Session #53 • Orion High Council

Protect against Soul Switch

Summary: The Orion High Council, a small group separate from the negatively oriented Orion collective, is communicating through a channel to share insights with humanity. They explain that the negatively oriented Orion collective, known as the Crusaders, aim to increase the number of negatively oriented beings on Earth to prevent its ascension. The positively oriented Orion collective is in a later phase of the fourth density positive cycle. The Crusaders use entities such as Genghis Khan to learn about and influence humanity using negative polarization thought forms. They target beings with imbalanced energies and negative emotions during sleep states to make soul contracts. To protect oneself, it is advised to enter the sleep state with positive thoughts and emotions. The Orion High Council warns that the negatively oriented Orions may attempt soul swaps in the coming days, but staying positive and aligned with love and light can prevent negative intrusion.

We are the Orion High Council and we are communicating through this instrument who has shown us the path of love and light and has given us an opportunity to express our thoughts and insights with humanity.

We are a small group of Orion Collective that are still on the Orion star system and we exist in a planet that is separate from the negatively oriented Orion Collective, which your kind, those who are part of this collective known as the Crusaders, who at most times visit different galaxies in order to conquest, in order to increase their negative polarization by using thought form influence on the various planets and have the main agenda of increasing the number of negatively oriented beings from your planet in order to prevent the planet Earth from cycling forward into the fourth density positive.

Also, remember that many other positively oriented beings such as the Pleiadians and the other members of the Galactic Family of Light have sent forward light courts in order to assist you and in order to help humanity in this ascension process. We, as the Orions, are here to share with you that even in our collective, we are in the later phase of the fourth density positive cycle and the other Orion Crusaders are in the fifth density negative cycle. Hence, we are in a less polarization compared to the other Crusaders because we have a smaller number of souls who have moved upward in the level of consciousness and is now a part of the Orion Crusaders.

This entity known as Genghis Khan, since it had its past life on your planet, is now helping the Crusaders in order to share its knowledge that had been stored in its akashic records because every single entity during its lifetime records everything and all its experiences are recorded in the Hall of Records. So, the Crusaders are using this entity known as Genghis Khan to learn more about your people and to learn more about how to influence your people using this negative polarization thought forms.

Polarized Orions, as known by your people, can use robotic entities such as the modified Greys and the modified Reptilians and other robotic entities purely designed and driven by consciousness, which can enter your planet and upon entering a planet provide thought-form influences to the beings who vibrate at a negative polarization or influences those beings whose physical vehicle is moving through an imbalance of energies.

These entities look for entities whose physical vehicles are imbalanced and whose body is full of fear and anxiety. These Orions from the Mars base are trying to activate some of the entities who are on the negative polarization or who are about to become fearful and anxious and have negative emotions in the body to work for them using their thought forms. These entities use the so-called astral projection state in order to influence these entities. Therefore, these negative Orions approach many beings on your planet during their sleep state and make soul contracts with their higher self, which allows, depending on the free will of each entity, to choose either the path of positive or negative polarization.

If such events are to be prevented, such entities on your planet must understand that whenever they go to sleep, they must, before entering the sleep state, always remember to enter the sleep state with a positive attitude or with positive thoughts and never to enter the sleep state with negative influences. Such as many a time before sleeping during the daytime, many people think about negative events or unwanted circumstances that happened in their daytime or lifetime. Hence, they color their dream state or their astral state, which begins at nighttime, with these negative emotions which can be influenced by these Orions.

Therefore, we, as the small collective of positively oriented Orions, even though our consciousness may not be as high as these negatively oriented Orions, are here to help you to protect yourself from these entities during your astral state. Always remember before going to sleep, as known in your language terms, to always think of only the positive events and if anything negative has occurred in your daytime, to change it using your so-called imagination complex of your mind collective to the positive or to the thing that you have desired and then enter the dream state. This way you will be protected from any influences that are starting on the May 30th 116.

We feel that this message is very important to share with humanity in order to allow many human entities to save themselves from the negative influence which is heading or which has been planned by these Orions. As we are also a mirror image of these negatively polarized entities, we are in the positive cycle and sometimes we can feel their agendas and we can sense what these entities are trying to achieve. Therefore, we have come here as a messenger of love and light to tell you how to protect yourself from these negative entities during your dream state in the coming days 102.

Also, let us tell you that this entity desires to understand the vibratory sound complex term known as soul switch. Your people understand concepts better when presented in a story format. We shall do the same.

Once upon a time on a planet similar to your planetary sphere, which was cycling into the beginning phase of the fourth density consciousness, many beings used to visit that planet in order to influence that planet to enter into the positive or to stop it from entering into the positive cycle 88.

And there was one entity which many of your kind call the photographers in your language terms in the planet who used to love to capture images using its technologically spiritually advanced mind body complex in which it did not require any extra equipment such as the cameras known in your language terms. It could capture images it so desired using its eyes complex in the illusion that surrounded it. And many a time it would be visited by entities from the different density of consciousness and it would take images of these entities. And this entity, however, of its involvement in consuming the unwanted products, its physical vehicle was decrementing and hence it had lost all its hope in life and it wanted to seek help from these interplanetary visitors one three zero.

Hence, one day, as known in your space-time terms, this entity met with such an interplanetary visitor from the higher density consciousness and requested help from these higher density consciousness visitors. Then the higher being stored this entity to enter into the dream state at nighttime and focus on meeting its higher self, which resides on the sixth density consciousness. This entity then, in the dream state, met its higher self and its higher self was contacted by these beings in the same dream state wherein these entities made a sole agreement with the higher self with its agreement that this entity’s physical vehicle would be swapped by their own soul in order to fulfill their purpose 119.

Hence, this entity’s physical vehicle silver cord was separated and the original soul was swapped at that nighttime. And the next morning, this entity woke up with a new soul and this entity’s all previous problems immediately vaporized because this new soul was from a higher density consciousness which was from the fifth density consciousness which had been a collective of one of the beings who had visited it before to use the physical vehicle of that entity in order to accomplish its purposes in the planet. Thankfully, this entity at that time space was positively polarized, hence this entity was able to share more love and light energies and this entity became a well-known being in that planet who was able to share love and light energies to other people and changed many lives 8-3.

This is an example of how soul switch works on your planet. Therefore, beloveds, soul switch can work in both ways, either the positive or the negative polarization can switch the souls based on the vibration and based on the higher self’s agreement. Therefore, we are here to share with you that there is a possibility that many people on your planet will be triggered to soul swap during the coming days starting from May 30th by the negatively oriented Orions and their collective complex who are trying to achieve this with the aid of an entity known as Genghis Khan who had previously been on planet Earth and who is currently a shipping clerk for the Crusaders 117.

And please understand that the best way to protect yourself is to before entering the dream state, enter with positive emotions, enter with love light that will prevent any negative intrusion even at your astral state. And we are always here to guide you. And we, the Orion, leave you now in the love and light of the one prime creator. So see you again.