Session #96 • Galactic Federation

Background People / NPC

Summary: The Galactic Federation communicates through this instrument to address a query about non-player characters, also known as background people. They explain that background people fulfill roles in the illusion complex and are influenced by player entities. The prime directives of background people include providing knowledge of the player entity's creative ability and the potential for awakening to become player entities themselves. Thought forms, specifically images and words, play a role in manipulating background personalities. The majority of entities on the planet are non-player characters, while a small percentage are conscious player characters. A meditation in November is suggested to create a love light barrier on Earth.

We are the galactic federation and we are now communicating through this instrument as requested by this instrument in the love and light of the one infinite creator. We greet you today for the purpose of answering the query placed on the mind complex of this instrument. However, as always before our communication proceeds, we would like to warn you to use your discernment and only accept insights which strike the inner resonance of your heart, for your inner heart is always connected to the truth within and knows more than your so-called thinking mind is capable of understanding and knowing the truth.

We, as the galactic federation, would like to state that the recent meditation for the purpose of creating a blanket of light around the planet Earth had been obstructed by some negatively oriented entities who, upon using a particle acceleration device, had impacted the lands known as India and the portion in which this entity who is acting as our instrument resides. This caused a large amount of rainfall to occur, preventing the so-called mass meditation to occur in a timely manner. Hence, the impact of the so-called mass meditation was not as successful as expected because of the disparity in the number of entities who sent love-like energies. Therefore, we shall in the future timeline suggest you a time for the performance of the same in the coming timeline in your space time.

We are now going to share with you the answer to the query placed by this instrument, which pertains to the so-called aspect known as the non-player characters, as known in your language terms by your people who are also known as the background people.

In this regard, we, as the galactic federation, shall share with you the prime directives of the so-called background people. The first prime directive of the background people is that they are the entities who fill the role of other entities on the same planetary illusion complex in which each player entity, who is conscious, finds itself in. Furthermore, such a so-called background personality has the purpose of acting out or being influenced by the so-called player entities’ mind wave patterns in order to provide the player entity with the knowledge that its so-called mind complex has the creative ability to impact the planetary sphere. Furthermore, this, in essence, is created for the purpose of allowing each player entity the ability to sharpen its creative ability of manipulating the outside reality by using the internal recognition of the one creator and the internal energy manipulation that can be conducted using its mind complex of the imagination as well as the thought forms.

The other prime directive is that the so-called non-player entities can also awaken to become player entities in their incarnation. This is facilitated by the ability of free will, which has allowed each entity the choice. Furthermore, there have been many entities and there are still many entities who can be considered as the background people, who are being influenced by the player entities’ energy work and the mind manipulations which have the ability of affecting these entities. For the purpose of awakening, these entities must firstly become conscious of their thought forms, specifically the so-called images and the words, as known in your language terms. Because the images and the words are the links which trap a so-called background personality to the illusion complex. This works in essence because each brain complex is able to keep information or record information using the so-called images as well as the aspect known as words. For each entity who is able to recognize that each of its thought forms in its mind or brain complex initiates after or begins only after a certain image or a certain letter or word triggers a timeline of thought forms. In this regard, your brain can be considered as a timeline manipulator.

In this regard, the non-player entities are unaware of this aspect and are mostly unconsciously being manipulated by the thought forms that are being implanted subconsciously by the player entities who are fully conscious and are purposefully trying or applying their energy work on the outside world. This is how many entities on your planetary sphere can go from becoming non-player entities to becoming the main character in the illusion complex by firstly becoming conscious of the images, the pictures, and the so-called words which start in the brain complex. Because each image, if entities are able to keep track of the image’s location in the brain complex, originates at a certain location which triggers certain cells in the brains and certain compartments of the brain, which trigger a sort of memory associated with that image, picture, or with that word. Hence leading the entity into a spiral or a chain of dialogues or internal picturing of a scene even during the waking state, which in turn creates a type of emotional feedback and leads to the transference into a timeline in which such an entity enters into the future.

Those entities who are aware of this aspect and are consciously living their incarnation cycle by making the choice and recognizing that the so-called mind or the brain complex is a tool for their use and not the other way around, the so-called non-player characters are mostly used by their brain complex and their mind complex goes uncontrollable since they are unconscious. They are also troubled in a large amount by their unconscious thought forms, the images, and the words which triggered them into different timelines even during their waking states. This causes the non-clear entities to be hugely influenced by any word or a picture in the mind complex, leading to a whole host of diseases or other psychological problems. However, we can sense that the entities on your planetary sphere, 95 percent of them, are non-player characters at this timeline, which means that your planet is currently being run by the five percent of the player characters who are aware of the energy work and aware of this aspect. In essence, this is a big revelation for those entities who want to turn and become the main player character or the creator of their life and turn from becoming a non-player character being influenced by other entities and changing into a main character in their incarnation cycle.

Also, remember that each conscious entity or a player character must be conscious of the images and the words which start in the brain complex because each image and each word has the ability of transcending or allowing such an entity to enter into a timeline wherein such experiences are felt. Therefore, only such images and words should be entertained which the so-called main character wants to experience on the illusion complex, thereby giving it the full free will and control of the illusion complex. Furthermore, many entities on your planetary sphere are also unaware that the energy work or the so-called the use of the imaginative sense along with a type of emotion, which may be considered as heightened emotion, leads to a type of manipulation of the mind complex of non-player characters subconsciously, as all are unity, as all entities are united on a level in the time space realm. Therefore, this is how the so-called non-player characters, also known as the background characters, operate on the Earth planet currently.

Furthermore, we, as the galactic federation, would like to state that in the coming days in the month of November, as well, we would suggest that there be a type of so-called meditation being implemented on the Earth planet to assist in the covering of the Earth in a love light barrier. Hence, this is all we can share at this time period. We, the galactic federation, disconnect now.