Session #76 • Galactic Federation

Millions Are Going to Finally Wake Up - Prepare For Truth Of Pole Shifts

Summary: The Galactic Federation of Light communicates from Saturn to discuss the phenomenon of pole shift on Earth. They explain that pole shifts are a result of imbalances in the planet's energy centers and are significant in the coming changes in the planet's vibration. The imbalance is caused by pollution and disregard for the planet's natural elements. The current pole shift is also influenced by negative entities and elite individuals. However, if more people awaken and respect the planet, the poles can be prevented from reversing.

We are the galactic federation of light and we communicate now from our seat in the Saturn council before we begin to use this instrument’s throat to transmit our thought forms in a telepathic manner please understand that you have the free will to accept or reject any of the information which may arise from us through this instrument as we want to preserve the free will of each entity today.

This instrument requires understanding about the so-called phenomena known as pole shift of your planetary sphere. Let us tell you that this phenomena is not a new phenomenon as found on your planet. Your planetary sphere has had many pole shifts in its past timelines. Furthermore, let us tell you that the pole shifts are a significance of the coming changes in the vibration of the planet.

Consider this if you will: your planet is like a living organism along with its energy centers, similar to that present in each individual entity on the planetary level of consciousness. The positive polarity of the planet is represented by the north pole and the negative by the respective south pole. The south pole receives the energies and the crisscrossing of these spiral energies create an energy center body of the planet Gaia. Furthermore, remember this that the energy field of planet earth is composed of natural elements and nature is a part of the energy body of Gaia. Many of your entities on your planetary sphere not fully understanding and grasping the significance of the so-called natural aspects as found on your planet disregard their importance.

The main impact or the shifting of the planets poles is caused by lack of balance of your planets energy centers. Let us briefly give you a glimpse of the energy centers of Gaia in order to assist your mind complex to fully understand the significance of this aspect:

The first energy center of Gaia, which corresponds to the red ray energy center, can be termed as the central core of Gaia. The acceptance and balancing of the central core is necessary and Gaia may perceive many of the aspects that are required to balance this center or energetic core.

The next energy center of Gaia is composed of the so-called elemental aspect of Gaia, which include the water, wind, and fire elements along with other elements which work in coordination. However, this aspect is the area which has become imbalanced leading to the pole shift of the planet. This is caused mainly due to your people’s disregard for Gaia’s elements and hence they go around creating pollutions that cause imbalance in the structural integrity of other second density entities also who reside in such are composed by the elements of Gaia.

The third energy center that of the planet is represented by the outer shell or the crust upon which your people reside in. The crust has been there and has seen many centuries of battles, awakenings, and dissolution into nothingness of many entities.

The fourth energy center is composed of the earth’s magnetic field, also known as the geomagnetic field, that extends from the earth’s interior out into the so-called space by your people where it interacts with solar winds and other particles that emanate from the Sun. Many of your people are already aware of how the magnetic field is protecting your planet. There is no need seen to elaborate on this regard.

The fifth energy center is a balancing of the so-called karma collective of the planet which is determined by each individual entity’s actions which are kept in records of the hall of universal mind. These karmic actions allow the collective energy center of planet Gaia to be balanced. The karma collective of the planet, if imbalanced, leads to imbalance of the collective karma of Gaia.

The sixth energy center is represented by the spiritual aspect of Gaia. Much as the individual entities have a soul body, Gaia also has an awareness soul body that is experiencing and helping the creator to know itself through it. However, your planet is a highly advanced being that is in the second cyclical process through the densities of consciousness as known by your people. Perceiving this may be difficult by your mind complex, however, what we are trying to convey here is that your planet has already learned one cycle of lessons through the seven densities of consciousness. Your planet, prior to 4.768 billion years ago in your time space terms, was a single soul experiencing evolution through the various densities as you are doing now. The planets in the various galaxies are arranged in such a format as to represent or allow similar vibration entities to learn lessons as the planet progresses through its second cycle through the densities of consciousness, meaning that Gaia has already passed through the first phase of the seventh density lessons and merged with the creator and chose to serve other entities in order to allow them to learn lessons as they progress through the densities of consciousness. However, the only difference is that you are in the first cyclical phase through the densities. Throughout the universes, there are infinite densities and octaves that can be penetrated depending on the inner progress of each entity.

The seventh energy center, much like in your physical vehicle, is also represented by the violet ray center which is the merging with the creator. The occurrence of pole shift on your planet is caused by many reasons. However, the primary is composed of these three following reasons which shall be mentioned herein after:

The first reason is the imbalance of the planetary energy centers as stated above. These energy centers can be balanced by lessening the pollution of the planet by cleaning of your water resources and using more efficient means of energy rather than the ones already being used by your people. However, there is free will in this regard.

The second reason for the creation of such pole shifts is due to the process of the planets entering into the fourth density consciousness, which requires a balancing of all lower energy centers of the planet as well. This process may be equated to that known by your people as the serpent awakening or kundalini awakening, which leads to the separation of the spiritual earth after balancing of the energy centers that will cause the spiritual earth to fully operate and leave the old earth behind. However, this process will not lead to the pole reversal as known by your people. It will lead to balancing and reset of the poles to their original position.

The current situation of pole shifts of your planet is heavily being influenced by the other two factors: that of the imbalance of energy center of earth planet and the influence from negative entities who have at their back and call some of the elites of your planets who are spreading their bidding of negative oriented thought forms and actions. If these two imbalance causing catalysts on your planet proceed further in time space, there is a high likelihood of the poles reversing on your planet, in which case we will have to extract or reset the poles to their original position. However, this can be prevented from occurring on your planet as more people awaken and respect mother Gaia. Upon scanning your planetary vibration, we are of the opinion that millions on your planetary sphere are awakening now to the truth within because of the external catalyst. Finally, many more will realize that their always was harming the planetary vibration, hopefully using their free will shall change their ways and choices to serve all, for all are the creator. There will be more energies coming onto your planet that will awaken even more people on your planetary sphere. The second factor is being looked after by us, for the process of neutralization with love light energies is underway. The update of this aspect may be queried in the next working time as the instrument seems fatigued. We, the galactic federation, leave you now. Bye.