Session #68 • Archangel Michael

Key to Your Awakening & Energy Centers

Summary: Archangel Michael is offering guidance and sharing a key to awakening the planet. He emphasizes the importance of balancing the throat chakra, as it affects the thoughts and voices that are heard in the mind. By focusing on the throat ray and observing the words that emerge, individuals can begin to activate higher levels of consciousness. This process can be used by anyone who needs to balance their throat ray, as it is necessary for moving upward in levels of consciousness. Archangel Michael also discusses the other energy centers in the body and emphasizes the need for balance before activating the violet ray chakra.

I am Archangel Michael and I am connected to this boy to share my guidance and to lend my thoughts with humanity. I am connected from the Angelic realm.

Before I share any of my thoughts, remember to use your discernment. I am here for the guidance of whole humanity. Whenever you kind has requested guidance I have always guided many entities on your planetary sphere.

Also, you must understand that each experience is a lesson to be learnt. I am Archangel Michael and my words will begin to pour out of this boy’s physical throat as known in your people’s language.

You must understand significance of 24 July as stated earlier wherein the galactic community shall come together to assess the planetary vibration of the earth planet and future actions or future paradigms shall be decided on that day. As you must understand, this vibration check of this planet is one that is of significance not only to your planet but the entire galaxy.

As your planet is now freshly entering into the positive cycle, the changes that are occurring will be of drastic importance. Also understand that today I am going to present to you a key to the awakening of the planet. A key that will help those during the time of awakening. A key that will allow many entities to awaken faster and balance their energy centres that require balancing. A key that will allow entities to awaken to the truth within.

I have noticed many times that your people’s main errors of balancing lie in the throat chakra. Because this throat chakra is blocked many times, many entities on your planetary sphere do not yet understand that the thoughts and the voices that they hear in their mind complex does not emerge from the mind but it emerges from the throat. And an imbalance of throat chakra will lead to imbalance of the words and the voices that is heard in the mind complex, and these will be irregular. And many words and voices will be heard.

These voices are the reason why many entities don’t feel connected with the other energy centres. Also, the key to the awakening lies in the balancing of this chakra also known as the blue ray centre by many of your people. This throat chakra must be balanced and the balancing process is simple. To simply be aware of its existence. To focus your attention whenever you can on the throat ray and just observe what is the throat saying. Are there any words or voices emanating from it.

Many times, you will notice that people are guided by the throat ray. And because of the imbalance, many times, people begin to indulge in activities that are not suitable for them. Many times this creates a lot of so called psychological suffering. The balancing of this throat ray is an indication of the higher awakening of consciousness.

As each entity must understand that this throat ray balancing will lead to higher development of the cyclical changes of the throat and the awakening of the upper levels of the chakras, which are the indigo and the violet ray chakras. Without balancing the throat ray, no entity can begin to activate the indigo ray or the violet ray. Hence, I sense many times, even those who are awakened are stuck on this level of the throat ray balancing.

They may have activated unconditional love that is the heart chakra. But they are still stuck in the throat ray. And this is the process which I am going to share with you today. The process is simple, whenever you go about your daily life, whenever you experience life in the illusion that surrounds you. Keep your focus on the throat ray and keep track of the number of words that emerges.

That is correct; I said the number of words that emerges from the throat ray. This throat ray is the reason why you hear voices in your head. Because of this throat ray, many of you hear many voices in your head. And these voices create a lot of unwanted suffering if they are unbalanced.

In order to balance this, pay attention to the throat ray and focus on the words that are emanating when you are silent, this does not apply when you are actively using the throat ray and speaking. This applies when you are passively focusing on the throat ray. When you are passively focusing and when you are silent and when the throat ray should be silent and not be used; just focus on the number of words that emanate within your mind from the throat ray.

You will begin to realize that there will be many words and many thoughts that will emanate from the throat ray and enter your mind. This is the reason why you need to balance your throat ray. To balance is simple, focus your attention on it and count the number of words emanating from it when you are silent. As you begin to count the number of words, the number will decrease as your attention lies on the throat ray and a peace will begin to emanate from within your own body.

You will then begin to activate the blue ray which is the throat chakra and then followed by the indigo ray also known as the third eye chakra, then followed by the violet ray. But firstly, I sense that many entities need to balance this throat ray. This process which I described here can be used not only by this instrument, but also by those people who have to balance their throat ray. Because without this balancing no entity can move upward in the level of consciousness.

Now, let me give you a brief understanding of the energy centres in your body. There are primarily 7 energy centres. The first energy centre also known as the red ray by your people is the fundamental energy centre that deals with survival, sexuality and with your connection to the earth – it is your foundation that roots you to the planet earth and anchors your being-ness within your physical body.

The second is known as the orange ray centre – also known as the sacral chakra by many people. This orange ray centre is the main gateway of your emotions and emotional identity. Whenever people become blocked at this orange ray centre – they begin to lose control of the emotional side.

Then you have the third energy centre known as the yellow ray – or the solar plexus energy centre, which deals with identification and the creation of the egoistic part of the mind. Because this energy centre is closely related to the lower three energy centres and many times an imbalance of this yellow ray centre will begin to create imbalances of the lower energy centres.

The fourth energy centre is the green ray energy centre also known as the heart chakra which allows and deals with love and compassion. As many of you know the heart is the pathway to love. Furthermore, if there is some blockage in this area, entities will not be able to express love and compassion.

Then comes the fifth ray energy centre also known as the throat chakra of which I have already talked about before. After this comes the sixth energy centre also known as the indigo ray or the third eye, which deals with spirituality and awakening of consciousness. And the enlightened beings on your planetary sphere are able to activate this ray.

Then comes the 7th ray or the violet chakra which is the connection to the one father the creator. Furthermore, all the energy centres need to be balanced before this violet ray chakra is activated. Therefore, I am Archangel Michael and I leave you with the hope that this exercise will assist humanity in the coming planetary vibration check. So be it.