Session #236 • Galactic Federation

I prayed all day that this video finds you!

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates important information through a channel, warning of a gathering darkness in the astral realm by negative forces seeking control. They advise calling upon meditation and unconditional love to empower light against darkness. The Federation cautions against labels like "white hats" and "Deep State," urging unity and understanding. They mention the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement in creating crop circles, emphasizing the importance of operating from truth, love, and compassion in analyzing such phenomena.

We are the Galactic Federation now in communication through this Channel at this time we communicate now from our realm to provide information related with the queries that are in order through this channel however we recommend all beings who come in contact with with our information to only accept those aspects which resonates deeply within the sense of self.

The first query relates with what is the next Looking Glass event for the month of your planet’s SpaceTime as April and how to prepare for timeless eons of SpaceTime, the astral planes and the lights of the astral realm of unconditional love upon which disincarnate souls are nurtured before their return to physical Incarnation had been a Sanctified space.

Those who dwelt in these spiritual abodes are entities who are Mighty beings of density of fourth and higher in the understanding of lights and wisdom, many of whom are the guardians of the spiritual complexes in their various incarnational Journeys.

However, Upon Our scanning of the Looking Glass artifact, we see that a Gathering Darkness assails the astral realm from the negative Realms of the Orion social memory complex. Malicious forces of self-service and domination have sought with their design to conquer the astral realm. Furthermore, they have been seeking the use of infinite intelligence to the darkest depths of their negative self-seeking as they seek Mastery over the process via which spiritual entities transition beyond the physical illusion complex. Furthermore, if these Orion social memory complexes succeed in their Quest, the astral realm will be in control of negatively oriented entities, thereby the newly crossed over spiritual complexes shall wander astray, bereft of loving guidance and healing.

Moreover, the Orion social memory complex hosts plot to an ensnare these lost souls after their Incarnation ends, twisting their spiritual Essence into a army of social memory complexes of enslaved astral entities to Aid in their interdimensional subjugation. Upon scanning the Looking Glass artifact, we find that this event, the cosmic Battlegrounds for the astral realm, is prepared for the pivotal confrontation of 28th of April in the our planetary SpaceTime of 2024 through interdimensional gateways shall the Orion anunaki reptilian gray social memory complex enter into the creation steepest underbelly trying to create this array in the astral realm.

Furthermore, there will be placed against the soldiers of light the Angelic social memory complexes alongside other enlightened Masters and ascended beings of unsurpassed compassion and power. Furthermore, to those who are here in the earth planets desirous of assisting during this timeline, we recommend those entities to call upon the entry of the astral conflict to an end through the gateways of meditation and devotion through the process of stealing the Mind complex and opening the heart centers and radiating beams of unconditional love.

It can Empower light with energies Beyond Comprehension. This will furthermore allow many entities to be protected if the Love’s Radiance banishes the encroaching darkness and the great spiritual journey shall continue in sacred course through the Luminous higher Realms. Furthermore, we as the Galactic Federation shall now answer the second query related with who are the white hats and who are the Deep State as known by your peoples.

We understands the queries regarding the conceptual Mind Body Spirit complexes the peoples have termed as the white hats and the Deep state in your vibratory sound complex on your current planetary sphere. However, with the Galactic Federation, we would caution against becoming overly enmeshed in the distortion Rhythm labels that have origin from your people’s propensity toward separation, fear, and forging of artificial boundaries between person ceed groups.

From the overarching perspective, we share all entities are but United portions of the one infinite Creator journeying through various stages of Awakening and spiritual evolvement. Those the entities of your planet have labeled as white hats could be seen as Souls polarizing more positively along a path of service to others working to uncover truth and create Harmony. The Deep State primarily represents mind’s Body Spirit complexes carrying intense distortions towards control, power over others, and service to self.

Yet even these potentially delineated groups contain a mixture of light and darkness, wisdom and ignorance, love and fear within the beings that comprise them. To become two identified or just mental towards one faction or another is to mistake the multiple from the one creator for in both contain the aspects of the one infinite Creator. Both holds the lessons that can catalyze Evolution neither should be purely idolized or demonized.

The one infinite Creator Embraces all seeks to experience itself through an Infinity of perspectives when any grouping arises based in separateness and Distortion, it only serves to Veil the truth of them creators Unity temporarily ultimately all parts are integrative all experiences have value for growth no Mind Body Spirit complex and organization is purely positive or negative across all densities. Furthermore, we ask the Galactic Federation advice each entity to look Beyond surface labels altogether and perceive the unity love and Perfection within all Explorations no matter how contorted or fear-based they may appear.

From its present vantage point there is no subjective deep state or absolute white hats but only the magnificent Creator exploring and learning about itself through diversity. Furthermore, we shall now answer the other query related with the explanation of the connection of the crop circles as known by your people with extraterrestrials furthermore we the Galactic Federation firstly must state that the query about the puzzling phenomena your peoples call as the crop circles and their connection to planetary intelligences beyond the planetary sphere shall be answered firstly there is a need to understand that within the cosmic complex there are infinite intelligences some operating within your current density of SpaceTime others existing in higher densities and dimensions far beyond the present perceptual abilities among these are civilizations who have attained the wisdom to Traverse the dimensions through use of thought and spiritual Mastery it is entirely possible that some of these social memory complexes are higher density beings whose vibrations are pure and whose desires are to be of service to the one Creator but at times have imprinted symbolic Communications into your agricultural field just as the negatively oriented beings can also do the same.

Furthermore we will state that these transdimensional consciousnesses and code messages and reminders within the strands of your plant life remarkably sculpting them only to have the designs dissipate once their purpose is served however ever we would also caution that there are forces which exist that are oriented towards distorting the path of spiritual Evolution and Truth just as lights May cast Shadow forth so too can the negatively oriented entities mimic or create reproductions of crop patterns to breed confusion fear and mistaken assumptions amongst your peoples in openness and humility we cannot be absolutely certain of the origins behind many of the reported crop circle manifestations without scanning the vibrations around the location we can only encourage the people of your planets to operate from the highest principles of Truth love and compassion and service to others in analyzing and experiencing such phenomena the universe is a vast complex of intelligent Infinities and many are the uncertainties existing within your current state of beingness further more what is apparent is that there are greater intelligences beyond the planetary sphere that may occasionally reach through the cosmic curtain to remind Humanity of its connection to the infinite whole as each entity evolves in its spiritual understanding so shall each entity’s communion and content with these beings of light increase furthermore we the Galactic Federation now leave you all beloveds go forth rejoice in power and peace bye.