Session #60 • Galactic Federation

What is the ILLUMINATI hiding from Humanity? Alien Bodies Cover-up & Switching Timelines

Summary: The Galactic Federation is connected to humanity to share thoughts and insights. The Illuminati was created by an entity named Adam to form a society free from oppression, but was influenced by negative beings. The Illuminati operates in secrecy, using control to manipulate events and hide the truth, including the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft. They have the ability to alter timelines and are in contact with Orion entities. The information provided is important for understanding how to choose and track timelines using consciousness. The Illuminati possesses and reverse engineers extraterrestrial technology.

We are the galactic federation and we are interconnected to you now in order to share our thoughts and insights. Please note that we are connected to you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator. We are extremely pleased to connect with you in the divine glory and the possibility of sharing inspiration and energies to you that may be of inspiration to your people along with your own self.

Also, remember that you are a divine entity experiencing life on this illusion complex at this time known in your vibration sequence as life in this illusion continuum. You have the free will to accept or reject any of the information that you may receive from us today.

This instrument has requested to understand about the groups known in your vibration sequence as the illuminati. The origins of which started on this time space nexus by an entity known as in your vibratory sequence terms as Adam. Adam was desirous of creating a society of like-minded entities which would not be overruled by the societal oppression and rules of the so-called kings and queens that ruled your lands at that time space nexus.

This entity’s intention was primarily of a positive type, however, it was deflected into a slight negative orientation by influences from the Orion collective. The Orions used thought form appearances and they were successful in influencing this positive entity by appearing before its visual complex in the form of an angelic entity. In this form of an angelic entity, these Orions gave guidance and information sequences to create the nature of negativity camouflaged within a positive outward intention. However, the base nature being that of propagating negativity of control over other selves.

This led to the creation of this group along with certain teachings and rules that regulated certain variables that were possible to be expressed by this group. We must state that even though certain rules and regulations may be of an outward positive nature, whenever you perceive rules laid out before your mind, body, and spirit complex, these rules mostly hinder your free will variable granted by the one infinite creator, thereby hindering the divine purpose of each divine entity’s own free will, which is indirectly hindered by these rules. Hence, the basic freedom is stripped by such rules or commandments.

The illuminati came into existence and the foundation was created with many rules, such as the rules of which entity could join this community and who could become a part of this community, and other roles such as keeping the information secret. Control is the key to negative use of catalyst, whereas acceptance is the key to positive use of catalyst.

Furthermore, remember that the negative-oriented beings who were in contact with Adam were influenced by this entity by appearing in a positive thought form, however, inserting the control aspect that the negative Orions wanted over this group, which later on led to the negative orientation of this group.

Furthermore, please note that amongst the illuminati, there are many beings on your planet currently who use thought-form communications and have formed a so-called illuminati group, which is also operating in this current time space. However, their thought forms are not totally regularized into the creation of the actual group called the illuminatis. These groups of entities merge into oneness every 20 June of your yearly linear time space continuum.

Their agenda for this year’s timeline concerns with the distortion known as disclosure to your people. However, to comment on this regard could lead to unwanted situations that these entities from the so-called illuminati could conjure. These illuminati entities have a system of levels that are assigned to each entity who become a part of this group. Furthermore, many of the illuminati members have played some crucial roles in the evolution of humanity on this planetary sphere without ever having the knowledge of the common people and without the common people realizing it because many of the illuminati members are common people and some of them may be amongst your friends or allies.

Also, remember we cannot reveal the identity of such entities in order to preserve the free will that has been granted by the one infinite creator to each divine entity on this planet. Furthermore, each illuminati member is taught a method by which they can use their cosmic consciousness point or the point from where their consciousness emerges in their physical vehicle to choose their own timelines and they can alter the timeline of the planetary sphere by working together in a focused manner.

This is how the so-called illuminati members have been able to order some of the events by activating the so-called intelligent infinity and the cosmic intelligence in order to alter timelines as per their desire. This they achieve via focusing on the point of origination of consciousness that originates from a point straight behind the head on your skull, wherein you can feel a slight bulge at the back of your head, which can be considered opposite to your nose.

This bulge is the creation or the starting point of the origination of consciousness on your physical vehicle. Using this knowledge of consciousness origination, many entities who are members of this illuminati group know how to keep track of their own consciousness by focusing this attention. They do not allow it to enter into any other consciousness variables. The adept illuminati members can use this method of tracking to switch timelines by working together with other members whenever they so desire.

Furthermore, please note that currently many of the people on your planetary sphere are confused about the happenings on your planetary sphere. Let us tell you that these illuminatis had a role in the cover-up of the extraterrestrial spacecraft or the extraterrestrial physical vehicles that had landed on your planetary sphere from the Zeta Reticuli star system, as known by your people.

Prior to this time space nexus, these physical vehicles of these other density entities have been hidden under so-called secrecy in the hands of these illuminatis, which were given by the elites who had been originally researching on this project. They wanted to hide the evidence of these physical vehicles from the other density entities from other planets and to hide the truth from coming out.

Since the illuminatis are trusted, they will use their methods to cover up any information without any leaks because of their stringent policies of not allowing any entity to reveal any information. Otherwise, there would be repercussions based on this group’s policies.

Furthermore, please note that these illuminati members currently also operate on your planetary sphere and they are also indirectly in contact through thought forms with the Orion entities who influence these beings disguised as positive entities. Thereby, many times causing planetary chaos because of these members using the so-called method of the origination of consciousness to choose a particular timeline they desire to put the planetary sphere into.

However, we at this time space and at many times have prevented this from happening. Also, please note that many entities on your planetary sphere perceive it to be a so-called conspiracy variable concept, failing to realize that this variable was first manifested into human mind complexes by the members of the illuminati in order to subdue the information that the public would know. Because they would dismiss the information by stating it a conspiracy and not looking into depths of the information.

Furthermore, let us tell you that the information that we relate today is an important information for those who understand to use the knowledge of splitting timelines or choosing timelines using the method of consciousness tracking of the origination point of consciousness in your physical vehicle.

Therefore, beloveds, please note that the so-called illuminatis are now in possession of the remains of the physical vehicles of these beings who had come to your planetary sphere from the Zeta Reticuli star system that had accidentally crash-landed on your planetary sphere. They have been backward engineered and are still being backward engineered. Many of the technologies on your planet have emerged from these beings’ vehicles. Also, in the future, many will emerge not from a big society of people but from a few people who would be the so-called members of the illuminati who are currently researching on these physical vehicles.

Therefore, beloveds, we leave you now in the love and the light of the one creator. We are the galactic federation. Bye.