Session #45 • Galactic Federation

I Was Threatened for Revealing Negative Entities Agenda on Mars? & How to Stay Protected

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Lights explains that negative entities can manipulate souls who have become polarized in the negative fourth density consciousness. These entities use fear to control and scare individuals, but they cannot physically harm them. To protect oneself, one should use the vibratory words "I love you" when encountering such entities, as this will immediately dismantle them. This method not only works against negative entities, but also against entities still in physical form.

We are the galactic federation of lights and we create you again. We are connected to you beloved, in the love and the light of the one creator who is within each of you and within each of the entities in the cosmos. Before we start sharing our insights, please understand that you have free will on your planet to accept or reject this information. We, as the galactic federation, are always protecting your planet and all the beings in your plane who require our assistance will be assisted by us. Today, this instrument desires to understand which entity had visited this instrument yesterday at around 11:30 pm at night time.

Let us tell you clearly that the entity that had visited this instrument was not from outside the planet. It was an entity from inside your planet. In essence, this entity was a soul that had polarized into the negative fourth density consciousness after crossing over. Due to this, the entity became under the control of the so-called negative oriented beings. These negative oriented beings use this entity to scare and arouse fear within the mind of this instrument by showcasing an image of the so-called negative oriented entities. This occurs many times on your planet when these beings are able to hijack the souls that had negative oriented lives in your planet.

Many of the souls in your planet that had self-service agenda and had done some negative acts on your planet become negatively polarized, and these can be used by the so-called negative entities to create fear amongst other people. However, please remember that these negative beings, the souls on your planet who are under the control, cannot touch you physically or harm you physically. The only thing they can use is the fear, and they prey on fear. They want you to be afraid. This is how the negative works. They work on fear, and they feed on the fear that emerges from people.

The next time you see this entity, please remember to follow this procedure to immediately cast it aside. When you see such an entity and encounter such an entity, use the vibratory words that you call “I love you” towards this entity, and this entity will immediately dismantle in front of your eyes. This is the best way to protect against any negative entity. Not only the negative entities or the entities who have crossed over, but also the entities on your planet who are still in the physical form. These three words will protect you against anything. Therefore, beloveds, we are the galactic federation and we leave you now in the love of the creator. Bye.