bye.