Session #71 • Galactic Federation

Prepare Yourself for Truth of Secret Space Program

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Light communicates from their Saturn council seat in the galaxy to address the secret space programs involving the enrollment of entities from Earth. They clarify that they have stopped these programs until Earth has a strong space force. The Secret Space Program is currently operating on Earth, selecting entities with high psychic abilities and RH negative blood. These entities are forcefully enrolled, trained, and used in missions by negative entities. The Galactic Federation and other positively oriented entities do not engage in such programs and believe in free will. The purpose of these programs is to spread fear and negative agendas to prevent Earth from entering the fourth density new earth timeline. It is important to spread awareness about these programs cautiously.

We are the galactic federation of light and we communicate now from our Saturn council seat in your galaxy. In addition, before we share our thoughts and insights regarding the query placed by this instrument, you must remember to use your discernment to choose only those thoughts that resonate with your inner heart.

Today, this instrument seeks to understand about the so-called secret space programs wherein many entities have been enrolled. They were previously enrolled and are still being enrolled from your planetary sphere to take part in many missions and activities alongside the so-called negative oriented entities.

Please understand that we, as the galactic federation, have stopped any of these so-called exchange programs until the creation of a strong space force of your planetary sphere. Hence, there is another space program that is currently operating on your planetary sphere which is known in your language terms as the secret space program.

Moreover, for this specifically, entities who are of the vibration above the greenery chakra activation and possessing RH negative blood are selected and identified by the grey entities who are the subordinates of the Orion negatively oriented entities. They are working in tandem with some elite entities who are termed as the men in black in your language. Terms who hunt out entities and they seek entities who have this potential and psychic ability of moving objects and who display uncanny abilities of talent much more higher at a degree compared to other entities of a similar age group.

Such entities are chosen by the so-called men in black entities who are working for the Orions, and they help in the abduction process of these entities. Once they are abducted, they are enrolled forcefully into a secret space program wherein these entities are put through a period in which they have to go through a training phase of around three years in your time space continuum in the facility that the so-called Orions had created in the Mars space.

These entities on the Mars base learn many lessons of improving their psychic abilities and they learn to influence other entities’ vibrations of the indigo ray energy center since the other entities’ vibrations can be changed based on the focus that these entities will present. In addition, when they become adept with these methods, these trained entities are fitted with a so-called device which can use their astral form or their inner self to take them on certain missions without their free will.

Furthermore, many entities have also been taken physically through the various dimensions in order to propagate the agenda of the negative oriented entities. Furthermore, please understand that we, as the galactic federation and other positively oriented entities, do not indulge in such secret space program enrollment strategies.

We are of the opinion that only those entities who, using their free will and desire, to perform in such exchange programs were previously, before the three-year time-space continuum of the current timeline before the galactic war occurred, were allowed to take part in such programs along with us.

However, these negative entities, they disregard free will of any entity. And based upon these entities’ selection, which depends on the candidate entity’s psychic abilities and the so-called bloodline of RH negative factor, which is a direct resemblance from the descendants of the Anunnaki bloodlines. Hence, such entities that are incarnated currently on your planetary sphere are sought by the men in black. And when these entities are abducted, a so-called replicate is created by the men in black entities. And this replicated entity is left in the so-called house of the origination of the entity that is being abducted. This is done in order to not allow other entities any idea as to what had happened to the original entity.

Then, such abducted entities are put through the training program. During such time period of the existence of the training program, this entity would be missing from its original place and instead a replicate would be in its place. This abducted entity would be put under tremendous amounts of stress, developing its psychic abilities even higher and developing many of its astral abilities such as entering into time loops and meeting with other entities using their astral form.

Furthermore, these entities are also met with the so-called Orion entities and other reptilian entities who teach them how to spread negative agenda and influence the minds of people by using thought forms. Once these entities complete the various missions on such programs, they are teleported back to the Earth’s timeline. And in the Earth planet, they begin to function.

Currently, there are many entities who have already been abducted by the so-called Orion Anunnaki grey reptilian collective. And these entities, once they finish their so-called training program, are put back into the place from wherein they had originated from. The main purpose of these entities after being placed back into the original place on Earth is to disrupt the positive aspects and vibrations of other people of your planet by affecting the so-called imagination complex and thought forms.

These trained entities can affect mind complexes of other entities around a radius of 700 km range using their psychic abilities, which can affect people’s consciousness. Hence, these entities are put into places in various areas of your planetary sphere wherein they can affect the consciousness of people. And based upon the consciousness disruption, these entities perform. Many people, due to these psychic intrusions, begin to get nightmares and many will begin to see negative images in their mind complex. In addition, they will become negatively oriented by speaking negative thought forms and words inside their own mind complex and during interaction with other entities.

This leads to the creation of more negatively oriented entities which can be then influenced by the Orions to work for their bidding in spreading more negative agendas on your planetary sphere. These secret space programs which are currently being operated by the negative entities is created for the purpose of spreading fear and propagating the negative agenda in their final push to stop this planet from fully entering the fourth density new Earth timeline.

These negative entities desire to influence the imagination complex and inner thought forms of other people on your planet, which in essence creates the outward reality around each entity. Thereby, they are trying to influence the Earth planetary sphere in order to spread negative agenda and fear. They want to create negative images in the mind of peoples of your planet by using these entities who have been psychically altered and trained to disrupt positivity and spread negative vibrations into the mind complex of many other peoples of your planet using psychic influences.

Furthermore, please understand that this has been going on without our permission or that of the council of planets and has been in existence for approximately 80 years of your time space. We, as the galactic federation, are of the opinion that the only way to stop this is by spreading awareness amongst entities who are currently incarnated on your planet. Furthermore, we are of the opinion that this instrument who has requested this information must be very cautious when sharing this information because the negative entities do not want the people of your planetary sphere to be aware of this fact.

Therefore, we, the galactic federation, leave you now. Bye.