Session #70 • RA

Prepare Yourself Spiritually For What's Coming!

Summary: The text discusses the importance of understanding different realities and choosing which one to focus on. It mentions the negative entities' tactics to keep individuals in lower energy centers through fear and survival mode. An anecdote about a painting competition is shared to emphasize finding peace within challenging circumstances. The text concludes by mentioning a future vibration check of the planetary sphere.

I am Ra and we greet you in the love and the light of the one infinite creator. Before we start sharing our thoughts and insights, understand this: you have the free will to accept or reject any of the information that we will commence to transfer through this instrument via the process of thought-form transfer. Furthermore, understand this: the time-space nexus or the illusion complex that surrounds each of you now is a great teacher and has taught many lessons to many entities on your planetary sphere. Each lesson allows each entity to move forward and upward in the illusion complex. Furthermore, also note that we are a part of a social memory complex and in order to guide your people without infringing upon your free will would mean to share information and allow each entity the opportunity to accept or reject such information. Therefore, please understand that we would like to suggest each entity incarnated on this time space continuum to ponder within its own self and to look at the level of consciousness that moves forward and upward in the illusion complex.

Since the realities that surround each entity are of three variable natures, the first reality that surrounds each entity is the reality of the physical vehicle and the surrounding experiences of the sensations that each entity can feel. Furthermore, the second reality, as known in language terms, is the mind complex reality which is a reality that is a creative aspect along with the coming or emergence of the sound vibration complex from the mouth organs of your second density physical vehicles. Even though many entities may be on the third density transitioning into the fourth, the physical vehicle is that of the second density consciousness. Furthermore, this mind complex may be appended with the imagination complex which is, in essence, a part of the second reality.

Each entity on the planetary sphere has to manage these three realities, which are the physical vehicle reality, the mind complex reality, and the illusion complex reality. Each reality teaches each entity a different subset of experience as each entity and each reality is an integral part of experience in the illusion complex. Each entity begins to understand the lessons of beingness in the form of a conscious entity and has the choice of choosing which reality that such an entity would focus on. Furthermore, during the waking daytime sequence, the reality that is highly desired to be focused upon is the reality of the physical senses and the outward illusion complex reality that surrounds each entity. The other reality, that of the mind complex with the imaginary complex, becomes activated during sleep states or many people on your planetary sphere also have this mind complex activated during their waking states, which causes many of the entities to enter into a spiral or a different world of reality in their mind complex that causes many entities to break away from the gateway to intelligent infinity, which can be accessed through the present moment.

This mind complex accompanies a voice mostly and many times gives rise to the imagination complex. The best practice for each entity is to focus only on one aspect, each aspect having its own ability. The imagination complex being the most important creator aspect and, in essence, is a faculty granted by the one Creator to each entity, allowing each entity to create using their mind complex. Furthermore, the other reality or the other aspect of reality, which is a part of the mind complex, being the voices that accompany each entity, can be equated as another part of the reality, separating the three. And being aware of which reality would be a great exercise for the people of your planetary sphere to access intelligent infinity.

The current planetary situation on the planet Earth is transforming faster with each day, as known by your people. The negatively oriented entities have created a layer of distortion in order to prevent the veil of forgetting from lifting from your planetary sphere. The distortions created by the negative entities are biased towards keeping entities on the lower octaves of the third density consciousness, hence not allowing them to progress forward into the higher octaves of the fourth density consciousness and to enter into the so-called new Earth paradigm.

Consider this: if you observe the layers of reality that surround each of you at this time space nexus, many of you will perceive, in their mind complex, that there is a certain energetic vibration pattern to each and every aspect of this reality. The negative-oriented entities’ main weapon against this raising of vibration is to keep entities localized in the lower energy centers, that of the red ray, yellow ray, and the orange ray energy centers, meaning they are kept under fear and in survival mode. This they achieve via the propagation of fear amongst your people, and this triggers the latent survival mode aspect that prevents entities from accessing the higher energetic centers.

This is mainly propagated at your time space continuum via the use of visual imagery and words that trigger fear by displaying the torments and other negative attributes that may be faced by some entities on your planetary sphere. Let us now share with you a short anecdote that shall assist entities in the transformation into the fourth density consciousness fully. For the grasping of this aspect will aid in the triggering of the flower of peace that leads and is part of the new Earth.

Once upon a certain time space, there lived an entity who was termed as the king by your people. That entity had kept a so-called painting competition in order to find out the best one depicting peace. Many entities that were practiced in this art of painting sent in their nomination paintings depicting peace and serenity. Out of the several paintings, there was one that triggered peace within the mind complex of many entities. That painting was depicting a calm lake perfectly mirroring the snow-capped mountains. This painting was considered perfect by many entities. However, the king chose another painting as the winner that caused everyone to be shocked at the choice of the king.

The picture that had been awarded the best peace painting had a picture of rugged mountains, sky that looked so-called angry accompanied with lightning. This, at the outset, did not look peaceful to many entities. However, only on looking closely at this painting, entities could see tiny bushes growing in the cracks in the rugged rocks of the mountains. In the bushes, there were many birds that had built their so-called nests in the midst of the angry weather. The birds sat in peace and serenity.

This is the anecdote we come to share today through this instrument. Those who shall seek shall find the answer within. This is to be shared using the free will of this instrument amongst other entities who desire to prepare themselves for what is coming in the future time space continuum and for the vibration check of the planetary sphere that will be conducted on the 24th of July of your time space by the council of planets. I am Ra, and we leave you in the love light of the one infinite creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the one infinite creator. Adonai.