Session #69 • Pleiadians

Not Everyone's Going to Make it- Prepare for NEW EARTH

Summary: The Pleiadians discuss the emergence of the New Earth, also known as the 4th Density planetary sphere. They explain that many entities will leave the planet as it transitions, and it will take around 100 years for those with negative vibrations to move on. The New Earth will be based on love and there will be no need for the veil of forgetting. The Earth will transform into a 4th density positive planet, and karma will be deleted. Entities will experience vibrant colors, telepathic communication, and a sense of oneness. The current monetary system will cease to exist.

We are the Pleiadians and we communicate now. Before we share our thoughts and insights, understand this: you have the free will to accept or reject any of the information that may arise from us through this instrument. Furthermore, understand this: we, as the Pleiadians, are here to answer your query, which pertains to the New Earth, also known as the 4th Density planetary sphere.

Furthermore, many entities on your planet do not yet realize that the changes that are occurring on your planet at this timespace period are a signal of the emerging New Earth. Many entities will leave this planet in the coming days and the coming months; many will leave those with the vibration that does not match with that of the New Earth.

Furthermore, a certain period of around 100 years, time-space continuum, is required for all the entities with the polarization not that of the positive 4th density vibration to leave the Earth planet and move into another planetary sphere. Also understand this: each entity has the opportunity of moving upward in the level of consciousness.

The New Earth will be based upon the aspect of love; furthermore, there will be no need for the veil of forgetting because the choice will have been made by each entity. And there will be basic 7 phases of cyclical changes that will take place, each phase will bring in a new aspect of the New Earth or 4th density Earth.

Once the Earth completely enters into the New Earth, there will be no need for the veil of forgetting. Since entities have already achieved a level of evolution, they will begin to remember their past incarnations, which will cause many entities to ponder and look at their friends and families with a different perspective.

There will be many more family members and many entities will realize that even those they previously considered as the so-called enemies were in fact their friends and that they were related to each other in past incarnations. Sometimes, many entities, once they enter the New Earth, will begin to understand that there is no other and that each is the self expressing life in the illusion that surrounds each of you.

In addition, the Earth planetary sphere will begin to transform into the 4th density positive polarity faster. Because of this transformation, Earth will stabilize into a 4th density planet and all of its previous Karma will be deleted. The karma deletion is happening right now at this current time on your planetary sphere.

There will be many times wherein there will be floods, earthquakes, and many changes, which are the balancing of the planet’s karma, which is being balanced moment by moment. In addition, as the Karma of the planet changes moment by moment, many entities will understand the distortion that each entity has to understand in the level of consciousness.

Furthermore, many times, the planetary changes will also trigger a deeper balancing of karma, which is required before entering fully into the 4th density consciousness. Moreover, there is a slight chance that the Earth planet will begin to transform into a magnificent and even more beautiful planet than expected.

As we have observed in other planetary spheres, the 4th density planet will have vibrant colors and entities will begin to experience an interconnection with other life-forms that are also on the planet. Since the Earth has now entered into the 4th density positive cycle, in the coming days, the entities who make the choice of polarizing into the 4th density positive shall find a place in the incarnation in the human collective.

Other entities who are of a negative nature shall not find any place on this planet Earth. Therefore, in the New Earth, there will be animals, plants. However, in the 4th density consciousness, there will be entities who have chosen the positive pathway. This is the difference.

Moreover, many other differences will be there. Entities part of the New Earth will begin to work together and there will be no separation. There will be no so-called government systems as are currently present; there will be no head or authority who will be controlling the Earth planet.

In the New Earth, entities will work together to create a harmonic-based system. They will have everything they require for the development of humanity; it will depend on each entity’s level of consciousness. In addition, in the New Earth, the colors will be vibrant and there will be telepathic communication between the various entities who are going to be a part of the New Earth as their physical vehicles will also naturally transcend upward and they will be able to communicate in a telepathic manner without any external devices.

Furthermore, the telepathic communication will be without any words or any other language. Hence, there will be no language as the planet progresses further into the 4th density positive polarity. Language, as you know now, will disappear and there will be only telepathic communication – a pure form of communication.

Furthermore, the separation that many entities feel at this timespace of I or of the self will also be gone. They will then realize that all are one. And a social memory complex will begin to form wherein each entity will be able to share all of its thought forms with other entities part of the social memory complex.

In addition, there will be a choice of connecting with mass consciousness or not in order to preserve the privacy of individualized portions of entities. Also, in this level of New Earth, entities will begin to realize their inner powers of creation. Whatever they imagine with the intent of connecting with the Universal Mind will immediately be created.

Therefore, the New Earth, as many people perceive it to be, will be different based upon each entity’s thought forms and imagination sequences. Many entities will be experiencing the New Earth in a so-called area which is beautiful as they imagine it to be. And other entities will begin to experience new earth in a similar manner based upon their own perceptions and imaginations.

This is also the reason why many times when entities receive a glimpse of the New Earth in their mind complex – they receive it based upon their own inner perception and they perceive other communications as well through their inner perceptions.

In the New Earth, there will be an interconnection or the arrival of open intergalactic communication. And entities such as us will be able to communicate openly with humanity. There will be no barrier which will allow many entities to experience new levels of consciousness in other planets as well. Furthermore, this will open up new layers of experiences for many entities.

Also, the foods that will be available in the New Earth will mostly be light foods that are similar to the organically grown vegetables and fruits that are also found currently on your planetary sphere. For most people, they will choose not to consume other entities’ physical vehicles as such consumption holds the energy of entities back and keeps it down in the lower levels of vibration.

The consumption of other entities’ physical vehicles adds to the karma of the self and the planet. And the psychological aspects of the mind – the mind of many entities will become activated into the indigo ray. They will not have any unwanted words or thoughts in their mind complex as everything will become balanced.

They will also understand that the emptiness of the mind complex is required to be achieved in order to receive telepathic communication. To receive such telepathic communication, an emptiness of the mind will be required. Furthermore, nature’s sound will get acknowledgment from people’s consciousness.

People on your planet will begin to understand more about and realize the beauty of the New Earth. There will be peace all around, serenity. No need for any resentment. Also, Karma would require being balanced by entities by forgiving other beings before fully entering the New Earth.

This is all we can share about the New Earth. Also, there will be no need for the current system known as the monetary system to exist at that point as all beings will realize oneness and will begin to work and do activities that allow the sharing of all resources amongst each other with an equality that is not heard of or seen on your planet as of yet. We leave you now. Bye. We are the Pleiadians, until we communicate again. See you again.