Session #94 • Galactic Federation

Take Back Your Power! Their Time Is Finally Up! & Silver Chord & Timelines

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through this instrument, discussing the effects of a meditation conducted on the 10th of October. The meditation resulted in a barrier of love and light energies that purified the South Pole and expelled negative entities. However, these entities are now attempting to project negative energies from an asteroid in the Milky Way. The Federation recommends a mass meditation on the 20th of October to create a barrier strong enough to withstand these energies. It emphasizes that individuals have the power to create their desired reality through the power of imagination and emotions. The one original thought is described as the unification of thoughts, feelings, and spirit, which created the entire cosmos.

We are the galactic federation and we are now communicating through this instrument and the love and the light of the one infinite creator. Before we communicate through this instrument via the process of thought form osmosis, remember to preserve and conserve your free will that has been granted by the one infinite creator.

We are now sending our thought forms through the vocabulary sound vibratory complex of this instrument. Furthermore, we are now communicating to address the queries placed by this instrument which pertain to the aspect known as the effects of the meditation conducted by the collective consciousness on the 10th of October.

On this regard, we are of the opinion that the meditation waves led to a culmination of love and light energies, which had a tremendous impact on the purification of the South Pole. Furthermore, the negative entities who are lodged at the South Pole have now only retained a number of around one percent of the entities, as 99% of the entities have now fled the Earth planets and are now trying to project and use an asteroid to project negative energies towards the Earth planets.

Many scientists on your planetary sphere have also become aware of this aspect. However, they may be hiding the fact from the so-called population of the human collective that the negative entities are projecting negative energies towards the Earth planet from an asteroid in the Milky Way of your galaxy. The so-called organization known in your language terms as NASA has already acknowledged the fact of this energy. However, they have not revealed the information to the public in order not to cause any disharmony amongst the human population as this energy is being directed from the asteroid by the reptilians the anunnakis and the orion collective in order to try to counteract the love light energy barrier created over the earth planets after the so-called energy timeline shifting of the earth planets conducted by many entities at that time periods the after effects of the so-called the meditation led to a creation of the barrier around the earth’s planet which has now provided a protective layer and prevents the penetration of any negative entities .

In this regard, we shall provide information that the so-called meditation was highly successful. For each entity participated with full zest and vigor, and the results of the meditation were successful in dispelling the negative entities from the South Pole. Only a remainder of around one percent of these entities are hiding beneath the layers of protective materials created when which in essence counteract the negative energies and they counteract the love light energies by negative polarity.

Furthermore, we shall now describe how the shifting of the timeline occurred so that many entities on your planetary sphere may understand the knowledge that can be used for the purpose of shifting the timelines. We shall now describe the process which is very simple. The process is the trinity of the mind, body, and the spirit complex. This means that those entities on your planetary sphere who are of the opinion of understanding the process of timeline shifting can use the process of triggering the mind, body, and the spirit in the one original thought of the one creator.

Which means that the mind can trigger aspects of thought forms and imagination sequences which can then lead to the triggering of certain neurons on the brain complex of each entity. And this leads to the leading of creation of hormones inside the physical vehicle of each entity, which then leads to an appropriate chemical or a hormone which leads to the body of such an entity feeling the equivalent emotion as triggered by the thought form or the imaginary sequence.

This, in essence, if continued and persisted upon and if the energy and the vibration of the new emotion is balanced, and once it reaches the subconscious part of the entity, this emotion and the vibration is then transported upward and through the so-called silver cord by your people. Which in essence is a type of cord which runs from the base of the spine through the energy centers of each physical vehicle to the top of the crown chakra of each entity.

This so-called silver cord is in essence connected directly to each entity’s higher self, which is located in the realm known as the time space quantum realm as known by your people and also in that reality. Because the energetic feelings have now been transported from the subconscious part of the mind, it leads the vibration to transmit and slowly within a matter of days, the energy is transported to the so-called higher self of such an entity.

Based upon the energy vibrations, the higher self then leads the so-called timeline for such an entity to experience the same vibration in the coming days in the future timeline on the Earth planets. In essence, the higher self then allows the soul of the entity to create the timeline and choose the timeline of the appropriate vibration. Also, remember that the vibrations have different qualities. There may be a mixture of vibration, such as example when entities feel happy and at the same time they feel fear.

This will lead to a diluted amount of happiness, which is then transported and the same type of vibrational match is created on the quantum reality, giving rise to the shift of timeline. In essence, this is how the so-called meditation was effective because during the meditation, the aspect known as the love light energies were able to transfer and transmit to the higher self because of being pure love light energies. And this led to the entering of the Earth into a timeline wherein there are no negative entities on the South Pole.

Furthermore, we shall now address the other query placed by this instrument, which pertains to the upcoming days, also known as the 20th of October. As stated in the previous sessions, we are now going to create a barrier of love light energy strong enough to withstand the energetic vibrations of negative polarity approaching from an asteroid known as Parnelli Bernstein.

Furthermore, we would recommend those entities who want to participate in such an event shall hold a mass meditation on that day in order to assist us. And we, as the galactic federation, shall provide the necessary energy amplification and allow the entities who participate in that event to also have the opportunity of entering into higher timelines.

We are of the opinion that the people of your planet have been victims to the so-called third density illusion complex because many entities on your planetary sphere do not yet realize the power that they have within. In essence, they are the creator. And firstly, to understand that they are the creator, they must realize that the third density environment in essence is a playground.

And those entities who already understand that in the third density environment, whatever they desire, the final payoff or the so-called reward of each achievement is an emotion. This understanding, if entities are able to apply it in their incarnation cycle by understanding that the so-called emotion is the final payoff of achieving any desire on the Earth planet, then such entities can, before the occurrence of any such event on the outside, trigger the emotion by using the imagination complex, which is the vested power of the creator, and feel the emotion even before the triggering of such emotions by the outside illusion complex.

Thereby attracting such a timeline more faster and thereby asserting the power that they are the creators. In essence, this is the time for each entity to exercise this power and to stand up and not be ruled by the outside environment.

The final query placed by this instrument, which pertains to the aspect known as the one original thought. In this regard, the Galactic Federation shall now communicate that the one original thought, in essence, is the unification of the thought forms originating from the mind complex along with the feelings felt in the body complex, which then also match with the so-called beingness of the spirit which leads to the creation of the one original thought, which is so powerful that the one original thought, in essence, created the entire cosmos. In this regard, the one original thought is the most powerful thought and the entity on the planet can use for reality creation.

Therefore, we leave you now. Bye.