Session #58 • Galactic Federation

Timelines Explained | Story of Life-review

Summary: The Galactic Federation discusses the solar event or solar flash, stating that it is a natural occurrence for the sun to eject solar flares. They assure that they have protected Earth from these events in the past and will continue to do so. The Federation emphasizes that solar flares do not cause physical harm to humans but may disrupt electronic instruments and satellites. They also discourage the creation of thought forms about these events, as they can manifest in reality. Additionally, they briefly mention the life review process after death, highlighting the importance of self-awareness.

We are the galactic federation and we greet you in the love and the light of the one the supreme creator. Today we are connected to share with you our thoughts and insights regarding the so-called solar event or solar flash of a higher magnitude than that experienced by your people in this regard.

Before we start sharing our thoughts, please understand that we, as the galactic federation, are only connected with you today to share our thoughts and insights without infringing upon the free will of your planetary sphere. Because your planet has free will and every single entity on your planetary sphere has the free will to accept or reject information with their own heart.

There have been many people on your planet who have been predicting about the solar flash events for long times since the days of the old civilizations that existed on your planet. These predictions are here, however, many people on your planet still do not understand the true significance of the solar slash events. Many of these predictions were correct, their predictions happened in another timeline or in another parallel universe. They were tapping into another timeline when they gave their predictions.

Today we are here to share with you our thoughts concerning this current earth timeline and with regard to the solar flash events. Let us tell you that the sun always ejects these solar flares or the sun ejects solar flashes and these in order to balance its own energies because the sun is reacting and creating new energetic waves. These solar flashes are a significance of the level of consciousness on the planetary sphere as well.

We, as the galactic federation, always are protecting the earth and other planetary spheres from such events and we are always concerned about the safety of the different beings in the various planets in the galaxy and in the cosmos. Furthermore, let us tell you that the solar flares which were supposed to happen in the year 2012 as had been predicted by your people previously were stopped by us and we, as the galactic federation, had to change the trajectory of the solar flare that happened on.

Please understand that there is certain confusion upon your planets that many people believe that solar flares will cause damage to the physical vehicles of your people. However, this is incorrect and the fact is that the solar flares will only damage your so-called electronic instruments. Furthermore, if a solar flare were to come into your planet without any hindrance from us or from other energetic waves, the waves that are surrounding your planet which have been protecting your planet from these events, then such solar flares would cause these so-called lights to go for a certain amount of time as known by your people because these solar flares will damage the instruments which depend on magnetic and electrical transference or magnetic resonance in order to operate.

Furthermore, this solar flare event could also lead to your so-called satellites that you have in the outer atmosphere of the planet to malfunction. However, even if a big solar flare were to hit earth, there would be no damage to your physical vehicle. Also, understand this, let us tell you that every 6th of July for the next upcoming 20 to 50 years and for the coming cyclical changes, the earth’s poles will slowly tilt which could cause these solar flares, if they occur during these timelines, to affect your instruments. These flares occur without any warning because these flares are erupted from the sun’s reactions. However, we have prevented a massive solar flare from hitting earth in the year 2012 by using the love light energies to push it away from the trajectory of earth.

Further, the query regarding when it will happen, in this regard let us share with you that all the predictions made by your people actually occurred in another dimension or another timeline. They were accessing the information from those timelines. And with regard to this timeline, let us share with you that the solar event, even if it occurs, will not affect you because we, as the galactic federation, are always protecting the planets. We will not allow such events to drastically affect your people and the planets. We, as the galactic federation, are enforcers of peace, love, and light.

Also note that many people, they want this solar flare or solar flash to occur on the planet because they feel that this solar flash would signify the ending of an era. However, let us tell you that earth is already in the beginning phases of the fourth density consciousness. Hence, there is no need to worry about anything. Furthermore, please understand that we, as the galactic federation, are concerned because many of your people are creating mind-made thought forms and expecting a solar event, which could increase the likelihood of this occurring on your time space. In order to prevent such an event from happening, we would request each entity using its free will to not create any thought forms regarding the occurrence of such flares in order to not allow such events from occurring on your planets. This is also a reason why many entities on your planet must understand that thought forms have the ability to manifest in your time space.

Now let us address the second query placed by this instrument regarding the life review process which occurs after incarnation ends for your people. In this regard, let us tell you a short story since your people find it easy to remember facts in this format.

Once upon a time, on another planetary sphere, there were three entities on the third density consciousness who were searching for gold on other planetary spheres. Out of the three, one entity was trying to stop the two other entities from making drastic errors in their mission. The other two were ego-driven and were obsessed to obtain these rare elements, as in their planet gold had the ability to grant longer life. These entities finally, after tracking an asteroid for a long time, managed to land on this asteroid in order to mine it. However, this asteroid soon turned out to be volatile and exploded, which caused many of these entities to cross over immediately. Correct ourselves, which caused all of these entities to cross over immediately.

These entities, after crossing over, then met each other on the astral planes after death as they awaited their life review process. The first two entities did not have any life review and incarnated immediately onto the next lifetime. Only one entity underwent the process of life review and was given the opportunity to choose its next incarnation along with its lessons and parent entities. This third entity asked its higher self as to why the other two did not have this opportunity to undergo the life review process. Then this entity’s higher self replied that they had not yet become self-aware enough to the truth within. They were too attached to material possessions of the outer world without full understanding of the self. You, on the other hand, were more focused on your inner self. This is the reason why you have the opportunity to undergo life review.

Therefore, we hope that we have addressed your queries and we leave you now in the love and the light of the one supreme creator. We are the galactic federation. Bye.