Session #72 • Archangel Michael

Prepare Yourself Emotionally- Story of Dinosaurs

Summary: Archangel Michael is sharing insights through a boy, emphasizing the importance of discernment and raising consciousness. The Council of Planets will check Earth's vibration level from July 24th to August 8th, possibly leading to a rapture of consciousness. Incarnated entities must choose between service to others or service to self, with the former being favored in the new Earth. Manipulating energy and choosing one's reality are crucial lessons, with the essence of the creator within each individual. Graduation to higher levels of consciousness requires mastering these lessons.

I am Archangel Michael and I am here at this time to be with you, to continue to bring these energies to you. I am connected to this boy in order to share my insights without having to infringe upon the free will that each being on the planet has. Remember to use your discernment and only accept the message if it resonates with your inner heart.

Remember this, your consciousness has dramatically increased. It has raised higher in vibration beyond what it was a few months ago. I am of the opinion that many of the messages that I have been sharing through this boy have positively affected many of the entities on your planet. Many of you may not be aware of this, but every time that you feel an inner peace and a connection with your inner heart, and every time you enter a certain void or a silence within, you will begin to raise your level of consciousness and begin to rise up higher and higher.

Understand this, that in the coming days from the 24th of July, the Council of Planets is planning to do a checkup of the Earth’s planetary vibration level. Therefore, this checkup shall last until 8th of August in your timeline. After this checkup of the planet ends, a period of so-called rapture of consciousness shall begin on your planet, based upon the decisions made by the Council of Planets. The chances of this rapture of consciousness occurring on your planet is very high, as per my assessments. Hence, I would like to inform your people through this instrument to prepare mentally and spiritually for the upcoming events, if so decided by the Council of Planets.

Furthermore, they want to also find out the vibration of each hemisphere of the Earth planets in order to plan out the future lessons and the future plan for assisting humanity in this ascension process. There are two major purposes behind each entity’s incarnation on this planet. These so-called missions are objectives. If achieved by each entity, they will lead to a larger number of graduation of souls from your Earth planets.

Since this incarnation is a very rare opportunity for many entities, they must choose wisely and reach higher and higher levels of consciousness using their own free will. Furthermore, each entity must understand that they can make the choice of choosing the pathway between the path of positive service to others or the other negative pathway, which is the path of service to self as known by your people.

However, those entities who shall choose the other pathway of service to self shall not find incarnation on this planet in the coming days. Hence, those entities are those beings who choose the path of service to others in this incarnation with at least 51% service to others shall find place in this planet in the coming days and coming future incarnations, as this planet is now entering the beginning stages of the so-called new Earth or the fourth density consciousness, and many vibration changes are also occurring.

Furthermore, remember that this planet and the life that surrounds you is simply an illusion, a teacher. It is nothing more than that. All beings have, many at times, moved and reached beyond the veil of illusion. You all have reached beyond the matrix and you all have become one with the source. Many a times you all have had the inner realization and the feeling that you were connected with the I am presence or the Father or the Creator within your own heart.

Furthermore, each entity is experiencing this illusion known as life in order to make the choice of choosing between the path of service to others or the service to self. And the other aspect which many entities forget, and many beings on your planet forget, is the aspect that is of the learning to choose your reality. Each entity must learn to choose its own reality. Furthermore, each entity and each being must realize that all the lessons and catalyst and the so-called undesirable situations that each entity faces in this incarnation is placed by the self for the self in order to learn the various lessons.

Hence, the beings who are incarnated on this planet must realize that they can and have to choose the path of service to others. And they have to learn to manipulate energy. Manipulation of energy is simple. Each being must understand the outward reality that surrounds each being is the cause or is created based upon the emotions that each entity is feeling. Furthermore, the feelings that each entity allows to feel in its body and heart will determine the outward reality.

There is a certain connection between what beings feel and what they will perceive in the outward reality. Also, understand this, the test is not a so-called joking test. This test must be taken seriously because this test occurs every 70 million years time scale. Prior to this, there was a certain test that occurred during the times of the so-called dinosaurs that existed on your planet around 70 million years ago.

At that time period, the Council had allowed the planet, which was in the second density consciousness level, to be infringed freely by many other outward entities. And because of this infringement on the planets, the reptilians had created genetically larger and bigger variations of their own genes in the form of dinosaurs, which existed on your planet at that time period. After the planetary vibration check of the planet, it was found out that the dinosaurs were doing more harm to the planet than progressing.

Hence, the Council of Planets decided to intervene the negative agenda of the reptilians that had been freely conquering the planets because of the lack of quarantine. And they had sent a love light exposed asteroid toward the planet that caused the end of the so-called dinosaurian reptilian regime on Earth. The dinosaurs, however, died because of hunger and not being able to procure enough dietary entities. That is the reason why this vibration test, which is occurring for the second time in the history of your planetary sphere, must be taken seriously.

Because based on this planetary test, the next actions will be taken by the Council of Planets. However, please know that I am Archangel Michael and I am always supporting and guiding planet Earth. Also, the Council of Planets is of the opinion, as of now, that the planet is progressing into the positive cycle. Also, there has been a huge increase in the level of consciousness of many entities. Furthermore, the entities on your planet must take care of two aspects, which are the aspect of choosing between the path of service to others or service to self, and they must learn how to manipulate energy by learning how can they use their inner feelings to choose the reality and create the outward circumstances.

In the coming sessions, I may share with you, if you so desire, the exercises to choose your timelines, because this is a lesson to be learned as each entity has the essence of the creator within each being on the planet and must understand and learn to use this essence. This is also an aspect which must be learned.

There are two aspects which must be learned by each entity. Without learning one aspect of the manipulation of reality and the creation or choosing of the timeline, or the creator essence that is within each entity is fine. However, each being must remember that without learning the second lesson, they can graduate into the higher levels of consciousness, but that graduation will only be until a certain level of fourth density consciousness.

In order to rise above the level of fourth density or to reach into the later stages, entities must understand to exercise the power of creation within their own self using the feeling elements. I am Archangel Michael and I leave you now.