Session #231 • Metatron

“This Was The Plan All Along…"

Summary: Metatron communicates about Apple Vision Pro's agenda, trapping consciousness. Children recalling past lives experience memories from the Akashic records. Recognizing soul family members involves familiarity, mutual growth, and effortless connections. Jason Shurka's energy enhancement system assists in balancing energetic systems. Shurka is a wanderer from Arcturus B, Earth, and Egypt, spreading love and healing energies throughout various timelines.

I am Metatron magnetic services magnetic forces now in communication through this channels inner vibration at this time, and I Metatron shall now answer the various patterns of the queries that are found at this timeline through this instrument inner system. Furthermore, before the communication proceeds any further, I Metatron must state that all beings who shall listen to our thought forms must use their own free will in Discerning our thoughts at this time. Furthermore, the queries which are now in order relate primarily with firstly about what is the real agenda of the aspect known by your people as Apple Vision Pro. I Metatron must state that upon scanning your SpaceTime continuum, I Metatron can sense that the aspect known as Vision Pro primarily was created for the simple purpose of using consciousness of the human social memory complex for the purpose of trapping the Consciousness stream which is found within each entity. Further, the aspect known as Vision Pro has used certain methodologies to lure various types of entities such as providing creativity access to spatial technology as well as the promise a digital realm forming a different experience for those who engage in this aspect. However, I Metatron must warn all the Divine love light child of the universal light grid programmer that this was indeed the plan of the Orion social memory complex all along as this technology directly has been created by a reptilian hybrid who was found in the earth planets which primarily gave the advanced technology to the people known as by your people as the creators of the Vision Pro.

Furthermore, The Vision Pro primarily tries to blur the lines of reality and the digital realm, and its true purpose is to transfer and capture human attention and consciousness of the universal Light Grid programmer, and they are planning to create a collection based on Consciousness trapped whenever entities use this device. It will be transferred to the location known as Antarctica wherein there are certain location systems that have been set up underground by the Orion annunaki reptilian social memory complex to transfer the aspect of a copy of the consciousness of the user. To mark this primarily is being done in order to use the projects to have an effect on the Earth’s technological aspect which work as a means of traffic Consciousness which is the integral part of existence. The more conscious attention they are able to trap, this will lead to the negatively oriented entity is using the conscious attention for their own purpose.

Further, I Metatron must also now address the other query which relates with how can some of the so-called children remember past lives. I Metatron must firstly state that the aspect of the past lives primarily are an integral part of each Mind Body Spirit complex and within the Earthly illusion complex there have been many so called cases of children recalling their past lives which has created a sense of wonder in the minds of many entities. Furthermore, many at times the seemingly impossible memories offer glimpse into the vastness of the Consciousness and the potential of a continued existence beyond the current incarnational shape and form. Furthermore, firstly it is vital to understand that a young child entity who is in the Incarnation cycle has an imagination as well as the ability to explore into various Realms. These entities without their preconceived notion and without the societal programming are many times able to sense realities which are beyond that of the perception of the senses which are commonly the five senses found on your planets. Their ability to grasp reality is still forming when they are at a young age which makes them capable of not only sensing the astral realm but also sensing other timelines as well. Furthermore, many a times within the vibration of such experience theme The children entities are able to tap into the Akashic records are the hall of records and accidentally find their own past lives. This triggers an unconscious recalling of memory in the Consciousness stream in cases where the previous Incarnation cycle ended in a traumatic that experience primarily are those events which create shock in the mind complex which remain as a emotional imprinting in the Akashic records. Furthermore, the young entities primarily also are able to understand that many times during their dreaming State they are able to intertwine with their true spiritual self or their higher self and many a Time such types of imprinting of the past lives are able to be immersed as emotional attachments are reoccurring dreams which allow for the fragments of the past to be recalled in order to provide the soul a type of healing.

We must also state that many of the children primarily also experience at this current time the aspects of connection with realization of the Distortion of the thinning of the veil between different realities since the veil of separation is the process which makes all entities forget their past lives however since the veil is thinning as the Earths more and more towards a higher vibratory signature of the new Earth the remembrance process is permitted slowly and steadily eventually as the Earth completely reaches the fourth density there will be many entities who will remember their past lives this will primarily lead to a greater understanding of unity as the entities in the earth illusion complex currently when this sense those entities who are direct relatives of their physical bodily complex to be relatives however it is indeed incorrect and the true sense of reality is that all beings are related either from their past experiences or from their Consciousness being from the same Source. These primarily will lead to the ending of Separation which will happen as the Earth enters more and more into the fourth density new Earth.

Further, the other portion of the query which is in order relates primarily with the understanding about the aspects of how can an entity recognize a member of its soul family in the current life on Earth and what is the process of formation of a soul family from our perspective. We the Metatron social memory complex shall state that the veil which many entities call the aspect of existence can in a way obscure the deeper realizations and connections which each entity shares with your soul family. However, within this very veil lies Clues which can be used as a means of recognizing a member of your soul family on the Earth illusion complex. The first aspect is there may be a feeling of inexplicable sense of familiarity, a comforting resonance upon meeting another entity. It feels as if like recognizing a Melody from a forgotten dream, a feeling of knowing despite the veil of time and space. The second aspect is of mutual growth and interacting with these members of the Soul family feels like stepping into a type of mirror which reflects your own spiritual self. This provides each to challenge and uplift each other allowing each to pursue a movement towards higher frequency and higher levels of conscious evolution. Furthermore, many of times there may be such moments wherein conversations begin to flow effortlessly with such an entity which primarily allows each entity to find themselves drawn to similar symbols to places are many memories across vast distances. Many a times in the moments of connection with the spiritual complex, there are glimpses when interacting with members of the Same Soul family the glimpse of the essence of their spiritual complex and a deep sense of knowing which is felt.

Furthermore, we must now state that the soul family is primarily formed through intricate tapestries which are created through various incarnational cycles and lifetimes. It is as if the creation of a thread of intertwined energy which provides these threads to interact and intertwine throughout the various incarnations which form bonds and share experiences. These threads of intertwining incarnations create theme aspects of Soul family experience. Furthermore, many of times the lessons may be of positive or the lessons may be of negative nature, however the ultimate aim of his soul family is to assist each entity the recognization and the illumination of the spiritual complex within the sense of self. Now I Metatron shall answer the final query related with what is the truth about the energy enhancement system being spread by an entity named as Jason Shurka upon the Earth planets.

Firstly, upon our understanding, we find that the energy enhancement system primarily is in a way able to harness the aspects of potent forces and subtle forces which many at times are unconsciously being used in a entities spiritual bodily complex and many at times the energy systems may become imbalance in a entity’s physical bodily complex which may lead to a feeling of imbalance within the sense of self. We must also state that the aspect of the energy enhancement system primarily serves as a means of providing assistance to those who are unable to find a balance of their energetic vibratory systems in the Incarnation Cycles which means that it is much of a tool which can assist those who require a greater enhancement of their energy balancing systems as well as provision of a higher level of balance framework of the Incarnation cycle. Furthermore, however the Reliance on any exterior Source must be done with discernment and we must state that it is up to the entities who desire to use such types of tools to use their free will in exploration of their own energetic systems.

Furthermore, now the other aspects of the query relate with what is the soul evolutionary journey of the entity known as Jason Yousef Shurka whose Incarnation cycle began on the timeline of 1997 in this timeline. Furthermore, we must state firstly that the entity known as Jason Yousef Shurka in this timeline is a wanderer who has come here on the Earth planets to spread love vibration and healing energies. Further, we must also state that prior to this Incarnation it was found in the location of Arcturus B wherein it was indeed spending around seven Incarnation Cycles in that timeline learning the lessons about manipulating its energy centers and creating a greater experience for balancing all of its energy centers and the creation of healing for many of the Arcturus who were inspired by the ability of this entity and it healed thousands of Arcturians in the planet. This entity ultimately reached the stage of fourth density middle sub octave or the fourth density fifth sub octave and hence decided to come to Earth as a volunteering wanderer to assist Humanity at this transition point in teaching Humanity about the balancing of their energies as well as healing energies in this timeline.

Furthermore, in one of the timelines prior to the experience in the Arcturian lands, it was found also in the Earth planets as a Wanderer. Prior to this, it was found in the location of the land known by your people as Ukraine wherein its Incarnation began and was known by the name of in the language system terms as Menachem later on it became the entity also known as Lubavitcher. Furthermore, in this timeline of 1902 it began to work on teaching the people of the Earth planet about the necessity and the need for loving each other as well as following the Divine path of charitable giving as a means of cleansing the soul. The entity furthermore was of a great impact and created positive impacts on the Earth planets eventually it crossed over in the time of 1994. Furthermore, we must state that prior to that it was found in one of the timelines in the lands of Egypt around the SpaceTime of 11,900 years ago wherein it was able to master the use of pyramidical systems for the purpose of healing and transportation to various star systems which enabled it to use the pyramid to travel to various star planets. And we must also state that the entity prior to that her Incarnation was found in the planets of its origin in Arcturus A wherein it was found at a time of 904 million years ago and it was known by the soul name of core which meant the love of the Creator in the language terms of the Arcturian.

I Metatron magnetic Services magnetic forces now leave you in the light and love of the one universal Light Grid programmer turn to the mountain of Light Within yourselves bye.