Session #91 • Pleiadians

Prepare To Go Off-Grid Spiritually

Summary: The Pleiadians are communicating to share an important message about a negative energy wave approaching Earth. They recommend a 30-day period of going off-grid to minimize the use of devices and be mentally prepared. They are working to create a love light core around the Earth and suggest sending love light towards the comet Bernailli Bernstein to counteract the negative energy. They clarify that spiritual off-grid means remaining balanced and centered amidst external events. They also provide a key to activate the green ray energy center by minimizing the use of the mind complex during the daytime.

We are the Pleiadians and we are now communicating through this instrument in order to share our thoughts and insights. We are pleased to connect again from our planetary seat in the Pleiadian star system.

Before we start this communication, remember the protocols of the previous session. Sell hold meaning that you should only accept those thoughts which provide a deep sense of inner resonance with your heart, and leave behind those which do not resonate with your inner self.

We, as the Pleiadians, have an important message for the whole collective of humanity. The message that we are now connected to share today through this instrument is not a so-called joke, as known in your language terms. The message for the people of planet Earth we have to share today concerns a very important event which is occurring in your planet as well as in the galaxy.

Please remember that, as per the previous session, still the time space known as October. While the process of free will soul-swapping, based upon those entities who desire to be of service to the One Creator and those who are ready not to continue on the current incarnation cycle, out of the 1.5 million soul entities entering into the current Earth planet from higher densities, approximately 1 million souls have, as of today, entered into the Earth planet, and the remaining shall continue up until the date of 6th of October, as known by your people.

The month of October is energetically very charged for your people. Not because of any love light composition or the energies coming from outside the galaxy, but because of a type of protection the Council and the Galactic Federation, along with us, are now working to create around the Earth planet in order to protect it from the coming invasion of negatively polarized, negative thought form psychologically weaponized energy or the energies which may be considered as a plasma negative beam weapon.

Which has been directed towards the Earth planets by the so-called negatively polarized entity. And these negatively polarized entities are not those who are resident on the Mars planet currently and are being neutralized at the present, but these are an unknown type of negative entities we have detected in a comet known as Bernaili Bernstein, as named by your people, which is now heading towards the galaxy of your planetary sphere and is projecting negatively polarized energies towards the power planets as known as Saturn as well as the Earth planets.

This negative polarized energetic wave will act as a weapon of creating more negative polarity. For those entities who use technological devices for a long span of period, may feel this inner knowingness and inner tiredness, or this negative charge build up within their physical vehicle, as this negative energy works upon the planetary sphere. Four biological entities are susceptible to the negative charge.

We, upon scanning these negative waves approaching your planetary sphere, we are of the opinion that until the month of October, till the date of 20th of October, these waves of energy shall hit Earth. And we are constantly trying to build a bridge of protection of love light around the Earth’s planet in order to protect the planetary sphere from such an energetic attack which is now approaching the planetary sphere at a faster pace.

We, as well as the Council and the Galactic Federation, are yet to identify the origination point of this negative energy wave which is now fast approaching throughout the galaxy and is about to reach the seat of the Galactic Federation in the Saturn council seat.

Furthermore, because of this detection, we are to inform your people that you should plan for a 30-day period of going off-grid, as known by your people, in order to use less devices and be mentally prepared and be mentally in the positive state. Because the negative energies are amplified when entities are using their so-called devices for a long period of time.

And we would recommend entities to use the devices for a short period of time space and not for a long period, as it may lead to the buildup of the negative charge within their own physical vehicle. Which may feel as physical imbalances in the bodily complex of entities.

However, we, along with the Council and the Galactic Federation, are now working to create a love light short energetic core around the Earth planets. And for this, entities on the Earth planet who desire to help Mother Earth protect humanity against such love light infringement can use the energies of love light and send love light towards the so-called comet known as Bernailli Bernstein, as named by your people.

And by doing this, the negative energy shall be counteracted, leading to a crossing over or a canceling of the negative energy that is currently coming towards the planet Earth. We would recommend those entities who are desirous of being of service to planet Earth at this time space to consider this fact and to help other people also by spreading the message that they can also assist in the spreading of love light energies at this time space nexus.

The process of spreading love light is very simple. To simply enter into a meditative state and then send love charged energies or feel the love within your body and then imagine it expanding and reaching to the outer cores of the galaxy. As many people begin to do this on your planetary sphere, these positive energies will then reach into the so-called comet and then it will cancel the energies of negative polarity arriving from the comet at this time space.

Furthermore, we would like to clarify the meaning of spiritual off-grid, as many people on your planet are now considering in this regard. Let us tell you that the notion of selling all your physical materials and going off-grid is actually a hindrance for your own evolution.

Since your own evolution is dependent upon your reaction to the catalyst presented on the incarnation cycle and your reaction based upon the interactions you have with other entities who interact with you on a daily basis. Hence, there is no need for the so-called aspect known as selling all your physical material possessions and then going off-grid. This will be a hindrance for you.

For those people who desire to learn faster in this polarity, have to understand the meaning of spiritual off-grid, which is completely different from the meaning of physical off-grid. Spiritual upgrade means to have the ability to turn yourself away from the happenings of the outside world.

Even the happenings of the outside world should not be registered in your mind complex as being positive or negative, and just being balanced no matter what happens. Letting all the things exist as they may with both polarity of positive and negative playing the dance in the illusion complex.

And you, who is planning to become spiritually off-grid, to remain centered without being disbalanced by any of the activities happening on the outside. Furthermore, in this regard, we shall share with you a key that will assist those entities who desire to awaken the so-called green ray energy center, which is lodged within your physical vehicles and is now approaching activation.

But the entities on your planetary sphere are dwindling from the point of activation to deactivation of the green ray energy center. And sometimes they feel love and energy emanating from within, while at other times they do not feel the love light for other beings as well. This is an example of energies dwindling from the positive to the negative or the consciousness entering into the higher sub-octaves and then entering backwards.

Furthermore, many entities on your planetary sphere need to balance themselves. And the balancing is that of the so-called mind complex and the use of the mind complex. Consider this: your mind complex, your imagination, and your thought forms, or the inner voice which you can use to create any kind of situation, is a tool created for the purpose of energy work or manipulating energy.

And this tool is only amplified or is efficient during the time known as sleep states or during this time before entering sleep states. Hence, the use of this tool during the waking daytime is of no use. Many people do not yet realize that they are wasting their valuable time and wasting the activation of the energy centers by engaging too much in thought forms during the daytime, which is of no use.

The proper use of thought forms and the mind complex imagination sequences are only during the state wherein your subconscious mind, as known by your people, is activated. Especially during the time when you are sleeping, etc., wherein the energy manipulation or the work that you can do with your energy centers will be amplified and the results will be drastically faster.

Therefore, the entities on your planetary sphere must, using their free will, try to separate the aspect which is the aspect of understanding the difference between the free will and the difference between the so-called choice. Also, they must understand that they must during the waking daytime separate themselves from the so-called mind complex as much as possible.

Because the mind complex is a tool used for energy work to create situations and environments in the mind complex in order to manipulate realities. However, during the daytime, over-engagement of this aspect will prevent the activation of the green ray energy center.

The process is simple: to realize the fact that whenever you begin to use the mind complex during the daytime, just realize that it is of no use to use it during the daytime. Because without the so-called engagement of the yellow ray or the egoic mind, it will begin to activate your green ray energy center and you will begin to feel the love emanating from your own self.

Therefore, beloved, this is the simple process which people on your planetary sphere can use at this time space to activate the green ray energy center. Furthermore, we leave you now. We are the Pleiadians. Until we connect again. Bye.