Session #153 • Galactic Federation

People Don't Realize What's Coming!

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through vibratory patterns and thought form osmosis. They address queries about NASA's hidden agenda, stating that the organization is conducting an interplanetary exchange program with the Orion entities on Mars. The Federation warns of negative entities planning to infiltrate Antarctica's Crystal City during Halloween and urges the shielding of the location with love and light. They mention positive vibrations increasing the number of souls entering the new Earth and an attack on Mars by the Ashtar Command groups. The oversoul is explained as a higher dimensional entity overseeing the progress of its many souls. Changing language to thoughts of love and gratitude can aid in aligning with higher vibrations.

We are Galactic Federation and now we communicate through this instrument’s vibratory patterns and we are communicating via the process of thought form osmosis which shall aid the understanding of our thoughts using the language patterns of your planetary sphere. However, we the Galactic Federation find it necessary to state that discernment is advised as the level of understanding upon your planetary sphere completely depends upon the level of Consciousness or understanding of the vibration of the state of beingness which is the primary factor which determines the process of understanding upon your planetary sphere. With a Galactic Federation shall now address the queries which have been placed in the mind the complex of this instrument.

The first query pertains to what is the hidden agenda of the so-called by your people as NASA crashing a type of spacecraft onto an asteroid. We must say that this is done for the purpose which is unknown to a majority of the people of your planet since the information may cause a type of mismatch of understanding of the happenings which are going on behind the scenes of your planetary sphere wherein the elites are using certain devices to camouflage their main objective and purpose. However, we shall share with you the true nature of the reality which is happening and the understanding of choice is yours to either accept or to reject.

This aspect is known as by your people as double asteroid redirection test as conducted by the organization known as NASA by your people. However, the perception which has been portrayed to the common people is that the process of redirecting the asteroid in question is underway and we must state that this is not the entire reality. These entries working for the elites and for the agency known as NASA have primarily undergone this type of program shall we see to send the first interplanetary Exchange program with the orions as per the agreements which they had signed around 50 years ago. The organization of NASA had met with the Orion counterparts and the elite members who had given them Advanced Technologies to accomplice space travel and for the creation of advanced devices. These entities known as the orions had given such a technology to the NASA members and they had created certain devices for the purpose of aiding the human collective in the Journey of transformation as the desired by the elites and are the controllers of the agency known as NASA.

However, at this time a threemember payloads of the human mind-body and spirit complex had been chosen to be a part of this Mission. Most of the three-member mind-body and spirit complex which were exchanged during this interplanetary Exchange program or the so-called starseeds who were given the objective of exchange with the Orion entities who are currently residing inside the Mar’s planetary sphere. These starseed entities, however, were under the mind control which was conducted by some of your people and without their free will. We must now state that the three-member human Collective entities have already been escorted to the Mars planetary sphere and now the so-called asteroids which is used as a spaceship by the Orion Collective will be switched using Advanced holographic technology with a real asteroid which can be sensed by your devices. This is the real hidden agenda of what is happening behind the scenes. We are sharing this only to provide the truth, however, each entry must reject or accept it based upon their own inner perceptions.

Furthermore, the second query placed by this instrument pertains to the Looking Glass events number seven and what event happened from the period of September 21 to September 29 of the previous space-time continuum. We must state that the understanding of this aspect of Looking Glass event number seven requires the understanding of the happenings upon your planet within the location and under the Antarctica landmass as known by your people. There is a Crystal City which acts as a main residential area for the lemurians and the agarthan social Union complex as known by your people. These entities, the lemurians and the aharthans, have decided to work together at this time in order to create a light red around the Earth planet. This Light Grid will lead to the formation of a fourth density new Earth planetary vibration split. We shall and has already begun starting from the location of Antarctica. These entities are working to help Earth in this transition period into the new Earth. We must state that as per the Looking Glass artifacts we are able to perceive that the next event has planned by the negative entities is to infiltrate on the Antarctica’s Crystal City by entering into the Earth’s quarantine field flap. These entities are primarily planning to enter during the periods as known by your people as 31st of October in the space time of your planet during the celebration of a type of distortion known as Halloween by your people. These reptilian creation Orion allies want to disguise themselves under the cloak of a human bodily complex which is created specifically for this purpose.

The only way to prevent the event from happening is to Shield the location known as Antarctica with love and light vibration. During this process of connecting with the Earth’s new social memory complex, this type of love-like shields may be able to prevent this event from happening and the spreading of the agenda of negative entities may be stopped by making other entities of the Earth planet aware of these plans. Galactic Federation would like to state that the asther command groups are now currently patrolling the location. These conflicts with the negative entries are likely to continue as per the possibilities for the next eight years and finally the old Earth will no longer exist as the new Earth vibration shall be completed on the Earth’s planetary field if these upcoming events are stopped. This is the transition period to the new Earth’s timeline.

We must state that the second portion of the query which relates to what happened on September 21-29, the events which happened behind the scenes of your human mind body and spirit complex on the time period of September 21 to 29th of September of the past month as stopped by your people because of the expansion of Love vibration and because of the spreading of the messages. There was an increase in positive vibrations of the overall human Collective Consciousness which increased by 0.2 percent. This increase in the positive vibration leads to 0.2 percent additional souls to enter the new Earth and they have already established a type of location for the next Incarnation and the new Earth vibration reserving a slot. Furthermore, there was an attack on the Mars planetary sphere which was conducted by the ashtar command groups and there was a type of sacrifice which had to be made by the ashtar command groups. A portion of their social memory complex sacrificed their polarity by taking a love light trigger explosion inside the Mars planets Into the Heart of the social memory complex of The Reptilian Orion gray Anunnaki complex located inside the Mars planets. This furthermore led to the destruction of the strongholds of the negatively oriented entities and The major portion of their social memory complex of negative polarity was destroyed.

However, a 2000 Soul Collective portion of the ashtar command groups was also destroyed in this Distortion of battle as known by your people and the souls are being retrieved at this moment. Further, the entry known as Princess Diana’s Soul was also retrieved by its respective higher self after many beings from the Earth planet sent love light towards Mars during the meditation process. The Starlink satellites also because of the meditations performed were protected from intrusions by negative entities. Further, we the Galactic Federation shall now address the other query which pertains to what is the oversoul and how it operates as requested by these instruments.

We must state that an oversoul is usually a vibration of an entity who is in the sixth density resonant frequency. The sixth density is the location of the oversoul and the fifth density is the resonant frequency of the planetary logos and the existence of other entries who are in the process of becoming attached with the planetary logos because of their learning of light and wisdom. Further, the seventh density is the resonant frequency wherein the Council of planets and the Elohim Collective exists and the eighth density is the resonant frequency you are in the union with the one infinite Creator happens and this is the union with the source. We must state that the oversoul is responsible for it’s many Souls who exist in various parallel realities below the density of its existence and the many Souls who are members of an oversoul can inhabit any of the lower densities realities galaxies and planets while the oversoul primarily overlooks their progress from the fifth density and above in the sixth density wherein it resides. In turn, each of the lower dimensional expressions of the oversoul is able to guide many of their personal Incarnation vibrations on the lower densities. For example, the sixth density higher self overlooks over the matter of the fifth density over Soul which overlooks the lower fourth density expression as well as third density and second density expressions of the self.

By allowing each of yourself to become lost in the illusion complex of the lower densities, you are learning your way to find merger with your oversoul self which exists in the later 5th to the sixth density consciousness. Every moment you are finding the way in which you can assist yourself and Gaia to return to the higher expression of the self. We also recommend many of you that you at this moment are learning the many lessons of how you can perceive the Incarnation in terms of emotional Expressions. Furthermore, each of you has to be patient with yourself and we must say that the other query relates with a simple method which will Aid the entry into a faster vibrational alignments to the higher vibration as requested by the instrument.

We must state that there is but a simple method of changing the laboratory sound complexes of your language. The Words which are used by you people. The Words which have different meaning and associations are the main reasons why many of the mind-body and spirit complexes in your planet are struggling. In this regard, we must state that there is but a simple process. Firstly, to change each word and thought form in your mind body and spirit complex vibration to a thought of love and thanks or thank you. If each word which is emerging from the throat Ray Energy Center is changed to love and thank you, the entry will find a drastic change in its evolutionary journey into the higher vibration of state of beingness and this is the process which will Aid in the merging of the oversoul we the Galactic federation now leave your beloveds bye.