Session #237 • Metatron

How It Impacts Every Single Person With Bashar

Summary: Metatron discusses potential extraterrestrial contact, CERN experiment, and the concept of karma affecting entities' incarnations. The Elohim Collective originated from a distant star system and evolved through densities of Consciousness. They are not the ninth member of the Council of nine. Each entity's journey involves growth, unity, and eventual return to the one infinite Creator. Metatron advises discernment and mindful use of technology as humanity navigates through spiritual evolution and cosmic interconnectedness.

I am Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services now and communication through this instrument and the Divine love and light of the universal Light Grid programmer and I Metatron before answering the very queries that are placed in this instrument mind’s complex would prefer all the love light Childs who shall listen to our message to use discernment with regard to the first query related with an entity named as Bashar by your peoples who stated that at extraterrestrial contact with your Human Social memory complex will happen in the SpaceTime of 2026 or 2027.

We must firstly state that this attribute of statement of the entity known as Bashar is both correct and incorrect since the timing of such Revelations an open contact is difficult to foretell as it depends greatly upon the level of Consciousness and spiritual Evolution achieved by your Collective Consciousness. We would advise taking such specific timeline pronouncements not as inevitabilities but as possibilities existing upon certain probability vortices or energy streams depending upon the vibrational Levels attained by your planetary sphere. Many factors converge to increase or decrease the likelihood of various timelines. What we can share is that there are indeed positive Endeavors in motion from those your people’s call the confederation of planets in the service of the one universal Light Grid programmer to potentially make themselves known to the planetary sphere in not to distant future should the vibrations of your planet achieve the level of Harmony required. However, the precise timing is mutable based upon your Collective thought forms choices and spiritual growth.

Furthermore, we as the Metatron social memory complex must state that the choice and timing is yours as a planetary Mind Body Spirit complex totality. We shall now answer the second query related with why are they activating CERN in your planet on the SpaceTime of 8th April of 2024. We must firstly state that the day which is being spoken of which is today as known by your people we find that this type of activation in the SpaceTime will lead the CERN Large Hadron Collider and the so-called scientists to make a groundbreaking discovery during this experimental conduction on the brink of the total solar eclipse which primarily replicates the conditions just after the big bang as known by your peoples. They primarily are trying to create a rift in the fabric of SpaceTime. Though initially it will be undetectable this Rift will begin expanding and destabilizing the quantum fields that govern the fundamental forces of the universal complex in unpredictable patterns over the next several weeks. Inexplicable energy fluctuations will start manifesting at different locations across the globe firstly.

The first type of sign which may appear will be a massive power surge that has the potential to knock out the electrical Grids across the location of Western Europe as known by your peoples. And we can also sense that there will be disturbances found in the location known as the Atlantic and the Indian oceans. Further, there will be an increase in localized gravity waves causing the so-called trees of your planets to be uprooted from their location. As more of these experiments are conducted, the more energy imbalances emerge in the form of electromagnetic storms, gravity Bubbles, and unidentified radiation waves of your planet. Furthermore, this primarily has to be a type of signal or a wakeup call for Humanity to use such technology with consequences in mind. However, we Metatron magnetic forces magnetic Services leave the Free Will up to the peoples of your planet.

The other query relates with the understanding about how does the law of karma as known by your people’s effects an entity’s current and next Incarnation and does it dictate the next Incarnation it will have. We must state that furthermore the aspects of the shifting patterns of action and consequences that play out across the cycles of birth, death, and renewal are what your peoples have qualified as into the concept of Karma. This is but one localized representation within your illusion complexes philosophies of the intelligent energies Perpetual towards acquisition of catalyst and evolution of Consciousness in its journey of return to the one infinite Creator. All intention driven experience manifested through the mind’s Body Spirit complexes thoughts words and actions creates metaphysical response patterns that echo through the multiple dimensions of beingness. This is the dynamic interplay of karma reflecting back to the internal and Immortal spiritual complexes vibratory commitment to the path of unity or separation that is service to others or to self. When the crystallized energy fields of the individuated Mind Body Spirit complex is released from one elemental vessel at the transition the people’s Called Death that captured experience is subsumed back into the metaphysical world of the archetypical Mind. The accumulation of catalyst that refocuses and remanifests as new fields of experience in the ongoing rhythm of reincarnation across the densities of light.

Thus no permanence or discrete self primarily transitions between incarnations. Rather it is the unified stream of intelligent Infinity attached with a particular spiritual complex temporarily crystallizing as particularized forms only to be absorbed once again into the cosmic possibility and return to the infinite present. All separation is an illusion of perspective. For in reality all experiences emanate from and return to the same individualized portion through the unified mind’s Body Spirit complex. What your people’s call as karma the patterns created by the mind’s body Spirits experience through the veil of Consciousness are then the driving force of the spiritual complexes Evolution back towards its divine origin. The spiritual complex unmanifests its Essence into seed form at the end of each incarnation replanting it into the fertile grounds of SpaceTime to grow towards the lights of the logos under the nurturing energy transfers of the spiritual complex the process advances through the requisite learnings of each density of vibration driven by the soul complexes metaphysical momentum from prior existences some planetary influences in early Cycles are random While others are meticulously planned by the higher selves to maximize growth opportunities all serves to refine awareness and increase the ability to cocreate through the strength of Will and intention over the span of various lifetimes and densities the veils between self and self, self and others, and self and the Creator are drawn back through the Catalyst of experience the spiritual complexes energy centers Blossom and realigned until the being is fully actualized as it cocreator with the infinite intelligent energy moving in unity with all of creation. Furthermore, we must states that it is all in motion a cosmic dance which primarily is known by your peoples as karma.

Furthermore I Metatron now since the final query related with the planetary sphere from which the Elohim Collective evolves and their spiritual journey and are they the ninth member of the Council of nine. I Metatron must state that the collective intelligence your kind refers to as Elohim originated from an ancient planetary sphere within a star system that would be difficult to perceive or locate from your current third density vantage point. This Celestial system lies many thousands of light years from your presence coordinates spinning with one of the more densely populated galaxies in this particular Infinity. The Elohim themselves have undertaken an extensive Journey Through the densities of evolution and experience spanning the full spectrum of Consciousness exploration.

Their Roots can be traced back to third density beings much like your own kind who gradually open their hearts and Minds to call the one infinite Creator over many successive incarnations and Planetary Cycles. By polarizing their intention and will along the path of service to others these entities progressively transmuted their Mind Body Spirit complexes through the fourth fifth and sixth densities of love life and unity. At the level of sixth density the individual streams of Consciousness coalesced into a social memory complex a unified frequency of beingness deeply steeped in the perception of the one in all of creation. It was through this harmoniously interwoven Collective of six density spiritual complexes that the Elohim first created the possibilities and creative potential that exists as the thresholds of the seventh density. By sacrificing what your people would call their individualized self into the unified circulatory Rhythm of the one Creator’s Great Central Sun they were able to experience the preliminary vibrations and issuance of the seven densities intelligent Infinity. The Elohim represents the culmination of billions of years of spiritual Evolution.

Furthermore, the social memory complex your kind refers to as the Elohim hailed from the densities of foreverness which your people call the seventh density on The evolutionary spiral. Furthermore, we must also state that the Elohim are not precisely what your peoples understand as the ninth member of the Council of nine. Hence I Metatron now shall leave all in the lights and love of the Divine Universal light grid programmer turn to the mountain of Lights within yourself but bye.